Pure Performance: 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396

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By the second half of the 1960s, muscle cars ruled American roads. It seemed every manufacturer wanted a slice of the pie, and the result was that many of these cars are now among the most highly sought in the classic world. Chevrolet’s first contribution was the Chevelle SS, and in 396 forms, it was a potent weapon. This 1967 SS 396 is a tidy driver with no apparent needs. Although it isn’t 100% original, it would still command respect. The only thing it needs is a new home, with the seller listing it here on eBay in Nipomo, California. Bidding has raced beyond the reserve and sits at $33,600.

The seller confirms that this Chevelle is a genuine SS 396, and its condition will undoubtedly draw attention. Its Ermine White paint is superb, with the Black vinyl top providing a striking contrast. The supplied photos support the seller’s claim that the panels are straight and the gaps are tight and consistent. The paint shines nicely, and there are no issues with the vinyl. It is unclear whether the car received any prior restoration work, but the condition suggests it probably has. There are no signs of rust, and if it has spent its life in California, it could be rust-free. The trim and glass are excellent, with the wide Rally wheels and BF Goodrich tires serving as an entree to the main course hiding under this classic’s skin.

Any classic with a wimpy six under the hood will struggle to wear the muscle car tag, and this Chevelle serves up enough power to satisfy most enthusiasts. It features a 396ci V8 backed by a four-speed manual transmission. The brakes receive no power assistance, but the steering should be feather-light. The seller admits the SS isn’t numbers-matching, with its big-block starting its life under the hood of a 1969 Camaro SS. Its specifications are unclear, but I believe it is probably the L34 version that churned out 350hp. If correct, the journey down the ¼-mile would take 14.3 seconds. That is speculation because some modifications may have unleashed a few additional ponies. The engine inhales via a more efficient Holley 650 carburetor. After an MSD ignition ignites the mixture, spent gases exit via aftermarket headers. The seller uses the word “fantastic” when describing how the Chevelle runs and drives, which is a term I find believable. The indications are the buyer won’t need to spend a dime on this classic’s drivetrain.

Finding anything to criticize with this Chevelle’s interior is virtually impossible. The Black vinyl upholstered surfaces are almost perfect, with only slight stretching on the driver’s seat base suggesting the car has seen active service. The carpet may have a faded spot on the transmission tunnel, although I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and class it as a trick of the light. The dash, pad, and console are immaculate, and the wheel has no significant wear. There are aftermarket additions, but these are reversible for those preferring originality. The dash features a retro-style stereo, there is a column-mounted tach, and some gauges hang below the dash. I would probably leave things untouched, with the gauges representing sound insurance to monitor the health of the brute hiding under the hood.

The overall condition and specifications of this 1967 Chevelle SS 396 make the buyer response unsurprising. Eleven people have thrown their hats into the ring by submitting twenty-three bids at the time of writing. It would be safe to assume that they all view it as a tidy driver that provides neck-snapping performance. They obviously don’t see its lack of originality as an obstacle, which is understandable when considering what it offers. With plenty of time remaining in the auction, there is scope for the bidding to become frantic as the end draws near. Even if it is beyond your budget, watching the auction to see what transpires could prove fascinating.

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  1. bobhess bobhessMember

    Quite a car. One of the cleanest overall designs GM ever turned out. Hard to beat good looks and big power all in an immaculate chassis.

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  2. Maggy

    I’m not a vinyl top guy but the white with the black looks sharp on this bodystyle.Someone is gonna get a heck of a nice ride.Can’t beat a 396 4 speed for a drivetrain making it a blast to drive.I’d do a power booster disc brake upgrade .That’s all.glwts.I m gonna watch this one out of curiousity.

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  3. A.G.

    The car hasn’t spent its entire life in CA as it was assembled in Baltimore.

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    • Maggy

      I’ve seen CA cars end up early on in rust belt states and vicea versa. People do move or a car was ordered in one state and shipped to another in a different climate.My buddies 66 bel air wagon lived it’s whole life in AZ and is rust free but was a Janesville Wisc.car assembled car.

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  4. Rick R

    This seems to be a very nice car, I always liked the 66 & 67 body styles. Although back in their day it seemed like the biggest share of them were blue.

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    • Jack Barley

      My ‘66 is Aztec Bronze but the Marina Blue is awesome.
      I would also say that all the colors available work wellin this 66-67 body styles

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      • Kevin Corkins

        I have a true 67 SS. 396 painted Marimba Blue, but I am the opposite of you… I would choose the Astec color. Except you get caught up in the correct numbers. K

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    • Robert Holt

      I used to work with a guy building houses that had one of the more common blue ones, no vinyl top tho ..he used to beat the crap outta that poor thing! We loved riding out for lunch with him because he would giggle with glee at the thought of showing off the enormous cloud of spent rubber this car would generate..in these parts, most guys who had nice old muscle cars took great pride in the ‘smoke show’, not a really good way to preserve these wonderful pieces of auto history, but I can attest to the raw power and spectacle that these beasts could unleash, the real side of the car’s essence. Which to me is better than reading numbers in a magazine!

