Project Has Arrived: 1950 Chevrolet 3600

A few days back, I shared my Dad’s most recent purchase a 1950 Chevrolet 3600 truck project that he scored for just $200, you can read that post here. Well, he finally had time to go get it loaded up and moved to his shop. Now that it’s out of the woods, it’s a bit easier to see what he’s working with. It’s definitely going to be a big project, but it will be a blast to follow along as he revives it!

Getting it loaded and unloaded was no small task. Paying a trucking company to move it was money well spent! The front tires are done, but incredibly the rear tires are still holding air as I write this.

There’s a lot of work to be done to this truck, but my Dad is incredibly excited about it. I’m still trying to convince him to let us polish the paint before he has it painted, but I have to admit it will look great with some fresh paint! He’s yet to start pulling things about and is still trying to get things cleaned up and cataloged. Thankfully my Mom is on board with the project and is helping him document and photograph it! This will be a fun project to watch unfold. If you are in need of a Chevy inline six, both of these engines will be up for grabs shortly. Oh and be sure to wish him luck and let us know what things you would do to this truck.


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  1. 86 Vette Convertible

    Looks like a worthy project.

  2. Big Mike

    Chevy or GMC?
    My Dad had a 51 GMC for years, he bought it from a old boy that had used it for a tow truck/ plow truck and me and my brother learned to drive a stick in it. He had restored it back to a working tow truck in the 70’s just to take to parades and such although it say Claywells Conoco on it not his Body Shop name, but it was a big hit in parades and car show. Wish I still had it, Dad sold out a lot of his collection after he sold the business to one of his employees, he still has a couple of his classics, including a 54 Chevy 4 door I restored for him and Mom back when I was still in HS.

  3. Tommy

    Looks like GMC to me.

  4. Anthony R from RI

    Definately a GMC with General Motors Truck on the dash

  5. Jeff

    He has his work cut out for him…but, it’ll be well documented…thanks for the detailed photos

  6. Jeffro

    Looking forward to hearing /seeing the progress.

  7. ruxvette

    As CW McCall would say…
    her shaft is bent and the rear end leaks
    You can fix ‘er quick with an oily rag
    Use a nail to start her, I lost the key
    Don’t pay no mind to that whirin’ sound
    She’ll use a little oil, but outside of that she’s a cherry.

    Good project. Anxious to see the stages of completion.

    • Mike H. Mike H

      Ah, but that one was a 1957 Chevrolet half-ton:

      I’s thumbin’ through the want ads in the Shelby County Tribune when this classified advertisement caught my eye. It said, “Take imme-di-ate delivery on this ’57 Chevrolet half-ton pickup truck. Will sell or swap for a hide-a-bed and thirty-five bucks. Call One-four-oh, ring two, and ask for Bob.”

      Bob and Frank would be proud.

  8. Terry J

    Yup, Looks like a GMC: Engine, hood, grille, dash. COOL TRUCK! Love those somewhat hazardous split rims. Not. :-) Terry J

    • Terry J

      What would I do with it? Well for power I’d stay with that engine if it’s a GMC . Could be a 236/248 series or better yet a 270. Also the 302 inliner (but that came out a bit later). If you want a more modern drivetrain then that will end up including the rear end probably, then Hmmmm….. that front end / brakes should probably go…… where does it end? Of course a stock, rebuilt truck will be useable as one would have used such a truck in the 50s. :-) Terry J

      • 427Turbojet 427 Turbojet Member

        The GMC engines of this era have the displacement stamped on a ledge where the distributor comes out of the block. Excellent engines, very nearly a bolt in replacement for a Chevy 216 or 235. (Get California Bills Chevy/GMC hop up guide from the early 50s- often on eBay). Would make a great driver with updated rear gears. Have had a couple of 270s. Plenty of power.

  9. Danger Dan

    great deal mr. mortensen!

  10. healeydays

    Gonna be a fun project. Thanks for letting us share it and keep it coming…

  11. Tricky

    Best of luck with it all Dad. Good start though, the price was right!!

  12. Joe Whiting

    Keep us informed ! This project is very interesting.

  13. Randy W

    just thought you might like seeing my 1951 chevy 3600, invested 12,000 and in paint shop now. totally stock. Will be selling for 29,000

  14. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    That’s one of the more common colors, blue, that and the dark green. They look SO good at the show and shine. So tell Dad to take his time, be patient, and have a ball getting this ol machine back to work.

  15. Pete

    Looks like a solid platform to work from. I believe I would remove all the stuff outta the cab and take out the seat. Lay out all the parts on the bed, yank them engines off the front and hit it with a pressure washer then you will see what you really got. Then pick a corner and work your way in from there. LOL

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