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Ran When Parked: 1973 Porsche 911

Few vehicles are as instantly recognizable as a Porsche 911, due in part to the fact that the styling has remained remarkably similar since the model’s initial launch in 1964. Nearly sixty years later, the recipe remains the same: a rear-mounted, high-performance engine combined with swoopy yet timeless styling, resulting in a 2+2 sports car for the masses. With an original list price of around $6500, just under $60k in today’s money, the cars were expensive but developed a cult following among enthusiasts and racers. With the base price of a current 911 creeping over $100k, is it possible for a Porsche fan to get into the hobby on a minimal budget? With over one million 911s having been produced, project cars are plentiful and offer potential for mechanically inclined individuals that don’t mind rolling up their sleeves to make their dreams come true. Our feature car is a 1973 Porsche 911, located in Baytown, TX, and offered here on Facebook Marketplace with an asking price of $15,000. At that price, there may be room for some sweat equity for the right buyer. The seller states that the car ran when parked, but has sat outside ever since.

Though the ad doesn’t state any specifications, the engine appears to be the typical 2.4L unit, as opposed to the 2.7L that was used in the Carrera model. The seller does state that the engine mounts gave out, so it is currently being supported by a chain. This could provide the opportunity for the new owner to swap mounts and upgrade to something with increased power and reliability if they so desire.

As for the interior, both the driver and passenger seats are missing. There also appears to be some sort of foliage growing through the passenger side floorboard, which means extensive rust repair will likely be required. The odometer shows 98,122 miles, but judging from the overall condition of the vehicle, it may have rolled over. The good news is that the remaining majority of the parts required for restoration are still in place and in at least fair condition.

The ducktail spoiler at the rear appears to be an aftermarket piece, but it would have complemented the car well back in the day. The deck lid shows massive deterioration, and with all of the other extensive rust repair this car will require, the buyer will definitely have their work cut out for them. Hopefully, they will have either great metalworking skills or a deep pocketbook. With similar models in good condition selling for $50k and up, there may be some profit left at the end of the day. Would you flip this autobahn cruiser, or keep it as your own?


  1. Avatar photo 8banger Member

    While I do like the inflatable pool raft as a seat option, the sawed off tree stump that moved up through the RT rear is extra special.

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  2. Avatar photo alphasud Member

    In today’s market it won’t last long at the asking price. It looks to be all there but I don’t think it’s a project for entry into 911 ownership. Whoever buys it good luck with your hopes and dreams.

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  3. Avatar photo bobhess Member

    Not a duck tail spoiler and not ’73 rear bodywork. Also not worth more than a couple K in that condition. I could list a ton of stuff wrong with this car but it’s really not worth the time.

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  4. Avatar photo Kur Member

    Don’t you know somebody is looking at this as their entry into the Wolfsburg cult. Don’t do it! Buy a split window rag top Volksie that runs instead!

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  5. Avatar photo Phil

    I have a 911, and I like 911’s. It is an earlier car than this, but is long wheelbase. I know what it costs to repair and restore one of these. This car is not financially viable if you got it for free. That said, if you just love it, and want to keep it – well, there is a market for that. It’s not a financially sound market, but it can be done.

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  6. Avatar photo Steveo

    A lot to pay for a VIN

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  7. Avatar photo Jeff

    Three zeros too many on the asking price. Trailer rental cost alone makes this a hard no.

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  8. Avatar photo mike

    This will make Porsche owners drink more…sad

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  9. Avatar photo JudoJohn

    Parts car only! $15K? what are they smoking?

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    • Avatar photo Richie

      @judojohn, just because they’re “asking” $15k Lol, don’t mean they’ll get it. Chances are, they won’t.

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