R-Code Project: 1969 Mustang Mach 1

1969 Mustang Mach 1

The crusty exterior and non-original engine will probably scare most people off, but this Mach 1 was once fitted with the might 428 Cobra Jet engine! It was originally Jade Black (dark green) on the outside and black on the inside. It even had a four on the floor! This was one bad machine. Obviously, it’s lost much of what made it special over the years. The big block has been replaced with a 351 and the exterior has been loaded up with Bondo and who knows how many coats of paint. That’s alright though because there has to be a pony car fan out there with a 428 sitting in the corner of their garage just waiting for the perfect restoration candidate to come along. If that person is you, you can find this one here on eBay out of Madisonville, Tennessee.


  1. randy

    You have to quit doing this!!!! Don’t look, don’t look!!!

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  2. Joe Gotts

    Forty Six bids and not one person has asked for the Marti Report?

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  3. randy

    There is one much like this for 1/3 the price on the FE forum..

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  4. randy

    Let’s not confuse the issue with facts!!

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  5. David

    Run away! Look at the pics, there is far more rot than the seller is admitting to, why believe anything else they say? A shame, I love these cars, but too frightening for me.

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    • Stang1968

      Hmm Let’s see. From the pics I see it needs rust repair (panel replacement or patches) in these areas:
      Door skins
      Outer wheel houses
      Inner wheel houses
      Floor pans – right side minimum
      rear tail light panel
      probably torque boxes
      probably kick panels
      probably cowl
      battery apron probably.

      And, then lets assume all this is needed-
      most of the CJ 428 specific parts
      a correct date coded block, heads, intake, carb
      transmission might need correct bellhouse because i think think SBF and BBF were not interchangable.
      This was a cool color option with a highly desirable engine/trans combo so I hope it is brought back to life.

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  6. Al

    I agree with David looks to be a lot more rot then said, making me wonder what else. Without the original motor and trans, and the repaint away from original color you can’t restore to original at least in my way of thinking. A lot of cars get advertised as having a motor from the correct time but then find it’s not correct for the specific car.

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  7. JW

    I bought our 70 Mach1 for the same price in 2005 when the economy was hot, drove it 500 miles home was a all original 351C Mach1, yes it needed work on the body but nothing like this. I would run like a raped ape from this car.

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  8. Ian

    Forgive me for asking but is ‘numbers matching’ an incredibly important thing in the States? Here in the UK it’s only really important on particularly rare or high value cars – very few people would really care for our equivalent of Chargers, Mustangs, Camaros and so on. It’s a nice thing to have, sure, but not critical. People are far more concerned about having the right age and spec of engine in a car than having the original block etc.

    It just seems to me that it’s far more of a big deal over in the States. Is that true? Just curious :-)

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    • grant

      It’s the same stateside, numbers matching really only matters on rare and desirable cars. This one is quite rare, and absolutely desireable.

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  9. DENIS

    I’m a GM guy but really like these cars…had a brt red ’68 428 and it was badass….however I think this one is scary as hell for what is needed…looks more like it should be at 1/3 the price…

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  10. Mike D

    It looks pretty beat to me, I seriously doubt that it is a southern car, even though it is in TN for two, a dealer is selling it.. you know he is going to try to squeeze every last cent out of the car . An ambitious person might want to tackle this mess, and even if I had the money, I wouldn’t Parts car at best

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  11. randy

    Oops, The one I linked to is a Torino, sorry folks, The ad did not say, and I jumped to conclusions as I saw both of these just minutes apart on the web.

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  12. MikeW

    Someone thinks it’s worth $15k and will buy it. I’ll pass it on to my Classic Mustang group at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/classicmustang/info

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  13. RoughDiamond

    Sold for 16K. I can tell you living in Chattanooga and an hours drive from Madisonville, no vehicle original to this area its whole life is going to rust like this Mach 1. We have our share of rust issues however, nothing this extreme.

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  14. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    is this the same one that was listed out of Texas a month back…same MO….same color…..

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  15. Rocco Member

    Keep us informed.

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  16. Jason Houston

    Why do you remove the auction link after it’s sold? Is there some reason you don’t want anyone seeing the sales price?

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      We just mark them so people don’t get confused and leave comments asking if they are still for sale. We don’t have any reason to hide the prices. You can probably still look this one up by viewing the completed listings on eBay.

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