Rangoon Red Survivor: 1968 Ford F-250 Custom

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There’s no denying that the 5th-generation of Ford’s F-Series truck is one of the most handsome designs that the company has offered of the incredibly popular truck. This well-kept 1968 Ford F-250 Custom has “lived a life of camping and fishing Montana’s blue ribbon trout waters,” and it is available here on eBay as part of a no reserve auction.

This truck is available in Fort Harrison, Montana with a clean title. The seller purchased the truck from its third owner, and the truck has spent its entire life in Montana. Additionally, the sale includes various kinds of documentation, including factory manuals, the sales contract, and a deluxe Marti Report detailing the truck’s order information.

The seller describes this F-250 as an “honest survivor,” and judging from the photos, it seems like an accurate description. There are a few minor blemishes, but nothing too serious, and the seller notes that it’s “95% rust free” due to minor surface rust spots.

Usually, I find bumper stickers to be tacky, but the “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner” and Montana-shaped stickers feel at home on this truck.

Inside the cabin, there are some flaws, but nothing that should deter a serious buyer. A dashboard carpet covers cracked material, while a Mexican blanket hides imperfections in the bench seat upholstery. The radio does not function, but features such as the gauge cluster, lights, heater, and windshield wipers are all in working condition. However, the rest of the interior is quite tidy, and it is generally well preserved for a truck of its age.

The original 360 cu.-in. V8 engine remains under the hood, which pairs to a manual transmission to drive the rear wheels. Occasionally chatters and the shifter has a slight bit of play, but the truck runs and drives well otherwise. On a positive note, the truck received an inspection by a professional mechanic, who installed a new starter and rebuilt the carburetor.

At the time of publication, bidding is at $2,700. Would you add this pretty red truck to your collection?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Stangalang

    Now this is a truck and a beautiful one at that..with a steering wheel that will kill you!!🤣👍my daddy had one of these in two tone green..360 and automatic. The rear end gear was so high it shifted into third very quickly but jeez it would pull stumps..fond memories of daddy and that truck

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  2. Dhgravityfreak

    Looks like a nice clean daily driver. I do want to mention that the “Mexican blanket” covering the seat is actually a seat cover. Fairly common for back in the day. It was mentioned on another barnfind truck so I thought I’d clarify it.

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  3. Matt Toni

    I remember Rangoon red as having more orange in it. Is this original paint?

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    • petemcgee

      Matt Toni this looks right, I have a rangoon red Galaxie . Are you thinking of Poppy red?

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  4. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972Member

    Nice looking truck overall for a 52 year-old survivor. It needs a little attention here and there but it’s a vintage pickup that can be enjoyed as is. The seller’s description is quite detailed and the pictures he provides are pretty good though underside images would have been a good idea. The one thing I noticed is the color of the driver’s door is a little lighter than the rest of that side. This F250 pickup isn’t perfect but it’s got lot going for it. If you’re looking for a decent bumpside Ford pickup, this one should do.

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  5. Jack

    The gun rack really makes the truck. Wish I had $10k to blow on fixing this one up.

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  6. Johnny

    Nice truck. It does need re-sealed around the rain drip rail. When it starts leaking. You can open the passenger side door and look down at the inside rear dog leg. More then likely it is rusted and on the inside of the passenger door .Where the door latch is–you will also find rust through their. IF THE RAIN DRIP RAIL HAS OR BEEN LEAKING. IF not then your lucky. I hope it didn,t. These are good trucks . Theirs more money worth their then in a new one. I,d rather have this truck. Easy to work on to..and dependable .

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  7. Johnny

    Its at $4,800 on E-BAY now. I see it doesn,t have a relay for the start wire. These are prone to catch fire. I found out the hard way and had to re-wire a bunch of wires under the dash, Also if it hasa a Motorcraft carb. In time the form seal–right above where the gas line screws in. Has a tendency to spread apart and leak gas. Some times you can find it in time–like if you shut it down and check something under the hood and see the gas in puddles or dripping into the gulley on the intake. I hope someone appreciates this –before they have to find out like I did and save them the trouble and injury and trip to the burn center. I can,t tinker for 3 more months because of it. Best of luck.Be careful

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    • petemcgee

      Johnny I looked at the Flickr album, and the relay is there, it’s just out of view near the battery in the one engine pic in the auction. Ad says carb is freshly rebuilt, so should be good to go. Over the years I’ve found that dried out accelerator pump diaphrams are the cause of more fuel leaks than anything else.

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  8. SG

    I had one of these years ago, mine was a 1969. Same drivetrain, 3/4 ton former farm truck. I liked how “redneck” it was but for daily driving it was no prize. It didn’t last too long with me, but I miss it & I really wish I had just put it away instead of selling it.

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  9. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Nice truck if only it were a half ton. I have no need for a 3/4 ton truck, I occasionally have need of a pickup but being a retired city dweller don’t need anything that heavily suspended. Hope somebody gets this that can actually use it.
    God bless America

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  10. Bob C.

    Does this thing have those God awful split rims? I worked at a garage when I was 20, and man where they a chore.

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    • petemcgee

      Bob C the way I read it, looks like seller is including another compete set of one-piece rims and newer 10 ply radials at no extra cost.

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  11. Bob McK

    Another no reserve truck.

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  12. Dex

    This car/truck flipper is the ultimate car salesman, and has developed a great story with every one he sells. If this truck has actually “lived a life of camping and fishing Montana’s blue ribbon trout waters”, the truck the bed tells a different story. Could it be the previous owner had some really heavy camping and fishing gear? No. Nice truck, but still a 3/4 ton and not that uncommon in Montana or that desirable.

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  13. TimM

    Great truck at a super good price!! 360 4 speed another gem with little to no rust!! Get in and drive for under $5000 what a deal!!!

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  14. RH

    Other than door bottoms, too bad seller didn’t include some photos of the other areas that typically rust on these trucks. How is it that the truck still has 1976 license plates?

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    • petemcgee

      RH looks like seller provided a link to a Flickr album with additional pics.

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      • RH

        Couldn’t get that to come up before, now working. Those show a lot more rust than the Ebay photos. Floors, cab mounts, and rockers all with rust holes.

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