Ram Air IV + 4 Speed! 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge

We want you to know upfront that this is not a barn find but it is just too beautiful not to examine and take a second look. This is a 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge and it is equipped with the top of the line Ram Air IV motor, 4 speed transmission and can be seen here on eBay for a Buy it Now Price of $135,000. The owner is graciously taking offers, if you don’t want to come out to Grand Junction Colorado and pay full price. There are 3 days left in the auction.

Painted it Orbit Orange, this GTO boasts a 370 horsepower Ram Air IV V8 engine. Although the block is not original, the Ram Air IV engine was the last of the round port high compression engines sold by Pontiac. It would be replaced by a lower compression HO 455 engine in 1971 in both the Firebird and GTO. With 10.5:1 compression ratio, the Ram Air IV engine used high flow exhaust manifolds and cylinder heads to generate 445 ft lbs of torque.

This car appears to be a nut and bolt restoration. The bottom of the car is as clean as the top. The seller states that it is believed to be the only Ram Air IV Judge built in Orbit Orange with a black vinyl top. One thing is for sure, only 804 Ram Air IV GTOs were built in 1970 out of the 40,143 GTOs sold that year. The price does not seem out of line and it is stated to be a correct Ram Air IV block (code WW) it just isn’t the original block.

Can you see yourself sitting behind the wheel of this GTO rowing the 4 speed and getting the engine up in the RPMs where it produces its most power? I own a 1972 GTO but have always favored the 1970 as the 2nd best looking GTO due to its smooth lines. What do you think this car is worth?

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  1. Moparman Member

    I know that they weren’t standard on the Judge, but (IMO) the Rallye II wheels just look naked without the trim rings. :-)

  2. Jon Koontz

    Bummer about Pickfords party.

  3. mainlymuscle

    Yea the poor boy Rallyes suck ,original or not.I am blessed/fortunate enough to have an (over)abundance of collector cars ,”Mainly” of the “Muscle” genre (hence my username ).I am often asked which is my favourite,which is not an easy question,almost like being asked to choose a favourite child.I start by narrowing the list into various sub categories,but in the end, it always comes down to the the car which I have driven the most.Over the last 15 years,the old car that I jump into every chance I get,is the 70 Judge convertible,carousel red (vibrant orange),tan top and interior,stock except for period Cragars.There is simply no other car of this era that drives as well,not anything close.
    $135k is a huge ask in today’s world,but I don’t know anyone who has ever regretted buying a 1970 Judge ! Glws

  4. Kevin

    I like the barn in the background. Maybe the seller needs the $$$ to put a new roof on that beauty. To redo as original with cedar shakes would likely cost about what the BIN price is. They sure don’t build them like that anymore, both the barn and the car.

  5. JoeNYWF64

    Disregarding the loonie drivers on the road texting, etc, this car underneath looks too nice to drive anywhere, unless you want to spend a lot of time wiping up dust, tar & dirt.
    I don’t see the formula steering wheel listed on the sticker tho i’m not sure all of the sticker is shown in the ad.
    Looking at the steering wheel, i believe it is 1 of those “factory lookalike” aftermarket wheels, with a less cushionly grip & possibly not dark/black enough either.

  6. 71Boss351

    I agree with mainlymuscle about the 70 GTO judge convertible. My first car was a 70 GTO automatic hardtop. My mom had a 71 Lemans Sport convertible with a 455. That convertible was some car even with a black interior in the summer. It was basically equipped to be a real GTO without paying the high insurance in the day.

    There are some things I don’t care for like the wheels without the trim rings and aftermarket steering wheel. I think the BIN price is too high in my opinion. That would be the BIN for a convertible Judge. I know it is a Ram Air IV but that isn’t the matching engine.

  7. William Gray

    There are alot of of things that are perfect on this car but it has several flaws for 130 k maybe 80 is more in the reality.

  8. Cal

    I knew a guy in the mid 70s that had a Judge. He would be stopped at the bottom of a steep hill and in short while he was over 100 MPH, well before he hit the top of the hill. That car was scary fast.

  9. 433jeff

    I looked quick and thought it was 13,500, visions of sugar plums were dancing in my head as i read original RA4, im pretty sure the rush of dopamine before i got to orig motor long gone will be the max for the day. Sure i love it but at the end of the day its the 68 a code that flips my switch. A code with later chome bullet mirrors that hit the vent windows.

  10. Grey

    That’s not an aftermarket steering. That’s the correct steering wheel. It is the optional Formula style, which was available on all models with power steering. Theoretically you could hane ordered a Safari with one.

  11. Johnny

    If he has the receipts to show he put that much in it and thinks he will get it back. He better go to bed and sleep like Whip Van Winkle. Its way over priced for what it does not have.

  12. Dickie F.

    This Judge reminds me of the 2008 movie, called “S.x Drive” which, although it has a separate story line, is based on a cross country trip in the Judge.
    It really highlights the joy experienced by teenagers during a cross country trip, in an original classic muscle car.

  13. Lynn Member

    Why does the car look like the front end is ready for take off?

  14. PatrickM

    I saw the asking price and didn’t even bother to read the articles or look at the pics on e-bay. Way too rich for my blood, no matter what the collector community says. I love these cars but…. There’s only so much this old man’s heart can take.

  15. George Mattar

    I agree with William Gray. The Judge market is not so strong. This car is worth 80 large tops. The vinyl top ruins these cars. I had a 70 with a vinyl top. I hated it. I bought car in southern Calif in 1986 due to its totally rust free body. Guess what. The truck was wet because water leaked in under that top. Never washed it or drove in rain so no problem after that. BTW. World record for a RAIV Judge is $645,000. Milt Robson sold it. Black 69 conv. I believe Steve Ames owned it at one time. Could be Rick Mahoneys red 70. Judge RAIV sold for more.

  16. Ray

    car seems to be sitting high????

  17. Bob McK Member

    What a beautiful find. Best of luck to the owner. Perhaps if he offered it with a reserve, he might find out what it is actually worth.

  18. Troy

    To ride around in class in one of these old super cars is before us right here. Everything clicks on this groovy era GTO, a lot different than the original goat isn’t it? If it was only about going fast and quick I suppose a ’70 GTO RAIV 400 4 speed with absolutely the least amount of unnecessary options would smoke this, or nudge it in the very least. She’s a fine ride indeed.

  19. Maverick

    2 lane blacktop. Lol.

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