Rare 33k Mile: 1976 Pontiac Grand Prix

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With an asking price of $35,500, this 1976 Pontiac Grand Prix better be nice, and it is. Located in Fort Lee, New Jersey, this Golden Anniversary edition Grand Prix was built to mark the 50th anniversary of Pontiac in 1976. The car can be seen here on eBay and is loaded with T-tops, air conditioning, cruise control and a monster 455 cubic inch V8 engine. All 50th anniversary Pontiac Grand Prixs came in the top of the line LJ trim level.

The tan leather seats are starting to crack and show some wear but the Grand Prix is loaded to the max with the full gauge package, power windows, power locks, tilt steering, engine warmer, leather steering wheel, AM/FM 8 track, power truck and original keys. The L75 455 cubic inch V8 engine was in its last year of production by Pontiac and delivered 200 horsepower from the factory.

The seller states that he bought the car in 1987 and has maintained it for the past 33 years. However, the ad states that he put 46,000 miles on it when the odometer reads 33,000 miles so I hope this is just a typo on the owner’s part. Pontiac also celebrated their 50th anniversary by producing a limited production run of black and gold LE Trans Ams in 1976. The 50th anniversary badging for this car is on the trunk lid and the hood ornament.

$35,500 is a lot of coin for a Pontiac Grand Prix and the owner is open to offers. If you want the best, sometimes you must pay up but a sale of this car in the $30k range would set a new record! My neighbor had one when I was growing up. It was a 1976 brown Grand Prix with a 400 cubic inch V8 and I fell in love with the body style at an early age. What is your favorite year Grand Prix?

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  1. Moparman MoparmanMember

    Personally, I prefer Rallye II wheels over the Honeycomb ones, but this is a nice cruiser. Pontiac always had some of the most driver oriented dashboards.
    IMO the pricing is optimistic, but GLWTA!! :-)

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  2. Steve BushMember

    WTF!! It’s apparently in very nice shape, but the asking of $35.5k is nuts! The seller will be lucky to get half that. Several of the much nicer 1969-70 models are for sale online for $20-30k

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    • Carlos Guzman

      I agree. Too much $$

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  3. Tracy

    Upgrade the wheels to Trans Am wheels. It would look much better.

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    • Frrd

      These rims were available on Trans Am’s.

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    • David Cox

      This comment makes no sense at all.

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  4. Superdessucke

    This is the most expensive Colonnade I’ve ever seen, by a mile. Even the Colonnade alpha dogs (your manual ’73 SS 454s, GS455 Stage 1s, 455 442s, and GTOs) usually don’t clear even half this. They just don’t have the value that the ’68-72 A-bodies do.

    The 455 and factory t-tops are pluses but lack of a manual and low horsepower rating makes this price grossly optimistic, even in this climate when money seems to mean nothing to some people. These were not fast by any stretch. 0-60 still took over 10 seconds and the quarter took over 18 seconds even with this 455.

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  5. Connecticut Mark

    Too much money fir 200 hp that a Hyundai will blow away , get a late 60’s or early 70’s 455 with real power for that price,

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    • Superdessucke

      Hey, my Hyundai will hit 60 in the mid fives and run the quarter in the low fourteens :-P Of course, it’s a Veloster N but still.

      Anyway, it’s not really fair to compare it to modern cars, as my Hyundai isn’t even fast compared to some of the ridiculous stuff out there now. But this wasn’t fast even for its time. There were a lot of cars in 1976 that would outrun it.

      I like it but it needs a much lower price point IMO.

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  6. TimS

    Yes the asking price is way too high. But since when is drag racing the only valid measure of a vehicle? If you want a Hyundai, go get one. This site isn’t Barrett-Jackson Top Of The Block or whatever.

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    • AMCFAN

      What Mark IS saying is a car with a 455 should make more power then what it does. It isn’t about racing it’s getting out of the way in an emergency. I believe if someone wants a Hyundai Honda or whatever, he or she can get one………and it would make more sense to do so. One could at least drive it every day.

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      • John Oliveri

        My 73 has a 455, cruises at 80, 90, floats

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  7. Geoff

    By the looks of the seats I’m betting its 135,000 miles and the current owner put on the last 40k. Nice two stage repaint. Its a shame the flipper didn’t have the interior detailed. With the neutered 455 this is a 12k ok maybe 15kif you Mom drove one.

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    • DJM

      First thing I thought, when I saw the leather seats. Those aren’t 35,000 mile seats. Keeping a car really nice for 135k miles is not that difficult to do but the leather is a tell-tale sign.

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      • Superdessucke

        It needs to be inspected but with t-tops and lack of proper treatment, I could easily see leather seat bottoms exposed to the sun cracking over the course of 43 years.

        Plus, the fact that those plastic seat belt loops are still in place would tend to support the mileage claim. Those cheap little things broke off very easily, as I know first hand from owning a ’74 Buick Century. The rest of the interior, including knobs, switch gear, door pulls, etc., is consistent with low mileage.

