Rare 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 Convertible!

This 1970 Chevelle is a car that is going to tick a lot of the right boxes for many Chevelle enthusiasts. The fact that it is an original SS LS5 454 Convertible, and that the original engine is lurking under the hood can all be seen as huge positives with this car. It is now looking for a new home, so if this is a car that really appeals to you, you will find the Chevelle located in East Brunswick, New Jersey, and listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding on the Chevelle has reached $28,700, and the reserve has now been met.

The owner purchased the Cranberry Red SS454 Convertible around 20-years-ago, and it appears that it has been stored away in a garage ever since. The owner states that he believes that the car underwent an amateur restoration several years prior to him purchasing the vehicle. I am always a bit wary of amateur restorations. However, given that this one took place somewhere around 25-years-ago, and the car still looks quite good, that suggests that the restorer had some idea what they were doing. There are a few minor rust spots on the floor under the back seats, but these are small enough that they could be addressed with patches, rather than wholesale floor replacement. Overall, the panels and paint appear to be in pretty reasonable condition. The power top also looks quite good, although it does have one small tear that will need to be repaired.

The condition of the interior of this Chevelle continues the good news because it all looks to be original and clean. The owner admits that the springs in the driver’s seat are in need of some attention, but the rest of the interior trim appears to be quite reasonable. There are no obvious rips or tears, so once the spring problem has been addressed, this should look really nice. The Chevelle is also equipped with factory air conditioning, and while this does work, it will need a recharge.

Under the hood of the Chevelle is the original 454ci V8 engine, which pumps out a healthy 360hp. The transmission is a correct (but non-original) Turbo 400, while the rear end is the original 12-bolt Posi. The Chevelle was also optioned with power steering and power brakes. The owner admits that some of the accessories bolted to the engine aren’t original, but doesn’t elaborate on which items these are. While it doesn’t appear as though the Chevelle has seen much work in recent years, the owner says that the 454 runs beautifully.

Bidding on this Chevelle has been quite solid, and when you look at what this car is, the response is pretty easy to understand. This is a very desirable car, and the fact that it remains so tidy around a quarter century after it was restored tends to indicate that the restoration was completed to a reasonable standard. I suspect that there might be a little way to go on the bidding, and it will be interesting to see whether any of our readers are willing to join the bidding party.


  1. r s

    It has AC but no buckets?! Why, why no bucket seats?
    I know each has their own preferences but a car like this needs bucket seats to not have an interior that looks like the Joe Lunchbox basic Chevelle.

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    • Poppy

      I see lots of GM muscle cars with bench seats. Especially in a convertible where being able to fit one more behind the windshield instead of being buffeted in the back seat is often a plus.

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    • Joe Spinelli

      hate bucket seats you cant cruise with your girl next to you in bucket seats bench seats are the way to go

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      • pugsy

        Your girl is NOT my wife I see……

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      • JoeNYWF64

        I wouldn’t try that with gf/wife today, even driving to or from a car show. I bet u’d get pulled over because today’s cop would think she don’t have her seat belt on & is not seated properly. lol
        Heaven help you today if you put your very young daughter in the front seat of your 1st gen camaro convertible unbelted, like Tabitha was on bewitched. Worst of all, do not imitate mom today by holding your even younger child on your lap in the front passenger seat unbelted, like in 1 of the ’68 camaro commercials! Jail time? Certainly a big fine, possibly for BOTH of you.

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  2. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    Bench seat in a SS? Hmmmm, seems fishy to me, but maybe. I had a 70 Malibu convertible, one of those I should have kept instead of selling for $650 back in 1985, they made some 11,000 verts in 70. Mine is probably now an SS.

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    • Steve

      SS package did not automatically include bucket seats. It was an additional option. I have had two el camino ss with bench seat and therefor column shift.

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    • Chevelle SS

      Not fishy at all! A bench seat was the base seat in all Chevelles, including the SS. In fact, mine had a bench seat with fabric covering AND a 4-speed! Vinyl was extra cost too. The column shifter was base too. Even the LS6 version I almost owned was a bench (vinyl) with column shifted turbo 400.
      This car is legit.

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      • Chevelle SS

        Uh oh… Troylee is right! The gauges are indeed from a 71-72 (white not pale green) and the light pull knob is too. Buyer beware! Find and check the build sheet before laying down the long bills on this one. Nevertheless it’s a sweet ride.

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    Looks like an honest seller, which is refreshing. Not sure a lot of folks would have shown the floor pans like that, especially when the rest of the underside looks so good.
    I am slowly coming around to the column shift automatic. It used to be a deal killer for me, but now, not so much. If this car stays in the 30k and less price range, I woul imagine a flipper might grab it. Aren’t the going for 50k or more when in excellent condition?

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    • Steve R

      A real 1970 SS454 convertible would be closer to six figures, if not more, restored.

