Rare 1967 Ford Mustang GT Convertible With 390 V8!

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Consider the 1967 Ford Mustang GT Convertible up for auction here on eBay stored in a garage for 30 years. At the time of writing, the reserve had not been met and the bid was at $8,600. The car is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The car is not perfect but looks like a worthy project.

The seller has done much research including quotes from a Marti report. Giving information from the original door tag on this blue Mustang. This is the one fact of greatest interest: the Mustang GT featured here is one of 940 produced with this engine and transmission combination. The four-speed transmission makes a car fun to drive. Sit in the driver’s seat and gaze at the speedometer on the left and beside it the original factory tachometer (Rally-Pac) with your right hand comfortably resting on the gear shifter.

This is the first year Ford offered the “big block” S-code 390 CID in the Mustang wrapped in a newly redesigned body. In this year, 28,800 Mustangs with S-code in the VIN would roll off the assembly line. The 390 was available through 1969. If you ordered the GT Equipment Group in 1967, what would you receive? Grille mounted fog lamps, disc brakes, a GT gas cap, dual exhausts with chrome quad outlets (which are missing on this car), fourteen-inch tires, suspension upgrades, and the rocker panel stripes. And to let the world know what you were driving, GT or GTA (for auto transmission equipped GTs) emblems were displayed.

So what can be the challenge with restoring convertibles? The floorboards need to be replaced and it is also noted the torque boxes, added to strengthen soft top cars, need to be addressed. From the pictures, it is good to see there are no rust holes in the quarter panels or the trunk area.

The Mustang was one of Ford’s best selling cars. Yet less were produced as convertibles with the GT package in Nightmist Blue paint and a four-speed coupled to a 345 horsepower engine.

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  1. 68custom

    Not really a ford man but this one I would be proud to own. 390 four speed GT and a vert! Heck yeah!, Bet it will fetch a pretty penny.

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  2. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Nothing like putting the top down, rowing through the gears and getting some air time. Not a big Mustang guy, but it’s a thrill to take a convertible out on the highway on a nice summer evening.

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  3. Miguel

    This will be a beautiful car when it is redone to original.

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  4. Jack Quantrill

    Even the ‘67, with the 289, went like hell. I can imagine the 345 hp 390 would really rip.

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  5. Stevie G

    What is to not like? Big block, hand shaker transmission, a top that disappears, and it still has the factory hubcaps which tells me it is COMPLETELY untampered with. How awesome is that?

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  6. Mike

    What’s not to love here? I just can’t swing the $18,600 that it sits at now. :(

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  7. ACZ

    Looks like a fishing expedition on price.

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  8. Chuck

    Where a 390 sits, a 427 or 428 will fit in there also! It really needs a Detroit Locker rear end, though, to get all that HP to the ground!

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  9. z28th1s

    The ‘S’ code 390 engine was rated at 320 HP in ’67, not 345.

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  10. Pete in PA

    True Story: the small SE PA junkyard I worked at part time in the late 70s/early 80s had a car very similar to this one. It was a 67 GT convertible with the 390 4bbl and a 4 speed trans. It was also blue, but a lighter shade of blue. It had a white top and a blue interior, but the upholstery was different than this car and it had a long console. I remember that the forward part of the console had a roll up door to cover a small compartment. The icing on the cake is that it had the quad exhaust system. I did some research back then and learned that something like 2% of Mustangs had that quad exhaust. The bad news about this car was that it had body damage on the right rear quarter panel. I don’t think it was bad enough to be a structural problem but the quarter would have needed replacement. Even worse was that we didn’t have a title for the car. IIRC the story was that somebody called the yard and said they needed the car gone from their property as it had been there for a long time. The title would be coming or something like that. I think it may have been situation where a father was getting rid of a son’s car. Well that big block GT convertible sat in the junkyard for years untouched. I would sit in it and go through the gears imagining how fast it would be. In the mid-1980s it just disappeared when I was away at college. The yard owner wouldn’t talk about it. I have wondered what happened to that rare and beautiful Mustang GT convertible ever since.

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    • z28th1s

      The quad tipped exhaust was part of the GT package.

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  11. stillrunners

    Was one in the neighbor hood – same color – with the 67 only tail light panel…couldn’t talk my dad into it….but later we did bring home a non-GT convert with just about every option including dealer installed cruise control and sadly missing the 390…..

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  12. Timmy

    Why is it so rare?

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  13. Jon Berndlmaier

    if you are lucky enough that your wife lets you keep a lot of ald cars, get it, hold on to it, and keep it inside, it will only go up in value, I calmed my wife down by giving her my van, so now she has her car and my van, and she is happy, oh and make sure that you take her for a drive in your classic cars where she can show off your car to her friends. works like a charm.
    She won’t get on any of my bikes now, but I like that part, it is much easier to ride by your self then with some one else on the back of the bike, also I can ride my bikes as I like to ride them, only some times fast.

    With saying that I got a 1985 zl 900a kawasaki eliminator that is fast as hell it will do a flat 11in the 1/4 rev’s to 10.50 , 11.5.1 compression 4 valves per cylinder, does any body know how many were made , they still make the eliminator but not like this, they only made this type for 1985 and 1986 only, if any body know’s that could you please let me know, thank you very much. sorry for rambling on and on.

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