Ragtop Rebel: 1968 AMC Rebel SST

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When the top goes down, the price goes up! Anyone who has ever been to or watched an auction on TV has heard this line a million times. It’s not always true, but a decent convertible will usually command a higher price than a sedan or wagon. Find this clean, red ragtop 1968 AMC Rebel in St. Louis, MO for $13,800 here on Craigslist or here.

Said to be one of 823 1968 AMC Rebel SST convertibles, the condition looks very presentable for a car known for corrosion issues. AMC prided itself on unit construction, but rust likes all those welds, seams, and stampings. No close ups are shown, but the body looks crisp. Room for six and a 290 V8 with 220 hp means this is more a sedate family mover than a drag strip hauler. I’m usually in favor in keeping stock shoes, but some kidney beans would really spruce up the appearance. All the chrome is intact and shiny and the lower rear trim piece that mimics an exhaust outlet or brake cooler helps to give off a sporty image.

The current owners have done a nice job in maintaining this Rebel in their twenty five years of enjoying this droptop beauty. A new top has been installed, as well as tires, belts, hoses, and the car has been garaged kept since they have owned it. They say it is in nice running condition and presents well, but isn’t a cherry. Could have fooled me as it looks great in the pictures.

Inside is more dark red and is in decent condition. The seats have lost a little of their luster but still look clean and roomy. The dashboard isn’t split, carpet isn’t faded, the sporty wood grain steering wheel has only a few small cracks, and the door panels look original and clean. This would be a nice place to spend time with the family. But why oh why did they have to drill speaker holes all over the interior? The floor mounted radio isn’t so bad, but a big black plastic speaker grill on every interior panel? Yeesh. This method of getting tunes into old cars needs to be outlawed! You have a convertible, enjoy the sun and scenery! Can you forgive this clean and rare Rebel of a few careless upgrades? Or does the asking price mean that it needs to be a little more special?

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  1. Redwagon

    Spring is coming folks, this looks like fun!

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  2. crazyhawk

    I live in a small Ohio town. We had a small AMC dealer and practically everyone in town drove a Rebel or Ambassador. They seem so pure and simple and American. A warm summer evening cruise in this car? I’m smiling just thinking about it. Price doesn’t seem bad to me.

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    Obviously an an AMC fan, I like just as is. If somebody wants more power;edelbrock heads and performer intake, add a gear-vendors overdrive for lower RPM cruising

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  4. BOP_GUY BOP GuyMember

    Obviously I’m a BOP guy, but I couldn’t love this car more! I’d leave it just like it is, except maybe fix those speaker holes. It doesn’t need a monster engine dropped into it!

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  5. Fiete T.

    Actually have the Rebel Machine scoop (w/tach bracket and under side of the hood metal ‘triangle’) as well as a certified calibration Speedo for Rebel/Matador

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  6. On and On On and OnMember

    I’m liking it but too much dough. If they’ll take an old Durant and a couple nice old Honda motorcycles, I’d be a trader.

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    • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

      I knew you would respond to this On and On! Its got you written all over her. It seems like a high price to me with the rust. Beautiful rig though. The speakers would not be a problem to me, although I would launch the hanging dice. Nice find Corey, thanks.

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      • On and On On and OnMember

        you’re right we all did speakers in the 60s and 70s. Factory radios were or seemed marginal. I like this one buddy. It would be a fun ride for the Wisconsin brewery circuit.

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      • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

        Count me in on the Wisco brewery circuit tour. Pretty sure they have brewery tours in St. Louis also, LOL. Rare rig is right, I can’t recall ever seeing one. Cool ride. Take care and good luck on your trade, Mike.

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      • PRA4SNW

        I enjoyed many Leinenkugel Oktoberfests this past fall.
        Not an easy find in NH.

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      • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

        Keep up the great detective work PRAY4SNW! If you get a chance try the Vanilla Snowdrift, just another challenge for you! Snow is in the forecast here in Southern Wisconsin tonight, Yeah! If you are going to live here you might as well enjoy it. Take care, Mike.

