Pure Opulence: 1970 Camelot Cruiser R/V

Have you ever considered buying a vintage R/V, but decided not to after seeing the insides? You know, years of poor upkeep and bad choices that lead to the interior accommodations feeling slightly third-world-ish in quality? Well, there’s an alternative out there that is nearly perfectly preserved and definitely something your neighbor won’t have: check out this Ford C900 and Camelot Cruiser combo here on eBay with just over ten hours left on the auction. 

Listed for sale by the now-famous Gas Monkey Garage, this total throwback to the 70s is damn near mint inside. How a rig meant for living in stayed so well preserved is somewhat of a mystery, but the original builder is supposedly one Dick Edler, owner of Edler & Co. in Skokie, IL. Mr. Edler has since passed on, but the company still exists today as a warehousing, transportation and logistics company – clearly, Mr. Edler had a spare rig or two that he decided to convert to his personal castle on wheels.

Looking more like your first apartment than a tractor-trailer, these Camelot Cruisers were loaded with every conceivable luxury of the day. What’s more incredible is that you actually move from room to room in this thing – it’s not one big open space. There are clearly defined areas for sleeping, cooking, lounging, entertaining and bathing. Genuine oak cabinetry and fire-glazed tile are just a few of the decorative details you’ll find inside, along with the trapped-in-the-70s decor. As you’d expect, shag carpeting runs rampant throughout.

The living quarters are connected to the Ford truck cab via an intercom system, just in case, you wanted to annoy the driver while you lounged on the sofa or whipped up a Bloody Mary in the kitchen. Supposedly, there was another near identical Camelot Cruiser created, but it was just large enough to store a speedboat underneath! This example appears to be the smaller of the two, but I doubt you’re worried about space if any readers are considering owning this unrepeatable R/V. If you happen to know more about the history of this rig, leave a comment below.


  1. Rock On Member

    You definitely would not have to worry about seeing another one of these at the campground!

    • whippeteer

      Just be careful where you go. There is a second one in the background of a couple of the photos on the eBay listing.

  2. Dave Wright

    This is a converted horse transport trailer. They used to have a place for a groom to ride with the horses. They were commonly used to move expensive race and performance horses. I had one made with stainless steel that I used to move my horses and carriages when in that trade.

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  3. Woodie Man

    Looks like Wayne Newton was the decorator. Painful. But a cool rig.

    • Leon

      Could be worse !?? If Liberace decorated one !!! Lol

  4. whippeteer

    There is a second one in the background.

  5. Ed P

    Those split rim wheels would have to go. I wonder if there are any tire shops that will still work on them.

    • Klharper

      Concur those things are dangerous and obsolete for a reason

    • Steve B

      Yes still not that unheard of on trucks and farm vehicles, truck stops often have the proper safety equipment and grizzled old dudes who know what they are doing. But the big chain stores, no way.

  6. whippeteer

    I love the 747 1/2 painted on the side.

  7. JW

    Well if you have money to burn just buy it then gut the trailer except for the front seating area and use it to haul you Barret – Jackson cars with a dining area at the front to entertain your guest with martini’s.

    • whippeteer

      Nah! Loving that 1970 high style and opulance!


    Would this be a gassed or diesel?

    • Klharper

      Its a gas gas gas.

    • whippeteer

      Diesel would be on a different show… :-)

      • Jay M

        Um, diesel monkey garage?

      • whippeteer

        Diesel Brothers

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  9. Howard A Member

    Well. I tell ya’, there’s better motorhomes out there. This would be a PITA to get around. Being a gas job, an FT motor, probably, this will be horribly under powered, and in case you’ve never ridden in a cabover, ANY cabover, I have, rest assured, it’s no day at the beach. It’s a very nice wagon, but if you want to go anywhere, you have to drop the trailer, and “bobtail” around, and that’s even less fun than with a trailer on. Sorry, I’d pass on the motorhome that bends somewhere in the middle.

  10. redwagon

    pure opulence? i do not think so. perhaps back in the day but certainly not now.

    not certain i would want to attach my name to this if i were gmg. seriously they are acting as no better than a flipper. where is the infamous gmg touch? where is their imprint? how does this advance their brand, their image?

    perhaps like us it was time to off load a project or two that was never going to see the light of television.

