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Raging Bull: Lamborghini 1R Tractor

033016 Barn Finds- 19XX Lamborghini 1R Tractor - 1

Friday April 1st, is the day that you can snag this raging bull. This Lamborghini 1 R Tractor will be offered by Mecum Auctions in Davenport, IA. Most of us want a Lamborghini and even though this one won’t be cheap, it may be one of the most inexpensive Lamborghinis out there.

033016 Barn Finds- 19XX Lamborghini 1R Tractor - 4

There is no indication of what year this tractor is, but I believe that it’s a 1950s or early-1960s model. This one obviously isn’t original but it sure is nice, although I think the colors may have been white over a lighter blue rather than the orange and blue shown here. Lamborghini Trattori was founded in 1948 by Ferruccio Lamborghini, the same gentleman who went on to start Lamborghini Automobili. In 1973, the tractor division was sold to Società Accomandita Motori Endotermici.

033016 Barn Finds- 19XX Lamborghini 1R Tractor - 3

The company started out using discarded war materials, like truck and other military engines and differentials, to make the first tractors in their factory. They were making about one tractor a week and in a few years were making about 200 a year. In the early-1960s, with the success of the tractor business in full swing, Lamborghini branched out into cars in a big way with the 350 GT, 400 GT – which was basically a 350 GT with a more powerful V12 engine – and the gorgeous and sexy Miura.

033016 Barn Finds- 19XX Lamborghini 1R Tractor - 5

It’ll be interesting to see what this tractor sells for. Do you have any interest in these “exotic” tractors or are you a John Deere green or nothing person?


  1. geomechs geomechs Member

    I worked for a John Deere/GM dealership for many years so I guess that my loyalties slant toward the Green and Yellow stuff. However, I work on nearly everything that pumps or burns diesel fuel these days and I have loyalties for nearly everything mechanical. This is a nice unit. I agree that the orange should be white but I prefer this color combination…

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  2. boxdin

    Lamborghini, proud Italian heritage now owned by Germans.

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  3. Rovinman

    This has got to be an April Fool joke.
    I looks too much like a model tractor from the blurred backgrounds.
    Happy April fool’s day

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Nope. This one’s real. You will see some interesting posts on April Fool’s day, though ;-)

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  4. grant

    The way I heard the story, Mr. Lamborghini was a fan of Enzo Ferrari’s products, but found the clutches to be not to his satisfaction. So he retrofitted a better clutch to his car, then suggested to Enzo that he use better parts. Mr. Ferrari suggested that Mr. Lamborghini should stick to building tractors, so Mr. Lamborghini decided to build a better sports car. And that is how; through a classic fit of pique, we were blessed with these beautiful machines. Oh, and the tractor is cool too!

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    • fordfan

      Ferrari said if you think you could build a better car then do it, so he did

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  5. Chebby

    It looks like a semi-friendly crab.

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  6. Van

    I want to see this in Beverly Hills next to a Miura

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  7. Rando

    The Gulf Tractor Pull Team?

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  8. KO

    That is a sexy tractor. I want it!

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  9. alder

    Sold for either 29,000 or 30,000

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  10. Mr. Ed

    Looks like Kubota orange to me, as I sit here at the plant in Gainesville, GA reading Barnfinds.

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  11. Barney.G

    You can make it fast without changing the transmission or cam by putting larger tires on the back.

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  12. frank

    Looks like it’s painted in Gulf Oil colors too…

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