Putting On The Ritz: 1969 Cadillac Deville Station Wagon


Glorious and luxurious, there simply cannot be any better way to haul around your friends and family in a vintage car. This Deville wagon is speculated to be one of 5 made, but this thing is nice! Pillar less windows, sunroof, ostrich skin seats, air conditioning, and loads of space? Sign us up! Bidding is currently up to $16,116 for this classy station wagon. Find it here on ebay out of Saint Louis, Missouri.


Sporting a caddy 472 cubic inch V8 and a super clean engine bay, this caddy is like a dream come true. Power brakes, air conditioning, power steering, you name it, and it’s got it. Listed as having covered 124,000 miles this baby is clean.


The interior in this Cadillac is nicer than most modern cars. Spacious, luxurious, plush and refined. Although the interior is virtually mint, it is obvious this Cadillac has been reupholstered. The leather wrapping on the steering wheel could use some help, and the scuffs on the lower front edge of the driver seat could likely be cleaned. The exterior is very nice, and looks remarkably original. There are a few flaws in the paint, such as scratches, and a few cracks in the paint. Otherwise the exterior looks fantastic and there is no evidence of rust or any corrosion on this Deville. We are in love with the color combination on this Cadillac, British racing green, with the lovely shades of light brown and saddle tan. Very classy.


This would certainly be the perfect friends and family hauler, as well as road trip car. Though this Cadillac is in very nice condition, we would hope the future owner would get some enjoyment out of it by taking it out and about. We can even envision this Cadillac towing a vintage aluminum camper! What would you do with this Deville wagon?


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  1. nessy

    A rare car for sure. However, it has a 70 front with 69 tail lights and an 80’s steering wheel. Is it a 69 or a 70? By the way guys, what happened to our voting rights? We used to be able to give a thumbs up or down to our fellow commenters. Did someone have a fit for getting a thumbs down? I sure had my share of thumbs down but I did not mind at all. The voting on the comments was a big part of the site and was fun to watch. I believe almost everyone else will agree.. It was very interesting to see who got the thumbs up and who got the thumbs down. It’s a shame someone must have had a hissy fit and now, our voting is no more. I don’t know guys. This may not be a positive move with your steady readers in the future….

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      I “think” it was largely due to folks using phones and mistaken “thumbs”, i could be wrong though.

    • Ed P

      The adv said, “It also has a 1970 Cadillac grille, which the owner preferred to the 1969 style.”

      • Dave Coakley

        The 70 front clip is obviously wrong on a 69, but I could live with this. The 80s steering wheel, however, is really raggedy and needs to be replaced. Ruins an otherwise nicely redone interior.


      Bring back the thumbs down

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    • Clinton

      Since thumbs down is no longer an option. I choose to post this non constructive comment because you can’t do anything about it. Lol

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      • james hall

        Ill just leave this here..

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    • waynard


    • Mark S Member

      We live in a time where we have to tip toe around every ones feelings. God forbid you give an apposing opinion, its like how we treat our children on sports day, we give everybody a participation ribbon no winner no losers. When these kids become adults they don’t know how to take criticism and they don’t know how to lose. We have become big selfish babies. Please bring back the thumbs down so we can continue to be civilized about our differences of opinion.

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      • Woodie Man

        While I generally agree with you as it has even reached a presidential candidate who is always whining about what people say about him, I personally dont give a rat’s patootie what someone else thinks about what I say. So I don;t care if they’re thumbs up or down. What I appreciate about BF is the vast amount of knowledge some commenters have. A lot like the old BAT before it devolved or evolved, depending on your point of view.

    • scotty d

      Great observation, I may never have noticed from the pic alone the Caddy badges above the front signal lenses!

  2. DrinkinGasoline

    It’s a shame that they didn’t use a Vista Cruiser roof..cool wagon though.

  3. Dale

    Not the same car, but can only think about the movie National Lampoon’s when looking at this.

