Ford Mustang

Driver Quality Collector: 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra

To me, one of the greatest finds is the collector vehicle that is just slightly down on its luck but not yet put out to pasture. I almost followed this advice with my junkyard find Mercedes 190E 2.3-16 –… more»

Parts Included! 1967 Ford Mustang

Oh boy! Another 1967 Ford Mustang – you probably feel like you’ve seen an endless number of those here on BF, after all, there were only 474K produced 56 years ago. Some of those pony cars are notable, many… more»

Second Time Around: 1971 Ford Mustang Boss 351

Sometimes we double-team a car and two of us here at Barn Finds will cover the same subject in close proximity. It’s not supposed to happen as repeats should get weeded out but it doesn’t always work that way…. more»

Reasonable Project? 1973 Ford Mustang Mach I

A 1973 Ford Mustang Mach I for $2,500 will get some attention! You’re probably thinking that at that price, it has to be an unrecognizable wreck. Well, it’s a project, definitely, but maybe a reasonable start to a cool… more»

Ran When Parked: 1969 Ford Mustang

The old “ran when parked” claim is a common and dismissive throw-away line that means “this car doesn’t run, but it did not all that long ago, so maybe there’s not much wrong with it”, or thereabouts. But the… more»

Silver Ghia Edition: 1975 Ford Mustang II

The seller says that this 1975 Ford Mustang II Silver Ghia Edition has an undocumented 25,592 miles on it and it looks almost perfect from the photos so that seems realistic. They have it posted here on craigslist in… more»

One Family Owned 1974 Ford Mustang II

Is there such a thing as too many red Mustang IIs? I don’t think so and this is the third that we’ve been here on Barn Finds in the last two months. Jeff showed us the other two, a… more»

Playmate Pink? 1966 Ford Mustang

OK, OK, “Playmate Pink” is not my suggested handle for what was officially known as “Dusk Rose” but P.P. became the more controversial name for this most obvious of Ford Mustang hues. Finding an original one is supposedly a… more»

It’ll Buff Out! 1968 Ford Mustang 390 S-Code

This! Yes, this is for sale. It’s supposed to be a 1968 Ford Mustang S-Code fastback (think Steve McQueen in Bullit) but it’s hard to discern much from what looks like a lump destined for a Nucor steel mill…. more»

Technicolor Interior: 1972 Ford Mustang

OK, so this 1972 Ford Mustang “Sports Roof” looks pretty good at first blush. It looks to be a nice example of a non-muscle car version of a popular muscle car but it has been sent off to Just… more»

Good Buy? 1977 Ford Mustang II Cobra II

A black muscle car with a V8 and a 4-speed manual transmission? 99% of us are all over that all day long. Did I mention that this one is a 1977 Ford Mustang II Cobra II? The seller has… more»

A Great Buy? 1974 Ford Mustang II

It’s rainin’ Mustang IIs in here at One Barn Finds Tower! I can’t speak for my cohorts here in the press room, right next to the lunchroom where Todd’s always hanging out eating the last of the donuts from… more»

Charlie’s Angels Car? 1977 Ford Mustang II Ghia

“Once upon a time, there were three little girls who went to the police academy.”… Three little girls? It was a different era I guess. The seller of this 1977 Ford Mustang II Ghia thinks that it may have… more»

Tony Branda Shelby? 1968 Ford Mustang 390

OK, most of us know what a Shelby Mustang is. It’s in Ford’s current line-up but I’m talking about the original, or first-gen, 1965-1970 version. Watch any televised auction and you can see the nutso values at which they… more»

Part It Out or Restore? 1984 Ford Mustang GT

While many of us wish that every vintage car could be saved, some of them are simply too far gone to warrant rescuing. The Fox body Mustang is certainly coming into its own as a collector car, with minty… more»

Coyote Conversion: 1976 Ford Mustang II

We have all the respect in the world for fabricators and innovators in the automotive space. After all, if it weren’t for the risk-takers, we’d never see concept cars move from the clay model stage to an actual production… more»