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  5. william stephan

    No power brakes with a disc brake oedal pad? Did Chevy offer “FootStrong” -a play on ArmStrong power steering; brakes in ’67?

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    • Mike g

      Yes they did & they were of the 4 piston variant like the corvette

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      • JoeNYWF64

        Oddly, i have not seen any ’68’-81 vettes with a factory disc brake oedal designed pad ! Have you?
        All i see are brake pedal pads that look like those in 4 wheel drum brake GM cars. lol

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    • Jeff

      Front discs (with 4-piston calipers) were offered on 67 Chevelles, but they could only be ordered with power assist (not manual). Contrast to 67 Camaros which could be ordered with manual OR power front discs.

      Research suggests that the Disc medallion on the Chevelle brake pedal pad did not exist until the 1968 model year. I put one on my 67 L78 ElCamino with discs anyway though!

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  6. Joe

    Finally, hard to believe, a true honest nice musclecar to be had. Resto looks very well done, straight as an arrow body. Who cares about the 69’ Camaro SS engine…..probably a better one than original in this car. It should run well. I believe it should have the chrome type valve covers, but not a big deal there. I like the aftermarket tach & guages, that’s what we did back in the day. I like & respect day 2 look cars when done right. Overall, a very, very, nice Chevelle.

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  7. Neal Jacobsen

    Ah man, what can you take away from this one. Beautiful 67 Chevelle. I will be drooling all afternoon thinking about this one.
    Gourges!!! Just like the old days!

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  8. Jeff

    This is a tidy looking car until you open the hood. Yuck. Spend a few bucks for correct repro chrome valve covers, a correct hard fuel line (not a rubber hose laying on the thermostat housing and running perilously close to the fan), the missing plug wire stands, and some new air cleaner decals.

    And get a factory looking master cylinder and a factory looking repro radiator (or at least paint the top of that one black) and radiator cap. And for God’s sake peel that sticker off the radiator hose!!

    I know, I know, they don’t all have to be stock, “to each his own”, and all of that. But when the outside and interior are presented mostly stock and fairly well done, then IMO under the hood should be either mostly stock too, OR full on resto-mod with nice looking, quality aftermarket parks. And it should at least be neat and tidy like the rest of the car. Not a conglomeration of cheap looking Autozone parts!

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    • Neal Jacobsen

      I very much agree with you Jeff. While the rest of the car is very good condition, the engine area looks corroded around the thermostat area. I think I would check the cost of putting disc brakes all around for a better safety factor. I doubt the cost would be that much. Imo at least.

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  9. Denny Tuttle

    Had 6 Chevelles and 2 el camino 7 were 67 and a 66 with 396 4speed burnt orange and 67 el camino was marina blue sbc auto.with air. Sold them all. Wish I had kept at least one.All of them we nice driving cars. Did put a 67 Buick 340 in one and that woke it up.

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    • Jack Barley

      50 years ago I bought two ’66 Chevelles, one a SS 396 hardtop for $800 and the other a Malibu 283 convertible for $75.00. Drove and loved both of them.
      My father said one had to go. Driveway was getting crowded and that I don’t need two cars.
      I miss the ragtop. White top over black body…beautiful.!!!!
      I still have the ’66 SS 396 today.

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  10. Joseph DiGiro

    One of my dream cars growing up guess I never grew up!!!!!

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    • Neal Jacobsen

      Never grow up! The world seems to turn to sh#t when you do. One of my favorites is the 66 Chevelle SS, no matter which engine it had, 4 speed, console and buckets. When I was in high school (long, long time ago), a friend of mine had one. I don’t remember what he was running for an
      engine but it music to the ears even when he drove slow down main street.

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  11. Beauwayne5000

    Dump the old 4barrel & manifold – Sniper EFI set up w/NOS 150 shot on top of a Tuned Port manifold to a supercharger 7psi – New Cam & lifters & valve train.
    Some nice Black aluminum rocker covers etc
    It has the bones – just needs the Ummphh.

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    • Neal Jacobsen

      Don’t you think it might be a little bit of overkill for this one? She isn’t a 747.

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    • Randy jones

      ..it’s probably a 325 motor unless the seller has had the motor built and changed..most 350hp.motors would be.back on the camaro for more cash…anyway..it’s a really nice 67 white chevelle..r

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  12. Rick R

    I guess when someone ends up with this beauty that they would tidy it up under the hood to match the image of the rest of this car. I know if I was lucky enough (had the extra $) to own this car I would want to be just as proud to pop the hood as to open the door!

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  13. Cary Stephens

    And just like that it is no longer available .Sold

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  14. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I had a 67 Malibu, SBC with a manual tranny. Always loved that car, right up to the time my then BIL got in the middle of a 3 car accident with it.
    I could find a home for this one though I’d be pressed to find a parking space for it.

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  15. Sven

    Finally…..a real one, and it doesn’t have a redone interior and digital guages thst look like they were taken out of a 1999 tahoe

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