  4. Sunbeamdon

    Wish I didn’t have a ’65 Sunbeam Tiger (POR15) project going – I’d be on this in a heart-beat. Use it to trailer and show my Kirkham Cobra or my ’67 Mk II Tiger – fun ride!

  5. Jeffro

    I know one thing I wouldn’t do with it…I wouldn’t pass alot of gas stations. This ole girl I imagine has a big thirst for gasoline.

    • whippeteer

      My 73 Sedan DeVille got 8 city and 11 highway.

  6. Nova Scotian

    I agree with “nessy”, where is the thumb down part? I thought it was part of the fun with the site….
    With regard to the caddie, whom ever buys it better have deep pockets for gas! Not knocking the cad,..if I could afford to run around in a beast of this stature, I would. Interior looks comfortable.

  7. Marty Wilke Member

    I’ve seen a number of these conversions done over the years. This one is better done than most. The roof line is excellent. Many of the others I’ve seen have put-together looking roofs, with odd-looking quarter panels and C-pillars, some were obviously used from the “clamshell” full size GM wagons of the era, Buick, Oldsmobile, etc. Whatever they did here, it fits this car considerably better.

    Tan and blue is one thing, but the seat covers, at least in these photos, look orange!

  8. Per Member

    Nice car interior is nice, but the exterior is not nice especially tailgate hinges. Thumbs up.

  9. MathieuB


  10. Chris N

    I don’t know…I decoded the cowl tag and came up with:
    1969 Cadillac DeVille Hardtop Sedan, built in the 3rd week of September at the Fleetwood assembly plant, exterior color Cameo Beige and “Lt Flax” leather interior. The color and interior don’t match up and the interior material is certainly not stock. It doesn’t really look like a professional car (Scoville, Miller-Meteor, etc) and the steering column is all wrong. I wonder if this is a clone?

    • Ed P

      Go read the eBay ad

  11. JW454

    I could do without the orange alligator interior but I like the car.

  12. roselandpete

    I have a fondness for wagons but this is over the top nice.

  13. jeff6599

    Sorry, not british racing green. That was never a metallic color; just a solid near dark green.

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  14. Andy

    If there are parts from ’69, ’70 and the ’80s, maybe this is Johnny Cash’s car?

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  16. BMW Racer

    Needs to be SLAMMED!! Full Gas Monkey style!!

    • jackthemailman

      Pardon my French, but F**K Gas Monkey. RR and AK are bozos. They’ve ruined more cars than most can ever dream about.

      • Murray

        Hear Hear!! On the few (very) occasions I’ve watched Gas Monkey’s I get angry when these bogans (Australian for, not sure what you call them in the US, but they are people with IQs that total less than their post codes added up) get a lovely straight classic and cut it, shut it or otherwise bastardise it.

      • Bruce

        I’m sure you would WISH that you had the money & talent the “Monkey” garage has. While a lot of it is hype, how many cars have YOU sold at Barrett Jackson. Ahhh..NONE….

      • Murray

        BRUCE If you wish to measure the success or otherwise of one’s life by the number of cars they’ve sold through Barrett & Jackson then go ahead. But for the record you’re correct, the answer is none. All the classics I’ve ever sold (& granted its not been many) have been to people who’ve approached me. As for wishing I had the money and talent that the Monkey Garage has, I can only ask why would one wish for less than they have already :-)

      • Bruce

        Murray, TRUST me, I’ve built & sold my share too. You aren’t the only hot rod in the deck, but one of a few. The “Monkeys” are making WAYYYYY more than you & I , they must be doing something right…I won’t get in a pissin match about it…

      • Murray

        BRUCE whatever you reckon, but you’ve no way of knowing what is really the case. 4 what its worth I doubt they’re making millions out of it. The show’s producers would sure be. The dudes in the show are little more than voice overs who frankly can be replaced as quickly as they find cars to wreck. Definitely no talent there thats for sure. Saying that though I’m reminded of the Karcrasheans. No talent there either but it would appear that they are making millions, even if some of it does manage to get stolen from under their noses.