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  7. Coventrycat

    That’s what we did when they were – and even today – just an old car – cut door panels and package shelves and put speakers in them. If you want the nostalgia trip, accept all of it. It doesn’t detract from the car, and those Sparkomatics were awesome…

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  8. Ken Carney

    A high school buddy of mine bought one used after he got his license, and
    my god that car was sharp! His had a 343 V-8 backed by an auto tranny.
    The car you show here is very similar to his, except for the bucket seats
    and console up front. He was an instant hit with the young ladies every time
    he lowered the top. Since he wasn’t mechanically inclined, I took great
    delight in maintaining the car for him when he’d come over for a visit. After
    he sold his, I never saw another one like it–until now. Great find!

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    • That AMC guy

      I have a ’67 Rebel convertible with the 343 and automatic. It’s not nearly as nice as this ’68 nor could it be made decent looking for anywhere near the price of this one. (Mine runs well but is a rusty northeast survivor with a worn interior. I picked it up very cheap in the 1990s and just maintain it mechanically and enjoy it as-is.)

      The 1967 Rebels were badged as Ramblers, lacked the chrome trim along the fenders and character line, and had the old style pushbutton door handles, but were otherwise identical.

      Very few Rebel convertibles were made – about 1600 for 1967 and 1200 for 1968. They were practically unicorns when new, let alone 50 years later. Looking at the dash on this ’68 it appears to have factory air conditioning which would be very rare on these.

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  9. Classix Steel

    I think is the first more reasonable barn find seen lately!
    Definitely a great start to keeping it all orig after one scours the earth to fill in 70s speaker adds!

    AmC was a very much overlooked vehical by the masses!

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  10. Joe Haska

    What’s going on with the listings today, or is it just me, but first a Mo-Par then a Mercury and now this AMC, I think I like them all, and any one of them could make a great driver!

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  11. the one

    is that rust/cancer above right rear wheel chrome molding?

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  12. PRA4SNW

    I’m always up for a good challenge – thanks for the tip! We get Leinie variety packs mostly, which is okay since I like all of the beers. I would prefer a 12 pack of my choice, though.

    Yep, had a storm over the weekend and another early tomorrow. As you can tell from my name, I don’t mind it at all. Got my skiing season pass ready to go!

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  13. eddie stakes

    If even remotely considering this car, I can tell you there is nothing like a AMC convertible. Of the 392 AMC cars I have personally owned, a 68 Rebel convertible I bought in 1980s is one of top 3 favorites. And that is coming from a AMX Javelin guy. My Rebel was the most heavily optioned off the assembly line in 1968 with staggering 38 options. Here is the build sheet

    343 4bbl, automatic, factory air, power steering, power drum brakes, twin grip, had spinners originally, electric top, power windows, AM/FM, quad speakers, reclining seats, headrests, center console, center armrest, bucket seats, tri-tone interior, tissue dispenser, 8 track player, compass, bumper guards, the list rather long

    Base price for the 68 Rebel convertibles was $2995, as optioned this one was $4500 a LOT of money in 1968.

    ONLY 823 LAST YEAR American Motors convertibles made, all Rebels, the Ambassador, Rambler & Rogue discontinued in 1967. As someone mentioned the “Rambler” name also dropped on the Rebel in 1968. This is 1967 Press Photo, note RAMBLER on hood..1686 “1967” Rebel ragtops made

    for 1968 with beautiful model

    LESS THAN 100 1968 Rebel convertibles are known to exist. The one in the Barn Finds photo appears to be a one year only rare color of Calcutta Russett, a neat candy apple read color used only 1968.

    The 343 4 barrel Typhoon was tossed by me in 1987/88 in place of a Los Angeles Police Department police interceptor 401V8 and 904 light duty Torqueflite, the rest is history.

    While rarity does not equate market value when it comes to AMC cars, this is a exceptional good looking Rebel convertible that also has some of the 1968 only pieces like the around the car upper stainless trim; mine was leaded in (lead) in 1987 since I could not find whole set, even with all the AMC Vendors I know and many trips to AMC national events. The lower 1/4 bullets look good too! for you wonks a lot of parts will interchange with 67-70 Rebel, 67-74 Ambassador & 71-78 Matador inc wagons, 4 doors, such as trims, windshields and many interior and glass pieces. Few convertibles got GLASS back in top as used to tear thru roof, too heavy, so AMC started using plastic back glass.
    Happy Hunting, Eddie Stakes’ Planet Houston AMX

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