Radwood Approved: 1988 Chevy S-10

The very cool Radwood car show just announced they added a new, East Coast location for this August after several successful runs on the West Coast of celebrating 80s and 90s enthusiast cars and trucks. It’s heading to Atlanta, and if I had to buy a car right now to take, I might consider this impressively clean 1988 Chevy S-1o pickup. There are so few left that still look this nice that it’s guaranteed to turn a few heads, especially with the two-tone paint job the General was splashing on every truck at the time. Find it here on eBay with a $10,000 Buy-It-Now.

The body appears to be in excellent condition, and despite the New York plates, the seller notes it has split its time between NY and Florida – which hopefully means it spent winters in the south. To really put a finer point on it, the seller mentions that this ordinary, extended cab Chevy pickup received the Antique Automobile Club of America’s HPOF award (Historic Preservation – Original Features) in Hershey, Pennsylvania in 2017.

The interior appears as-new, which is impressive considering this S-10 doesn’t have crazy low mileage. It’s listed as 55,000, which most trucks would show a ton more wear and tear by that point. While still low, it also indicates this S-10 was driven, making its first owner a magician to keep a work truck in as good of shape as this. The seller also mentions that the S-10 was optioned with rustproofing and paint and fabric protection when new, which certainly played a role in its preservation.

The paint is truly exceptional, especially in areas commonly associated with wear-and-tear like the bed. The seller says there are zero scratches in the bed, which does beg the question as to why someone purchased a loaded S-10 for over $16K in 1988 – and then didn’t use it for anything other than running errands that didn’t require loading up the bed? Regardless, it’s great to see a preserved example of a truck that typically appears in beater condition and hopefully, it will make an appearance at an upcoming Radwood show, where it truly belongs.

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  1. slw71962


  2. Dcowan

    Gotta be honest. Never thought I’d say this. But I really like that s-10. Can’t remember ever seeing one so nice.

  3. Nathan Avots-Smith Member

    I’ve gotten to both of the San Francisco Radwood shows, and they are a great time. There was a pristine ’91 S-10 Blazer at the last one, and if that truck was any indication, this would be a huge hit.

  4. Howard A Member

    Trying so hard not to comment on price, but a deal is a deal. I think this is a 4.3, a much better motor than the 2.8 of earlier S-10’s. I liked the S-10 types ( had 3), and all good trucks, except hard to work on.( and don’t EVER get the 4 cylinder) Looks like a nice truck, but could never pay that for one.

    • Michael55

      The window sticker in the eBay listing says that it’s a 2.8.

    • Miguel

      If it was a 4.3, which didn’t come out until later in the ’88 year, it would have a sticker on the tail gate stating such.

      This truck does not.

  5. Jimmy

    S-10s & Rangers were great little trucks for the guy who didn’t need a full size truck, too bad they did away with them. The new Ranger is more of a mid size truck not a small truck.

  6. Miguel

    Jeff, if, as you say in the write up, you would consider this truck, you must not have any experience with a 2.8L S-10.

    They were garbage from the get go.

    If you are going to argue this point with me, please take into account I worked at a Chevy dealer in 1988 and had to deal with angry customers that bought these trucks and had a ton of mechanical issues from day one.

    The 4.3L was a hundred times better.

    I can’t imagine this truck being worth anywhere near 5 digits.

    I would be willing to bet the at least one of the exhaust manifold is leaking right now.

    • Moparmann Member

      Submitted for your perusal, my ’93 S-10 Tahoe, 4.3, no exhaust leaks, rescued from sitiing underneath a tree since 2011. :-)

      • Miguel

        Yes, the difference being you have the 4.3L and not the 2.8L.

        This is why I said “The 4.3L was a hundred times better.”

  7. Morris

    Miguel, I owned a 1988 4.3 S-10 Blazer I ordered from the factory new back in the day, and the truck I owned had all sorts of issues (mostly unrelated to the motor). Bad paint, rattles in the back and was too flexible, as the factory when from a full-perimeter frame to a “C” frame, which was open on the inside. I sold the truck after a year out of frustration. Meanwhile, a good friend had a 1985 2.8 S-15 Jimmy with a full frame and the truck was dead reliable.

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