      • Jeffro

        I wish I had their shop. But that’s about as far as I would go. Not everything needs to be slammed with some obnoxious looking wheels

      • Mark S Member

        Murray I agree with you totally about the GMG, the whole things a set up and the crew are just bad actors. Have you ever noticed that the shop is always almost empty except for a few half finished oldies that never get worked on. They used to at least appear to be a real garage but not at all anymore I have worked for 30 years in many different garages as a licensed mechanic and if they looked this empty all the time they’d have gone broke. Don’t be fooled by these shows there all heavily fake by smart producers. And greedy owners.

      • GRAY WOLF


  17. Fred W.

    Elvis definitely owned a ’72 and may well have owned more Caddy wagons, might pay to check into the ownership since they are so few and far between and only he or someone as wealthy as he could afford this.

    Does not look like a hearse at all, looks like a station wagon should. Love it!

  18. DonS

    Restored to “meet the high standards of a demanding owner.” I hope he didn’t pay too much for the restoration. Looks like it needs some work to be pretty again.

    I wish it had one of the third row rear facing seats.

  19. charlie Member

    Whatever it is, I like it a lot better than the Lincoln. And, if you got it up to 75 on the Interstate, the gas mileage might be acceptable for going to shows and other events. I drive my Allante about 3000 miles a year, so the total gas bill, for a neat convertible, is not an issue.

  20. Chebby

    Orange vinyl is cheesy and the tailgate looks ill-considered. Ugly hinges as someone mentioned and the door handle in the middle is not the best leverage. And agreed they should have used a Vista Cruiser roof, but other than those little things, this car is pretty cool.

  21. Mark S Member

    Very cool looking car you would probably find that the mileage wouldn’t be that bad if the engine was set up right. It would also help to change the trans over to a 700r overdrive unit as well some 3.25 rear axle gears. You’ll find that if you are not slamming your foot down all the time which opens the secondary metering rods and dumps extra fuel into the engine that your mileage will go up.

  22. hhaleblian

    Bring back thumbs down. This is America.

    • ccrvtt

      I recently had a monumental thumbs down, in fact two posts that had to be removed because there were so many thumbs down. (On the other hand, there were also some thumbs up on the same posts.) Opinions are like *******s – everyone has one and they all stink. But we can’t help ourselves from reading them and they’re part of the fun of the site. I agree with hhaleblian, this is America and if we can have the current choice of candidates we can certainly stomach each other’s opinions.

      • Murray

        Actually ccrvtt its the www which means its world wide, not just “America”, just sayin’ thats all :-)

  23. hhaleblian

    Cool ride by the way

  24. Coventrycat

    God, I want that car.

  25. Allan

    Tailgate hinges look as if they were originally under the rear door, such that it folded down. Two large indentations under the tailgate for some reason. The current hinges are certainly out of character.

    • JimmyinTEXAS

      Two large dents under the tail gate are steps on the bumper..

  26. john C

    Thumbs DOWN for ‘no thumbs down’ symbol . Thumbs up for BF !!!

  27. Jay Reynolds

    4 door hearse

  28. Alan (Michigan)

    Not a single shot of it with the tailgate open and visible?
    There is a crack in the filler at the top of the left A-pillar. Appear to be stress cracks in the material under the paint in many areas of the car.
    Something that bothers me is the appearance of rust behind the windshield, at the front of the dash. The frame is plenty crusty too. No surprise that air shocks had to be used on the back to keep the rear end from sagging. Stiffer springs would be a better (more costly?) option.

