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Rainbow Special: 1968 Ford Mustang

1968 Ford Mustang

The seller of this Mustang believes that it may be one of the cars built for Ford’s Rainbow of Color promotion. Special option packages and crazy colors were tested out in ’68 as the sales department attempted to drum up some extra sales. I’m not sure if the marketing campaign worked, but it did leave us with some interesting hues. Orange, yellow, brown, and even pink Mustangs were found on dealer lots throughout the West. This particular car doesn’t have the best drivetrain, but the unique exterior color might make it worth restoring. Take a look here on eBay and let us know what you think.


Everyone wants a V8 and 4-speed in their pony car and who can blame them? The inline-six found in this car did provide decent power though and the 3-speed was much improved over the early car’s transmission. Still, when you own one of these, you always wonder what it could have been like. I supposed that could always be remedied, but it would require some suspension and brake upgrades if you’re going to do it right. There’s a hint of what the original color may have been on the firewall…

Pink Floor

Get a load of those floors – this car was originally paint bright Playboy Pink! That may not have been my first color choice, but there’s no denying that it would be eye catching after refinishing the exterior. Personally, I think it would be pretty cool with pink paint, black interior, and an upgraded powerplant. You’d better be comfortable with your masculinity though. Perhaps you could even justify the purchase by pretending that it’s for your daughter or wife?


  1. Mitch

    I may sound like a broken record but restore it to it’s original factory specs, including the color.

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  2. Richard McAllister

    I’d like to see a picture of the door tag to verify it’s information.

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  3. Healeydays

    Back in the day Playboy gave some bunny and playmate of the year winners cars. I wonder if they ever gave away pink Mustangs. Might be a real rarity…

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    • Retired Stig

      In ’68 the Playmate car was an AMX. That car was restored a few years ago. There was a Playmate Pantera as well, no idea if that one is still around.

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  4. Healeydays

    Just found this article. This one is not a playmate of the year car, but Pink was a special order color.

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    • Mike H. Mike H

      Yeah, 1968 PMOY Angela Dorian (Victoria Vetri) got a pink AMX. She kept it pretty much until she went to jail for trying to kill her husband in 2010. It has since been restored to it’s 1968 luster and was featured on Jay Leno’s Garage:


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  5. Dolphin Member

    I don’t see this as special even if it was painted pink at the factory.

    I would rather have a better build….and any color as long as it’s not pink.

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    • Graeme

      Thanks for your unnecessary opinion.

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  6. Silverghost

    The last picture shows the production information. The color code is blank and there is a DSO number. That would seem to indicate this is a real Playmate Pink car.

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    • Graeme

      It may have been a Ford executive order, or possibly a special dealer promotion. Playmate car in ’68 was an AMC AMX.

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  7. sir mike

    Saw one of these in pink with black vinyl top a few years back at All Ford Carlisle… really was a pretty car. Lady wanted to take it home but not for sale. As for this one…. please restore to former glory providing VIN checks.

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  8. SnuffySmiff

    My first car was a ’68 notch. A one-owner, fire engine red, 289, auto, and I still miss it. This one just kinda makes me sad.

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  9. 57Wayne

    A friend of mine had a 68 Shelby that was a factory pink car. Was in Sweden. Not sure where it is now since he sold it.

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  10. Stang1968

    Now here’s a car I know a lot about. This car should be restored, but it needs to be done by someone who will use their own labor to fix it. Being a 6 will always hurt it’s value. In spite of the unusual and desire able color, this is essentially a base model coupes.
    I had the pleasure of helping discover and bring to market a 1971 pink Mustang that was painted brown and running the dirt roads of Idaho… a coworker owned it and was shocked when he exposed the floor pans. He called me and asked if mustangs could be factory pink. I checked it out the next day and gave him the number for a local specialist. I never did see it finished though as i lost touch with the new owner.

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    • Brian

      So…. value wise, would one wind up worse off restoring to the correct color but swapping in a 289/302?

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  11. grant

    I’m with Mitch, restore this to factory original. And just speaking personally for myself, pink wouldn’t bother me at all. I know who I am, and I like me! My daughter does dig the color though.

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  12. Keith

    This car’s been f/s for awhile on the Spokane CL at $3500. It’s a solid car, but a 6 banger (nothing against them i’ve had many) and pink, it’s going to appeal to very few people if and when you restore it back to it’s original color. IIRC the seller has a picture of the door tag with a blank spot where the color code belongs in his Cl ad.

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  13. Glen

    No pretending, this SHOULD be for a wife or girlfriend !

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  14. rich voss

    It only got up to 2,225.00 with 21 bids on original eb listing. He took that down and relisted with a starting price of 3,699.00. Zero bids. Not a fan of that body style, regardless of “rarity”. 2 Mustang regrets: not buying a white fastback 390 GT in ’67 (Fairlane GTA instead), before going to Germany, and not keeping the ’71 Boss 351 I had built when I got back (traded in the GTA on that). Note: Red-line Firestone Wide-Ovals were NOT made for Autobahn speeds….and NO ONE stocked them overseas. Perhaps someone will love this car and restore it, just not me.

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