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Quality Survivor: 1966 Chevrolet Corvette

This 1966 Corvette is not perfect, but considering its age I’d say it is doing pretty well! The ad states that this car has “Predominantly original paint and interior.” It is also described as an honest car, and based on the pictures I’m inclined to agree. The seller mentions that 85 additional pictures are available upon request. This Corvette is in excellent survivor condition, and has only 66,805 miles. Find it here on eBay in Connecticut with a Buy It Now price of $50,000 and bidding at $40,100 with reserve not met.

The engine is a Chevrolet 327 cubic inch V8. This is the L79 engine, so at 350 horsepower it is the high-performance model. Both the engine and the 4-speed manual transmission are matching numbers and correct for this car. The differentials were not originally VIN coded, but the existing differential codes are correct for this car. With low mileage, it is very likely that the differential is original. From the ad, “Car is in excellent driving condition.” This car was also recently serviced by a shop that specializes in Corvettes. Though I’ve never driven one myself, it is my understanding that these cars are a lot of fun!

The interior of this car is not only a beautiful color combination, but in excellent condition. This car has been cared for and enjoyed properly, not abused. The white/blue combination is eye-catching and essential for a performance car of the mid-1960s. The seats have little wear, and the entire dash is in nearly perfect condition. Because this car is listed as “predominantly original” I would be curious to know if the seats have been recovered and if the carpet has been replaced.

The wheel covers really make this car as a survivor. Many of these Corvettes have received wheel upgrades over the years, but not this one. This car had the same owner from 1992 until 2016, and although the current owner doesn’t say how many total this car has had, my guess would be under five! For a car that is over 50 years old, anything under five is decently impressive, especially on something that isn’t exactly practical. This isn’t a show quality restoration, but it is a very nice well-kept survivor. This looks like the perfect Corvette for cruising on weekends and taking to local events, ready to be enjoyed as it is.


  1. Hoos Member

    The ad was pulled due to an error. It is a great honest looking car. I know the color is not rare, but I love it. I don’t think pricing was out of line either. I wonder what the error was?

    • Steve R

      Having a BIN price rather than a reserve.

      Steve R

      • LAB3

        “This thing hit $40k pretty quick, it might go for over 50!”

  2. DrinkinGasoline

    I have a set of 4 of those exact wheel covers in #1-ish condition that I pulled off of a 66 Pontiac Tempest when I mounted a set of Rally 1’s on it prior to selling it. I’ve kept them under wraps for 40+ years. I’m partial to knock-offs :) My 04 Lesabre has Torque Thrust’s with tri-bar knock off’s as well as a L67 conversion. :)

  3. jw454

    I like the color combo too. I’ve never been much of a Corvette fan even though I owned an ’81 but, this is a nice one.

  4. john from ct

    The plate is a much older NY plate based on the color, not CT. Maybe a bogus ad? I also question why someone would put tires like that on a car they are representing as original.

    • Joel S.

      Because these cars drive much better on radials. You can keep a car basically original but still put newer tires on it for safety and drivability. Now if you are showing it the rules tend to change.

    • Pa Tina

      NY registration and inspection stickers.

  5. JW

    Beautiful Corvette, nice color combination and a great engine, love the 327.

  6. gbvette62

    The car may have been sold offline, and the seller claimed an error in the ad, to avoid ebay’s fees. Or it could be that someone pointed out to the seller that for a car advertised as having “predominately original paint”, there are numerous signs of a repaint.

    Over spray can be seen on the front bumper brackets, the frame side rails, and possibly on the door handle gaskets. It also looks like the lock pillar alignment wedges have been painted, and I think the way the paint is peeling on the door, may be the result of a repaint.

    It’s still a nice car, in a popular color combo, and powered by what may be the best all around small block, the 327/350. The stamp pad looks good (though the broach marks appear awful faint), and the pad and trim tag dates, line up with the VIN. In my opinion, the “buy it now” may be a little strong, but if it could be had for the mid 40’s, I think it would be a nice buy for someone.

  7. DRV

    The L-79 is the best vintage V8 in my opinion.

  8. Reid Hall

    I understand this car ,is no longer available for sale, maybe the problem was, it was priced to high to begin with. Although not a big block side pipe car, it seems to me that’s the case. Half of the original asking price is probably a fare price for this car.l do like the fact that most of the car seems to be original, and even the engine ignition system, with factory ignition crome hat ,and wire covers.l think maybe someone at some point in time did a detail ,and a very light restoration to the car.The good thing is this should not hurt the car ,but help the car ,and the next person. If this car is put back up for resale, who knows l might consider buying it at a better price.

  9. David Frank David Frank Member

    The 60s Vetts were a blast to drive in their day. I’m thinking that unlike other cars of the 1960s, they might still be fun to drive. The 427 Vetts with three twos were crazy fast, but the 327 had plenty of power and handled well.

  10. Rube Goldberg Member

    Someone may correct me, but I think this is what the creator of the custom painted Vette a while back started with.
    I like the stock Vette here, but the painted one screams the American axiom, “if this is good, more must be better”. I’d take the custom paint one.

  11. randy shugart

    73 stingray corvette 350. restored. all vin no match

  12. André Cassis

    This car is easily worth $85,000. Survivors are worth more than restored cars. Also…on Ebay you are attracting bargain hunters. At 50k this is a steal. Appreciating classic as well.

  13. Peter R

    @Reid please tell me where I can but one as nice as this for anywhere near 1/2 the BIN number. My friend sold his – a bit nicer with Vintage air for $60K+

  14. craig m bryda

    Reminds me of one I test drove when I was looking for a Corvette to buy way back in 1967. Byrne Brothers Chevrolet in White Plains N.Y. had one exactly like t.his one . Passed on It, too expensive, $ 6000.00
    Bought a brand new 1967 from Hawthorne Auto Sales, Hawthorne New Jjersey for $ 400.00 less instead.

  15. Robert White

    The original shop manual for the 1966 Corvette is a split manual for the Vette & the Chevy II SS. I owned & restored a 1966 Acadian Canso Sport Deluxe with that 1966 Vette manual, and the entire time I owned that Canso SD I really wanted the 1966 Vette. I wonder if any Vette owners ever wanted a 1966 Chevy II SS or Acadian Canso SD by looking at that picture on the manual of the car they did not have?

    I still want a vette, but the newer ones look faster, and more reliable.


  16. 86 Vette Convertible

    Looked good in the pictures. I wouldn’t kick it out of the garage, in fact I’d add onto the garage to have a parking space for it. Having ridden in a few C2’s, I’d still look into one of the new frames that use the C4 suspension under it. Best would be good looks and good handling. Save the existing frame in case you ever decided to sell it but be able to enjoy it to the hilt in the mean time.

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