  29. charlie Member

    Now the basic car was not a dime a dozen, but, not uncommon either. Most of them have been crushed and sent to Korea and made into Kia’s and Hyundai’s. Many “classic” cars of the 30’s, and even sports cars of the early 50’s were “rebodied”, and sell for megabucks. There is no crime in reboding a classic Delahey, or Duesenberg, or Ferrari, so why not a Cadillac, especially since there are enough remaining in original form so that the original form is not lost to the world. See the history of a few of the classics in the Peterson collection, or the Blackhawk collection, to see how common it has been.

  30. chad

    like ‘drinkgas’ howja think it’d look w/the ‘vistacruiser’ upper ‘windows’? need to be in an angular doghouse (rather than the bulbus style of the originals) to fit the rest…

    verbal thumbs up

  31. OhU8one2

    I must say that when I first read that you have taken away the thumbs down icon,it didn’t bother me. But, the more I thought about it I realized something. You have taken away my right to choose,cast my vote,and my freedom of speech. No longer will there be any way of seeing what the majority think’s and feel’s about any statement or issue. Was it removed on account of offending someone? Well let me tell you right now,your treading on a fine line. You have a responsibility to let others voice their pleasure or dismay by the way this webpage was initiated. That was and will always be the reader’s enjoyment. But now you have chosen to edit,or sway the opinion of your reader fellowship. Barnfinds has taken a step backward’s by doing so. Now I guess you can be just like the other news agencies that won’t tell the whole truth,or hear another person’s story. I believe you should retract your decision before more follower’s decide they can’t or won’t tolerate sensorship in any form. Be accountable and apologize. Is someone going to be offended in the future? I would say so. But, if you look at the history of mankind,at NO time did all of us agree on anything. This is what has ruined this country, your taking away someone’s freedom of speech. Grow up or remove this website.

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    • Woodie Man

      I dont mean to be ruder that this will sound…but thats a load of bull. Barnfinds is a private site. Not a news agency. Sheesh. And it is “C” ensorship. with a C. Freedom of speech is a concept that applies to the government interfering with your First Amendment rights to express your opinion or views without fear of C ensorship by the government… not to a privately owned and run website taking away your thumbs. Just saying.

      • OhU8one2

        Yes, I didn’t edit my story,I was too angry with the fact that here again,somebody’s feelng’s are going to get hurt. In the future,I’ll be sure and stop myself before I hit the Post Comment button. My main beef is this, as long as I am not bullying,using profanity. Then tell you what. When America goes to vote, we shall leave Mrs. Clinton’s name off the ballot so as to NOT offend anyone. Okay?

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      OhU8one2 – Don’t you think you are overreacting just a bit? We pulled the thumbs down because there were a few clowns abusing it by down-voting every single comment. We obviously didn’t take away your freedom of speech as evidenced by your rant above. The voting thing was just a fun feature we added to help with policing the comments. People were freaking out with it up and now people are freaking out with it down. We can’t win!

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  32. Chebby

    I didn’t mind the thumbs down. In fact I wish Bring a Trailer would implement that system instead of flagging posts, because then you get a bunch of follow up comments referring to a post you’re not allowed to read. As long as you don’t censor me, give me all the thumbs down you want. The best (and funniest) comments are gonna be polarizing, and it’s just about cars that we don’t even own. Some people react like its their mother that’s being discussed…..

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  33. Rob S

    What a cool wagon!! I would cruise the wheels off this!
    So who’s pansy, spineless, whiney ego did we hurt that cried loud enough to have thumbs down taken away? Bring it back and bring back back our “voice”

  34. grant

    I liked being able to thumbs down too, but I’m more bothered by the lack of an edit button. I don’t always catch all my typos and that’s a pet peeve of mine. As for the rest, I think they just wanted to keep this forum positive. Nobody is having their freedom of speech taken from them. You are free to post whatever speech you want on your own website, and the owners of this site have the right to moderate the discussion. Although, honestly it was just a “disagree” button…
    Oh, and this Cad is awesome, I’m not much for station wagons but how can you not like that.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      There is an edit button grant. The link is visible for 5 minutes after you post a comment so you can make any changes needed.

