Project in Limbo: 1972 Buick Skylark Convertible


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We feature plenty of “stalled project” cars here on Barn Finds, but this one is in a different position than most. We see lots of cars that have been taken apart, and little or no real work completed on them. More than occasionally, parts are lost in the process. What’s different about this one, is that it’s painted, and appears to be almost finished. The seller says the color is “Brandywine”, by House of Kolor. The last time I checked, that wasn’t cheap paint to buy. It appears shiny and gorgeous in these few photos, and looks to be ready for the re-assembly process to begin.


As with any car of this type, I would want to really look it over hard, and try and determine to what standard the work was completed. Painted but dis-assembled cars are very vulnerable to damage, and the location of the car in these photos looks downright precarious. The seller’s lack of safe storage is undoubtedly a motivating factor for the sale, as well as his inability to provide a better description and better photos.


The engine is a 455 coupled with the 400 Turbo transmission, but the description is not crystal clear on what the current status is, whether or not it’s assembled, or in running condition.


But the car sure looks pretty in the pictures, doesn’t it? Would you like to put it back together? If you’d like to try, it’s located in Orlando, Florida, and can be found here on craigslist with an asking price of $8,000.

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. RoughDiamond

    Love the color! Sounds like the seller has run out of money and/or patience. This seller’s definition of “restored” differs greatly from the restored vehicles I have seen and read about.

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  2. Gary K

    IMO nothing worse than trying to put a disassembled project back together, especially one that you did not disassemble! You may end up missing a good bunch of critical parts to complete the job, a real gamble. Nice looking paint however it looks like a new top is in the list of needed items, add a grand to the total the seller wants. Not a car I would step up and pay that kind of $$ for.

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  3. CJay

    What is that right front wheel originally from?

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  4. joeinthousandoaks

    CJay; Wheel looks to be a late model space saver. Price would have to go way down to get this car back in one piece.

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  5. Chris in Australia

    Hey, if you’ve got a donor car ready to provide all the missing bits, I think this is worthwhile. Assuming the paint & bodywork have been done properly.

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  6. Ceezy

    Looks rather interesting, too bad the listing has been removed.

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  7. Keith Matheny

    Gone, huh. Paint was worth that much if it had panned out. 60/70’s GM A-bodies are just the best supported, across all the makes, except mustangs, of course!
    Sorry for the guy’s bad times, I’m thinking.
    Somebody else has walked off with a great deal, maybe. And I do love the drop tops, sigh!
    I think I’m jealous!

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