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  4. Troylee

    If people would notice: Those Gauges aren’t even 1970’s…they look to me like they are White 71/72 Gauges instead of the Green-ish Gauges that all 70’s had in them. lol..and it’s Headlight Switch is also 71/72. It’s rear bumper SS Pad isn’t original pc either..it’s too low and it’s crooked to boot!! Said it was redone back in the 90’s..which tells me is when it was “cloned”. It’s nothing but a Wannabe SS like millions of others out there is. And a Bench Seat with Column shift was Standard Equipment People…do some research for pete’s sake. Bucket seats had ZERO to do with any Super Sport Package. Could also get just Buckets without the Optional D55 Console. They were a Factory Option that costs more money to get. Just like the Optional U14 Needle Gauges with Tach….a Standard SS dash was simply a large Gas Gauge on the left of the Speedo…and nothing on the right side unless the Optional Clock was ordered. Just like Posi…standard trim was only 1 wheel spin…Posi was extra. I could go ON and ON…..been doing this 40 years with these cars. They are in my blood.

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    • Bob

      you need to have your eyes checked LOL

    • Chevelle SS

      Troylee – Yup, yup, yup. 100% correct. I too have owned many 70-72 Chevelles over 40 years and picked parts off of dozens. The devil is in the details and this car is good but not perfect. The build sheet is the key to reality!

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    • moosie moosie

      If people could only take notice they would see that the gauge issue was disclosed in the E-BAY listing. Too bad the General changed vin. # designations separating SS cars from non SS cars. The stamp pad on the block shows the same vin.# as the dashboard tag.

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  5. Robert L Davis

    This car is about as real as it gets !

  6. Chris

    I am thinking about bidding on this. I thought for sure it was real. Can anyone confirm if it is real or not? Thank you.

    • Chevelle SS

      It looks pretty good BUT only the build sheet will tell the tale.

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    • Del

      Looks like we need more of an expert here.

      One writer says its a clone ????

      • Chevelle SS

        It’s possible. The Ls5 was available in any Chevelle so that’s not really a clue. Nice to have though and makes the car rare regardless.
        The gauge package could be added by replacing or modifying the wiring harness and installing the right sending units. Even going from a Malibu dash and especially from a standard SS dash. AMFM radio is nice too but a junkyard car could yield one of those and it would plug right in.
        Unfortunately if one knows what to install, cloning an SS is very easy.
        Again, without the build sheet, buyer beware!!

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    • Steve R

      On a car like this it would be wise to have a genuine expert inspect the car. Engine stampings, build sheets and POP’s can be easily faked.

      Steve R

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  7. Alan

    Ordered one new in fall of 69. Actually ordered the 396, 375hp. Got a letter from GM, via the dealership that the 396 was a 6 month wait, recommended the new 454. Didn’t like the lower HP, but did find out later that the HP rating was understated for insurance purposes, was actually closer to 390. I opted for the bench seat –was single and drive-in movies were still around. Tach was not standard equipment. Did order the 4 speed–on the floor. Left active duty at Fort Knox early Feb. car was waiting at the dealership. Got home at 4 am, was at the dealership when it opened at 9. Car came with Goodyear polyglass tires. The exhaust tips on this one donot look standard from my memory. Dash looks like the upgrade package with tach and gauges. Cowl Induction did add some boost , believe it was activated by a switch on the accelerator when near floored. Torque was something like 450-500 fps. hard to accelerate quickly from 1st w/o spinning the tires. Only had mine for 4 years, but it is still around and did forward all the original paperwork I had left to the present owner. Fun car to have/drive, well worth where the bidding is now.

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  8. Al

    Nice but zero interest. Bench seat & column shift automatic, blah. Had way too many ‘muscle’ cars with automatics in the past, the Fairbanks & B&M trannys as well. Just no where’s near the fun than having a good ole M-22 to shift as was in my ’70 Vette 350/370 conv.. I couldn’t picture riding my Harley’s if they were automatics, lol, same applies with performance cars of old. Takes all the fun out of it.

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  9. schooner

    There’s a lot to be said for a bench seat (as noted by Mr. Spinelli above) and your preference of a floor shift. In the same vein, hard downshifts and braking with the Missus behind me on one of the BSAs has advantages. Yes, one can hard brake a double leading shoe (he wrote, fairly waving the Union Jack). There are different ways of defining fun.

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  10. Troy s

    That’s the problem with my favorite old cars, has been for a while. When these weren’t valued in the market and the only real value was in the seat of the pants roar in the ears theory a guy could swap out parts from a different year car maybe and nobody gave a darn as long as she rolled. Even phony baloney SS emblems just for cool’s sake, aftermarket parts big deal. Maybe that improved the cars ability to go from A to B a bit quicker.
    When you start throwing tens of thousands of dollars around, maybe hundreds, authenticity and careful research to avoid a big financial mishap becomes hugely important, which to some people who comment claim is the downfall of the car hobby. It’s a two sided coin…without the big interest in these muscle cars over the last several decades most of these machines would’ve been crushed or rusting away in someone’s back forty. Had to ramble a bit, sorry.

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    Wow, sold for 50k

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  12. pacekid

    Lots of Interest on this one.

    About the dash yes all the illuminated areas must be green, as well as the radio back-light. ALSO there is no seat-belt warning light on the dash of a 70.
    The re-pops dashes don’t look real enough to fool any one. Many original SS dashes, (Gauge Cluster) were cut up decades ago to fit more modern stereos. Then there are those with the crack over the steering column. A casualty of that one little screw hidden up there and missed when the dash was removed.
    I have a ‘real’ unmolested factory original if anyone needs one.

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