      • grant

        Jesse- I know it’s supposed to be, but it disappeared when the thumbs down feature did. I use a mobile device (android) if that helps, but I’ve tried on several devices and it’s just gone now. Haven’t tried the laptop.

  35. Ck

    It is an election year, why don’t we vote on wether to bring back the thumbs down or not? I bet the results would be Everyone to one . Hey and if we do have vote ,maybe we could all get a partisipation medal,you know just so no one’s feelings get hurt by the results.Man I hate political corectness. Oh yaa ,almost forgot the reason we are all here . I love this big ol barge of a car. Its pretty kool.

  36. KeithK

    If this car isn’t a professional car then how come it went into use at a cemetery? VIP’s and dignitaries don’t usually bring much luggage to a funeral. Unless the VIP is deceased, that one brings the last suitcase they’ll ever need. At very least this seller has probably misrepresented this car,but moto exotica always does. Go ahead , give me a thumbs down, I dare you. With that said , I have a strange affinity for hearses and flower cars. I’d drive the wheels off.

  37. nessy

    OK Barn Find Men, there are 60 something comments here in just one day and we all know they are not because of this Cadillac Wagon. They are due to my first comment asking why the thumbs down voting was removed.. My comment also took in another 60ish thumbs up votes which tells you something guys. It looks like the voting was a huge part of the site. It’s your site Josh and your other partners so you will do what you will. However, it’s your regular readers that keep the site going. How about letting the people, meaning us, have a vote on either keeping the thumbs up and down or removing it all together. I would be willing to almost bet that if you removed the thumbs up or down alltogether, your ratings will drop. Some of us do know each other outside of your site and the people I know are now losing interest here. Sorry but it’s a fact, not a guess. That is the way business goes sometimes. What you have here is a business and may I go even further to say that we are your board of directors in a way. I myself, ENJOY GETTING A THUMBS DOWN! It’s our way of sharing our vast information with each other and letting one another know when we are incorrect about something. This is a place to visit and enjoy after a long day of work for most of us. Why let one or two dopes with nothing better to do, screw the fun up for the rest of us? Look at it like old car schooling where we all can teach each other. Thumbs down is a good thing men. How about that?

    • waynard

      While I agree that the “thumbs down” vote should not be removed, I wholeheartedly disagree with several thing you say:

      The “members” here are most certainly NOT a Board of Directors. This site belongs solely to its creator(s).

      “60ish” comments in favor of restoring the thumbs down do not make a majority. I would guess this site has several thousand members.

      Though you may know a few people here outside the site, again, they are probably not a majority and if they’re losing interest because of this issue, then they (you) should go out and start your own site that manages comments just the way you would like.

      As to this being a “business”, the owner(s) have already expressed needing financial support and are looking at ways to, indeed, make this a business, to gain a little profit. Rather than cut them down for making this decision, for whatever reason he made, try supporting this site in a positive manner.

      Blogs are owned, operated, managed by the people who have made them happen, not you or your friends. Get over it, this isn’t a democracy, this is the owners forum and they should run it as they see fit.

      • Mike H. Mike H


      • nessy

        Come on Waynard, you and all of the others know just what I mean so spare the speech. Sure I over did it a bit with the “board of directors” jazz but it was just to make a point. Of course it’s his site and he his right to do what he likes. If we don’t like it, we either take it or just move on. You just said it yourself that you want the thumbs down back correct? You just ate your words by saying that. Josh knows he has our support. I myself sent him a number of great barn find stories with photos and he posted every one of them so I am doing my part. Oh, 60 plus comments on one single person’s comment is alot. I myself have to get back to work. Nobody is going to lose sleep over a thing like this but I do hope the guys at barn finds hold a vote and then take it from there. The vote will be at least 90% to 10% in favor of the voting rights.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      nessy – your point is well taken. As is usually the case, a few people can screw things up for everyone. I do have a few things to say about your comments though. You claim that interest is waning. That may be true in your circle, but overall the site is growing at higher rate than ever before. Also, if you are a member of the board then you should probably know who the CEO is…

