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Rad Mod Rat Rod: 1969 Chevrolet Suburban C-10


Ok, so it’s not really, technically, a rat rod, but the patina and overall look is at least leaning in that general direction. The sixth-generation Suburban was unique in that it had just one door on the left-hand side and two on the right-hand side. This lowered 1969 Chevrolet Suburban C-10 is a 2WD model and it’s on eBay with a bid price of under $4,000, but the reserve hasn’t been met. There are still 8 full days to figure out how to tell your spouse that you bought yet another vehicle. This rad ride is located in beautiful Meridian, Idaho.


This photo is a bit skewed from the camera being too close to the vehicle, but this thing looks like it’s in nice shape, rust-through-wise. Of course, it has surface rust, i.e., patina, which is one of the three main selling points of this one as far as I can tell. The other two are the unique sixth-generation-only single door on the driver’s side, and it’s been lowered. And, of course when you lower a vehicle this much you’d better provide at least a little protection for the oil pan. Being a 2WD drive truck, this one has Chevy’s “girder beam” front suspension. Man, does this thing ride low! That would be trouble for a lot of roads that I drive on. The driver’s side of this C-10 is where 90% of the money shots will be taken from when this is in parking lots and you come out of a store and it’s surrounded by camera phone-wielding fans. Even the seller doesn’t provide a front 3/4 angle photo from the 2-door passenger side, unless I somehow missed it. But, there are a couple of rear 3/4 photos provided.


The passenger side doesn’t have quite the drama as the single-door driver’s side does, but other than some rust work and panel-beating to do on the rockers and rear quarter panel, it looks fairly solid. The rear bumper could use a good massage, or track down a replacement and give it a faux patina job to match. No, I think I’d rather beat the existing one back into shape. There are supposedly 59,430 original miles on this one. Chevy made this unique style with 2 & 1 side doors from 1967 to 1972.


The interior looks good and there is enough seating for the Flying Wallendas and/or The Waltons in there. In the classic tradition of the Chevy Suburban, there will still be enough room for everyone’s luggage, or a couple of goats, in the Waltons’ case. The dash is cracked but parts should be available to replace that, and I’d want to do that for sure. This Custom-10 deserves to be perfect on the inside and crusty and unique on the outside. Oh no, it looks like there’s a hole in the driver’s floor pan! Ha, psych! It’s as solid as any other surface-rust-encrusted part of this sweet Suburban is. I’d want to at least treat those spots inside and out so they don’t turn into holes.


This whole truck looks really good to me. It’s been cleaned up nicely, despite the surface rust/patina, even in the engine bay. There are a set of air horns here, hopefully not the La Cucaracha type, but even if they are that seems to fit the persona of this Suburban. This is the original Chevrolet 307 cubic-inch V8 for this truck and it had around 200 hp. It was the base V8 for the Suburban starting in 1968. Other V8 options in 1969 were the 327, 350, and 396. This is a unique-looking Suburban for sure, you will not see one like this at the next show-and-shine, or show-and-rust-dust (do you shine surface rust or dust it?). Are there any Barn Finds readers out there who like these unique, lowered, patina-heavy rides?


  1. Matt

    Had a 72 nova with that 307 and I couldn’t blow it up no matter how much I tried.

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  2. Rock On

    The 307 has been warmed up with an aluminum intake manifold and a four barrel carburetor. Just hope that nobody clearcoats the patina.

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    • Steve

      Without something to protect the metal, it won’ t last long. If you had said no to normal GLOSS clearcoat, I would agree to the opinion to leave it off. Semi flat clear, on the other hand, does a good job of protecting the metal without giving the finish a superficial look.

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      • Kathy Hyatt

        Yep, I like the patina look but I’d want more protection for my baby. I hate the flat black paintjob on my 1972 Burb…..it is the cheapest form of paint job. It’s basically just well primered. Scratches and oily spots will not come out with refinishing. I think the reason my truck doesn’t bring home more trophy’s is because it’s not shiney…..and I am a big fan of wax and polish.

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  3. BradL

    I’d like to get 6th gen Suburban as a nice utility vehicle, but so many, including this one, have had their towing capability ruined by notching the frame to lower it. Pass.

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  4. m power

    Would love to have this, only thing I’d change is adding vintage air and air bags. Too bad my wife already said no.

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    • Noel

      Body and stance look good, but I am wondering if a small chop would bring the greenhouse back into proportions with the long look on the driver side since it sits so low now. When that low, I often think they look like they should be in the presidential motorcade, or the pope’s. Lots of glass showing, I think the single door on the driver side makes it even more noticeable than the 2 doors on the passenger side….

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  5. JW

    Restore the interior and like said above add A/C then drive it.

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  6. Blyndgesser

    I think lowering a truck misses the point of having one.

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    • Andre

      Not really if you load it regularly. It’s quite handy.

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  7. RichS

    Airbags, A/C and an LS. Done.

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  8. Jubjub

    Ugh. That stance. A cool, earthy old truck otherwise. It can’t go the places or do the things it should anymore.

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  9. Rspcharger Rspcharger

    Un-lower it, put on normal sidewall tires, restore interior, tint windows then use it.

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  10. Rolf Poncho 455

    Now that’s a nice suburban (van , truck , suv)
    love it u don’t see them around here in South Africa
    I hade a 72 C10 pickup sadly I sold it

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  11. Kathy Hyatt

    I am the proud owner of a 1972 Suburban, 3 door. It had been 1/2 way restored. Not sitting quite as low as this one. It has been made a Harley Davidson Hauler. Flat black on the outside and looks like orange bomb went off on the inside. It sits on corvette tires and rims. My pride and joy.
    The one in the ad is a steal at that price. I gave $23,000 for mine, but it has a brand new crate 350 and a new 4 spd trans.

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  12. patty

    There is also one of these in Langhorne, Pennsylvania sitting along the highway in a body shop yard. It used to belong to my BIL I’m not sure of the year but it is the same color and body style…rust and all, lol. I believe his was a 72 with 4 wheel drive.

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  13. Oscar

    My friend and I found and built that truck

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