    • whippeteer

      Mostly flippping is what they seem to do now unless it hits the TV show. Everything they list on the web states they will not work on it.

      • streamliner

        “Everything they list on the web states they will not work on it.” Hah! Is that a threat, or a promise? :-) I’ve watched GMG on Velocity many times. I still don’t get it. Talk about style over substance. What are they famous for exactly? Oh, GMG doesn’t want to work on it… Who cares? There are countless shops and good people out there that will. I see bidding ended at $13,500. Not sure if that means it sold, or auction just ended. The market has spoken.

  11. JeffG

    That there’s an RV. “Honey, is it legal to carry me and the kids in the trailer while traveling down the interstate at 55 mph just because you have “Passenger bus, tractor for RV use only” painted on the door?” “Sure, what’s the worst that could happen.”

  12. Jeffro

    “The shi++er was full”- Cousin Eddie

    • Ed P

      Full of last nights chilli and beer.

  13. geomechs geomechs Member

    Take that one to the Town Pump and all the pumps would stop until you had the tank filled. Better shut the motor off or you’ll never get the tanks filled. Other than that, it’s a vintage RV that was a real masterpiece in its day. The right people could still enjoy something like it. I’m a little gunshy about putting a lot of miles on a Cab-over like this but I’ve driven some trucks that would make this like a Cadillac. I agree that the split rims should be updated but I’m not surprised to see a lot of tire shops in the rural communities that still work with split rims; they just use the cage, or a chain. On the farm we used the tractor and loader and just set the bucket down on the wheel to keep the pieces contained. Never had an accident so I guess that makes us lucky. I do remember one blowing up at the neighboring shop when I was at work. Man that was loud….

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  14. glenn

    Id replace the tractor with a more economical diesel auto model. id make sure it was the same color and did not clash in size. It would be a great traveler then.

  15. 68 custom

    Wow, looks like they somehow managed to get the Hotel California inside an RV. look like its in great shape though.

  16. Mark

    Kind of interesting but too shagadelic. Needs a refreshing insude and out.

  17. KevinW

    That old Ford brings back bad memories of having to drive one in the 1990’s. I was a beer truck driver, and had to drive one about this year model two hours to Dallas to pick up pallets of beer we were running low on. It was slow as molasses, and the shift pattern was 1st gear all the way up til the shifter was hitting the dash, second gear didn’t want to engage because the seat was in the way, 3rd and 4th were all the way to the passenger side. Guess you chalk that up to one of life’s character building exercises,haha!

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  18. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    geezzz…….these guys……

  19. Car Nut Seattle

    Lovely looking RV. I’ve seen motorhomes of today, and they look cheap and poorly built.

  20. jimbosidecar

    Kinda cool I guess. When I first started racing our transporter wasn’t too different than this. The tractor was a cab over, I don’t remember which one, diesel and we had about a 50 foot horse trailer converted so the forward part was a semi camper and the car and tools stayed in the back part. Then there was an old REO Speedwagon converted to a motorhome that I really lusted after. It was done right.

  21. Mike Burnett

    The small Windows and slab sides make it look like a prison van. No thanks!

  22. Jay E.

    A lot of shifting, rough riding, sloppy and noisy. Top out at 55 on the flat and use fuel like it has a leak in the tank. I know I have one, a GMC, it is a heartbeat away from a date with the scraper.
    The trailer is kind of neat, these days you don’t get all that much for what this one sold for at $13,500.

  23. Pete Mulloy

    The top bid was only 9,300 and I had it to 9,500! I would pay that for it except for the reserve. Would really like to know the reserve. But they say don’t ask! I’ll wait a day.

  24. dave

    This bad boy lives on RR 80 in Forney TX, I see it everytime I leave my neighborhood. Haven’t checked the inside yet, but it is certainly different!

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  25. Angela Gill

    One of these Camelot Cruisers are here at the Florida flywheelers January Show in Fort Meade Florida. What a sight to see in person!!

  26. Larry Member

    I have it now. One of only 3 built. Unique and very rare. 30,000 original miles. I have about 36 photos of the inside as well as the outside,

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    • Larry Member

      Front dining area

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  27. Caren Look

    My sister and I remember these well, my grandfather knew Mr Edler and my father did the intercom systems on all three. I remember that one was set up for horses, one for speedboats, and one for race cars. We were pre-teens and amazed at the opulence!!!

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