      • nessy

        No no, Jesse I did not say interest is waning. Not at all. I said that it could happen as most people get turned off very easy when their so called rights are taken from them. Again, I think the thumbs up/down was there so we could correct each other and learn from each other, not to insult anyone. That would be silly. Maybe if the thumbs up/down was never here to start with….well, I’ll shut my trap now. You know darn well how much we all enjoy your site and we know how hard you guys must work to keep it going. Barn Finds gets better everyday. However, I am pretty sure you guys already know the thumbs up/down should come back.

    • grant

      Nessy- Maybe we could all vote on what color to paint your living room, and what you serve at your next barbecue. My point being, this is Jesse and Josh’s site, they’ll run it how they see fit. And I would assume if there’s a “board of directors” that it is made up of the brothers Mortenson.

      • grant

        And if the edit button was still here, I could correct my misspelling of your last name. Apologies for that.

  38. PaulG

    My head hurts…
    That said, it hurt worse reading the sellers ad.
    This car WAS nice, but someone fiddlef’d it up, and I’d bet there is some less than stellar bodywork lurking underneath the so-so paint.
    BTW, where’s the thumbs down? JK

  39. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

    I appreciate everyone’s feedback about the “thumbs down” feature. We will consider all the arguments and try to come up with a solution that makes everyone happy. Admittedly, I’m a little taken aback by the sense of entitlement expressed by a few people here though.

    • Woodie Man


  40. Rock On Member

    If I wanted to read so much whining I would have headed over to the Bring a Trailer website!!!
    BTW cool wagon. Nice find.

  41. Woodie Man

    By the way….I really like the greenhouse on this one. Many of the wagon conversions had a less than attractive B and C pillar . One sat across the street from me in New Orleans for many years in the mid seventies. It had a raised Vista cruiser like roof line without the glass. This is really attractive to my eye despite its unoriginallity.

  42. RJ

    WOW! I love the Caddy wagon. I love long roofs in general though. The whining over the rating system has me shocked. Shocked by the amount of commenters who some how believe they have a constitutional right to vote a comment up or down on a website. I see about a dozen commenters who either never took a civics class or never paid attention in said class. That said, I love this site. Thank you to all who put long hours in contributing to it. I load this page several times daily to see awesome vehicles and learn a thing or two. Keep up the fantastic work. I’ll still enjoy the site regardless of up or down ratings.

  43. Ck

    Ok this is kinda crazy I hate being P C as much as much as the next guy but I’m not gonna stop checking this site out over a thumbs down button. Jesse you and the rest of the people that run this place do an awsome job Every day!!! Look i check this site out every day cuz i love cars ,trucks ,bikes, etc, Keep up the good work .

    • Jeffro

      While I’m not a fan of every vehicle on here, I enjoy the variety of vehicles on here. I like reading the comments and I enjoy reading other peoples opinion. I also have learned things about cars,trucks,tanks,motorcycles, and planes. I’m appreciative of other peoples knowledge. Jesse and crew do a wonderful job with this site. Thanks guys!

  44. Jeffro

    So, just so I understand …people are butt hurt about the thumb down button being removed because someone else got butt hurt that they got thumbs down. Yeah…I need a shot of bourbon.

  45. Phil

    Woah has this thread got lost !?.
    I thought I was reading a line or two about a caddy, I’m a professional restorer in the UK, I make my decisions based on what I see, and the the knowledge that some readers have is also a great boon to the job in hand.
    BF does a great job, well done Josh and co.
    I’m perfectly well aware that a lot of folk in the U.S feel just as screwed as we do in the UK, but this is about cars not other opinions.
    C,mon guys back to the cars.
    Rant over….

    Like 1
    • Ed P

      Well said, Phil.

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