        But good catch and warrants checking the car out carefully to verify the mileage claim.

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    • Mikey P

      “neutered” LMAO

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  8. Kevin russell

    1976 our local Pontiac dealer had one on a 2 car showroom. We had our 74 GP in for service. Rare I think every dealer got a chance to order one. I do remember it had a padded top which dad said would be nothing but trouble later on.

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  9. Keith

    Even 12k is a push for this car.A good friend had one of these great cruiser but no power for that 455 smog motor.

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  10. John Oliveri

    I own a 73 455 Grand Prix SJ, loaded w options including factory sunroof, black w white top and interior Spokes and Vogues, car stops traffic, and it’s not worth 35, maybe 22, maybe if someone is in love w it, if this 76 was a car with 900 miles, then maybe, but unlikely

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  11. Joe Spinelli

    Love this body style. Always did just a crying shame it IT came out in the wrong decade

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    Very nice car, in 1980 I bought a 1977 LJ with 29K for $3400. T tops and all.That’s the one I wish I had back. This one is in my opinion over priced.

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  13. William Fox

    People are right. Owner’s asking way too much for a car you can’t justify the price on. If it had, say, 3K miles on it, “maybe” but this car is nowhere near nice enough to even ask $20K, let alone $35K.

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  14. 370zpp 370zppMember

    For half the price and twice the horsepower? Oh yeah.

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  15. Jeff

    Great to see these years 73-77 a-body getting more attention, love and money… nice to break from the traditional pack… so tired of the same vehicles prior to 73….let’s see what’s in someone’s piggy bank

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  16. MoragaPulsar

    What is the Delco dial for as shown in Ebay? Rear air shock absorbers??

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    • Keith

      Yes rear air shocks

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  17. John Oliveri

    I’m hoping to jump on that bandwagon, sell you mine for 22,000

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  18. John Oliveri

    Send me your email address, I’ll send pics, can’t access photos from here

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    I had a 78 Grand Prix T top in high school. Cool car but not a panty dropper.

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    • John Oliveri

      I had a 79 brand new in 79, 2 tone blue w Vogues and Spokes, mine was

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  20. Jost

    I had a 76 gr prix, at 120,000 miles the seats looked better. But, the options make this car rare. Buyers determine the price, sellers just hope.

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  21. Steve

    Great car. I would love to have this car sitting in my garage. The price is way too high. Jay Leno can you buy this for me?

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  22. Kenn

    I’m continue to wonder why sellers try to B.S. the collector-car buyers’ fraternity with low mileage claims that can’t be documented in perfect detail.
    I can remember seeing very, very few ads – and I’ve spent too much time reading almost all of them, frankly – that the claimed low mileage was not proven to be imaginative. And it would be interesting to know to what extent the purchase price is influenced by the low mileage. Seems to me, if someone wants the car the mileage will be basically irrelevant.

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  23. Mikey P

    He MIGHT get half that asking price…. and should take it!

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  24. George Mattar

    Jeff. Thanks for your comment. I owned two Colonnade cars. A silver 76 Cutlass Salon with Hurst Hatches and a silver 77 GP SJ with Hurst Hatches. Stupid me sold them both. So much better looking than 68 to 72.

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  25. David RMember

    My dad got a new 77 Grand Prix when I was a kid starting my love for cars, American cars really. It was dark blue with a white top and bucket seats in light blue cloth. Always loved the 77 GPs!!

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  26. Bruce curry

    5 digit odometer. He’s saying it read 87,000. He put on 46000 so it now reads 33000. Would actually have 133000 or 233000 pretty hard to tell. 233k would only be about 5k miles a year.

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  27. Stevieg

    Kenn is right…if I see a car I want, I usually don’t care about miles.
    I had a pretty decent collection of cars that I recently picked through & partially liquidated. I eliminated mostly low mile cars because they tend to be more problematic from sitting. That and I felt guilty every time I drove them.
    I still have some toys left, but they all fit in my garage at home & in the garage at my rental property I own. No more renting storage for me! Plus this freed up funds to pay expenses while I am away on my “vacation” I am leaving on next week lol.
    But I digress. One can get just as much enjoyment out of a well maintained or refurbished high mile car as they can out of a low mile original. If you want it bad enough, miles shouldn’t matter.

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  28. Keith

    No I think what he is saying that when he got the car he had put 46k on the title instead of the true milage he said what he did was not to smart.But those seats look like years in the sun for sure very dried up leather

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  29. Rev Thomas Huckelberry

    Swivel buckets? Refresh my memory guys….

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    • Rev Thomas Huckelberry

      Long term memory lozz

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      • Rev Thomas Huckelberry

        Those were great upgrades, sure beats the bench

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  30. John Oliveri

    Swivel buckets, Monte Carlo, Cutlass Supreme, no Grand Prix

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    • Jeff

      Chevelle, Laguna and El camino could be had with swivels also….

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  31. Jeff


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  32. Rev Thomas Huckelberry

    Have they fixed the paid/free accounts yet. So darn annoying …

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