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Rare Alfa Romeo Wagon Sighting(s)


Update 9/19/13: We have added a picture of another Alfa wagon sighting in Australia and included a little more history about these rare italian haulers. Thanks for sending in the photos guys!

From 9/18/13: Last week Robert J. sent in this photo of an Alfa Romeo wagon he spotted outside a race supply shop in Berkeley. It is nicely done in the traditional red, but Robert says that “the cool thing that you cannot see in this picture is the fact that there is a race prepped go-kart in the rear cargo area of this thing!” My little boy is getting close to karting age, so a Giulia Colli is now on my hunt list. They may be as rare as hen’s teeth, but I’m sure someone can dig one up. Sounds like a challenge… Thanks and happy Wagon Wednesday!


After seeing our feature on Wednesday, Don Andreina sent in this photo of another Giulia wagon spotted at a car show in Melbourne a few years ago. Some of our readers had assumed the red one above was some sort of custom chop job, so we wanted to touch a little on the history of these cars. After doing a little research we were able to determine a few different coach builders constructed their own versions, including Carrozzeria Colli. The few that were built were used for Police duty, roadside assistance, and even as support vehicles for rallies! Production was very limited so we doubt that many exist today. Most of these conversions were done on Supers, but there were even a few Tis to have their roofs extended (source). That is the one we would want!


  1. Don Andreina

    Absolutely and unutterably desirable and fantastic and every other superlative in the thesaurus. Two of these were brought over to Australia, and from what I understand, they were to be used by Alfa Service and were not available for sale. The only thing better would be an Alfetta wagon.

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  2. Juan G.R.

    Great looking wagon! I’ve never seen one, specially here in Florida where the humidity and salt air are nasty enemies to all things automotive. The idea of using it as a karting support wagon is fantastic. Wish I lived in California, as it seems every corner, alley or warehouse district offers all kinds of cool surprises to see interesting cars.

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    • dr

      There are at least 4 Collis in the SF Bay area. Some of them were brought into CA by the Stephen Griswold Co., the Alfa/Ferrari/Aston dealer that was in business from the 60’s-mid 80’s in Berkeley. The one in your photo was rumored to be an actual factory car that had been used by the service dept. to provide roadside aid to Alfa motorists in Italy in the day. It came here with tool and parts bins installed, which were, unfortunately later discarded

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  3. Dan Farrell

    I was thinking maybe an Italian UPS wagon?

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  4. Stuart

    Oh my, I thought I knew my Alfa’s but this one was a shocker…nice lines for sure, the 1963 Giulia 1600 Spider you are showing looks like my first car. Bought it at a farmer’s estate auction with newspaper route money when I was 13. Had it running in 3 weeks, brakes took a little longer. Should never have sold that thing-bought a 1962 Jaguar 3.8 liter MK II after that…

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  5. paul

    I have seen these being in the AR owners club for maybe 30 years, not recently, but I have seen them, as rare as GTC’s the early 70’s GTV, only a convertible.

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  6. Stuart

    Looks like they chopped up one of those ’67 Giulia Supers to make the wagon….

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  7. Horse Radish

    Great post and wonderful car.
    A little hint for the photographer:
    On a WAGON you take a shot 1/2 or 3/4 angle from the BACK !
    Because THAT is what’s different
    The front looks like all other (like) sedans……

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    • Robert J

      Thanks for the tips. As I was very busy with work my though was that you would enjoy one photo better than no photo.

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  8. Dolphin Member
  9. GaryMc

    This is very cool and the only one I think I’ve ever seen.

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  10. rancho bella

    I’m going to stop calling myself a know it all……………turns out I don’t know much (never seen one). Just lovely

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  11. Chuck Kenyon

    I owned a 1968, 1600, 5 speed wagon while stationed in Itialy. It was a police car (wagon) made from a 4 door Giulia. It had the factory front seats but the back sear was removed. In its place was a large radio box (no ridio came with it) and a folding jump seat that the seat back folded down. I removed all of this and bought a factory back seat and installed it back in to a 4 seater. The lift gate was custom made from the end of the trunk and the sedans back window and part of the window frame. It worked good and did not leak. The only problem was you had to keep up with the welded trunk to the window frame.
    Mine was the miltary green. The markings were removed except it still had a large “V” on the roof. There was also a number on the roof. The V pointed forward to show the air protroll the driction the car was going and the cars ID.
    Had fun and was our daily driver for 2 years. I sold it to one of the people in our group. Have pictures some wheres.

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  12. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    Here is a link to that project car we just found: http://www.barnfinds.com/alfa-romeo-giulia-wagon-project/

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  13. scottski


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  14. Your Name

    I want to save it, and it should be saved…..but there’s nothing left to save.

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