Race Ready 1989 Ferrari F40

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January kicks off the new year of car auctions in the United States. Among the largest and most well known is the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona. Their auction has expanded to a full week and features the top cars on Friday and Saturday. This 1989 Ferrari F40 race car is Lot 1405.1 and will be auctioned Satuday January 28th. It can be found here on Barrett-Jackson.com. This car has a rich racing pedigree and was an early-production F40 delivered new to the official Ferrari dealer Kroymans Automotive B.V. in Holland. The car remained in the Netherlands where it underwent racing modifications by Peter van Erp. Once the race prep. was done, it was used by H.W. te Pas during the 1993 and 1994 seasons. The car later saw track time in the Ferrari/Porsche Challenge where it was driven by David Hart and Mike Hezemans. In 1998 it was raced again in the same series with the addition of Bert Ploeg behind the wheel along with te Pas and Hart. Take a closer look at this beautiful car.

The car retains its matching numbers engine and gearbox, which is pretty amazing for a race car. The history of the drive train begins in the mid-1990s when the car underwent upgrades to bring horsepower into the 700 range. in 1997 the car was sold to Ferrari collector Michel Oprey who commissioned further work on the car which was done in 1997 and 1998. The next major work to be done was in 2019 when Autofficiana in the United Kingdom serviced the car. The work done at that time included new fuel tanks, and a fire extinguisher system.

As you can see, this car is going to be more comfortable on the track than on the street. It still retains its racing cabin which includes carbon fiber seats and Stack instrumentation.

The car was painted yellow for racing, which has now been replaced by a nice coat of Nardo Gray. If you’ve never heard of Nardo Grey is typically reserved for Audi’s performance models, however, the color has become so popular that it is being applied to everything including this Ferrari. Ford has even come out with a similar color that it calls Avalanche Grey. Overall, this is an amazing race car that could be used as a show car or as a period racer. What do you think of this one?

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  1. angliagt angliagtMember

    OH DARN! – I just bought two of these last week.

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  2. Big C

    I’m in at $10k.

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    • angliagt angliagtMember

      That might cover the insurance on it for 6 months.

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  3. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    Beautiful F40 I seen a couple of them in the past. But what amazes me is the F40 engine is just 2.9 or 177 cubes that’s it! With twin turbos putting out 700 to 1000 horsepower!! That engineering !!! I would not be surprised if this sold for 2.5 mil. 🐻🇺🇸

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  4. Micheloben

    Fast and Furious

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  5. Grant

    Raced? Sure, and I am going to be voted People magazines’ Sexiest Man Alive. Lets face it, the hobby died a long time ago. It is just a rich mans way of hoarding out of boredom, nothing more.

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    • Frank Sumatra

      In 2008 I saw 20 very rich men racing their Ferraris as a preliminary event to the F1 Canadian Grand Prix. Maybe they still race.

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      • Dave

        The Gilles Villeneuve. We always have a good time in Montreal.

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    • John

      That’s life ain’t it?
      But to be honest cars like this wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for rich guys. Racing was always going to evolve, that’s just what we do, so naturally things are going to get more expensive as they become more sophisticated. Now don’t kill me, but rich guys provide jobs for many in the industry and the knock on effect is huge.

      Now the other side of the story – there’s different classes of rich people. Those who worked for it and built it, contributing to society, and those who made their wealth in, shall we say, less then noble ways.

      Either way we’re only here for a short time so lets just do what we can do and try not to pay too much attention to the hard realities of the automotive world.

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    • D. Nieuwenhuis

      Oh they raced, no doubt there. See this clip for example:


      I believe the featured F40 is the one that got slightly hit at the beginning of this race, at this was Zwolsman. He raced this car before David Hart raced it. I was there at Zandvoort as a kid very often. DH still races, and very competitive. See some recent Goodwood footage for example.

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      • Araknid78


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  6. E

    Do you think they’ll take my “OBO”?

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  7. Howie

    What? Not resale red?

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  8. jokacz

    I laugh every time I see where they put those intercoolers. Or are they interheaters? LMFAO

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  9. James

    Woot! Going this Sunday and can’t wait to see this car! Have never seen one in real life. First Ferrari I ever saw was downtown Comiso, Sicily back in 1990. I asked the dude permission to take a photo of it (Testarossa), we all knew it was a Mafia dude so we mind’d our P’s and Q’s!

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  10. FasterAsteroid

    Well said Grant. A barn find? Who knew the Sultan of Brunei had a barn. Why is this taking up precious space where we could be seeing a Studebaker or a Rambler? Oh well, next time I will just scroll past and whine to myself.

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    According to what I read some time ago,this was the last Ferrari designed by Enzo himself.I believe he passed away some time before the F50 was brought out.

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  12. ABikePeddler

    This could bring north of $3.5M based on previous sales of standard street cars that have no racing pedigree. Ferrari’s with racing history are HUGELY sought after. Now whether this happens at an auction house known for goatees, beer and Detroit metal, who knows. I wonder if this car we declined by the Monterey auction houses.

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  13. JD

    Fantastic car. Was so awesome to see a bunch of these racing at Zandvoort!

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  14. douglas hunt

    Fantastic car !!! I just love those blue seats ….

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  15. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    I wish I was a betting man. Watching BJ live it sold for 2.5 mil!!! 🐻🇺🇸

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  16. Dallas

    Certainly not designed by Enzo. But the last Ferrari designed while he was head of the company.

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  17. Araknid78

    Status Sold
    Price $2,750,000.00

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