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Racer Replica: 1965 Ford Mustang 5.0

1965 Ford Mustang

Up for sale is this amazing, custom 1965 Ford Mustang that looks more vintage than it really is. The car is currently for sale with a current bid price of $4,050 with the reserve currently not yet met. It is located in Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania. No mileage is listed nor is there a VIN, but the seller says the title is clear. You can view more information about it here on eBay.

1965 Ford Mustang

Under the hood of this Mustang is a modern 5.0 that is connected to an unspecified automatic transmission. While the automatic might not exactly be good for track use, the car itself could be an incredibly reliable daily driver. There is no explanation by the seller of why the car has a newer engine or when the work was done. They also don’t mention if it was done by themselves or a shop.

1965 Ford Mustang

Inside the car is slightly primitive. There are no door panels and the steering wheel is custom. It does need to be cleaned out, but it is functional. The seller does not have any information listed about it. It would be safe to assume it is not original based on the rest of the car, but you would want to clarify with the seller before making a bid. They suggest contacting them for more information.

1965 Ford Mustang

This car looks to be quite a driver. The seller indicates that the car could be a perfect daily driver as well as be a show car. They also indicate that it could be a track car if so desired. Thankfully the car is said to be painted under the patina effect, so it could easily revert back to something normal if that is not your desired look.


  1. Avatar photo calico joe

    Is that supposed to be fake rust ?
    Just looks like primer sprayed here and there.
    Cool car otherwise.

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  2. Avatar photo Steve R

    What’s worse that fake patina? A fake race car, with fake patina. Someone took what was probably a good driver and turned it into a joke.

    Steve R

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    • Avatar photo MFerrell

      My first thought it was a TV prop or something.

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    • Avatar photo Sam61

      I’d rather have good fake race graphics instead of bad fake race graphics and bad fake patina.

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      • Avatar photo Steve R

        There is no such thing as “good” fake race graphics on a street car like this. That look should be earned on the track.

        Steve R

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  3. Avatar photo Eric

    What was just said about fake patina in the 38 Chevy truck listing? lol. Yeah, not good. Not good at all. No “fauxtina” for me, thank you very much. Patina on the other hand; yes please. Clear coated real patina is also a no no. Like Paul said, Let it be.

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  4. Avatar photo Troy s

    Mechanically I like this idea, I just really liked the fuel injected 5.0 Mustangs With a five speed. But here you also get the classic older body style that was a ton better looking..this one would be kind of an eyesore to go driving around in. Too many big decals for me, unless of course it really was a race car. Doubt it.

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  5. Avatar photo Dan

    The interior is a mess…incomplete, and lots of what is there is a haphazard jumble of aftermarket and stock parts that don’t work well with each other. Worse yet, it has fake patina and a wannabe-race-car aesthetic. A better paint job and lots of detail work would work wonders for this pony.

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  6. Avatar photo JBD

    I’m near Surprise Ford in Surprise, AZ and can not figure out why this car would leave the area. Maybe just wanted a rust free ’65 with fake rust? He should have built out a rust free car!

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  7. Avatar photo grant

    Someone please pull that gawdawful console…

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  8. Avatar photo AMXBrian

    I’m not normally one to go after major details of a vehicle, but the others above are right. I’d keep the drive train, maybe spruce it up a bit though, repaint the exterior, not a of the yellow so throw on a nicer darker color without the patina or fake racing details, and do over the interior with more correct pieces and maybe a few modern touches that add to it without going full Boyd Coddington.

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  9. Avatar photo Paul

    Looks like someone spent a few bucks to make it worth less!

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  10. Avatar photo Gaspumpchas

    Says its from AZ but it is still a rustang, full inspection needed. Like AMXbrian said, if you don’t like the fake or as the guys says, custom p(sorry cant say it, puke), repaint to your liking. Hopefully the 5.0 conversion is done well, but that’s something else you would have to check out. Might be a good start for someone. Good luck hunting!!

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  11. Avatar photo TimM

    Could be a nice car with paint and some interior work!!

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  12. Avatar photo John

    No mention of whether the A/C works. I wonder what the compressor hooks up to under the dash? This was a lot of work for someone. I hope it eventually gets finished. But right now, the price is not realistic. WHAT!!! An overly optimistic price on a Barn find??? What is the world coming to?

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