Rare Cars in Iowa: Noel Mast Estate Sale


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If you live anywhere near Clarence, Iowa, then you need to be at this auction tomorrow morning! Clarence may be a small town with a population of just under 1,000 people, but someone there had a fine taste in automobiles. The Noel Mast Estate Sale will be held at the old creamery and the cars will start selling at noon. We think you will be surprised because besides this Jensen GT, there are a couple of other very rare cars going across the block and we bet there will be some bargains to be had! Thanks Skip J for the tip!


Of course there are some pre-war American cars on offer. This 1923 Buick Roadster looks interesting, as does the 1913 Buick Touring car and 1915 Ford Model T. We also noticed that a Studebaker Golden Hawk was listed in the text, but not in the photos so we would want to take a serious look at that too. There are also a few Beetles, tractors, a Morris Minor, and even a firetruck mentioned. View more photos and the full list here on Mariman Auctions. Let’s just hope they have titles for everything because some the years do not lineup with some of the models.


The car that really caught our attention though was this Daimler SP250. The auction house has it listed as a “1957 Damer convertible, motor in parts”. Hmm. SP250 production started in 1959, so the year isn’t correct, but heck, they don’t even have the make right. The hemi-head V8 was what made these sports cars special so it is a shame to hear that it is disassembled. Still, we are very hopefully that someone will be able to get this one at a good price. If we were in the area, we would be there bidding on it! If anyone here can make it over there, please let us know. We would love to hear what it goes for! See anything there you would like to drag home?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. DolphinMember

    Either this was the local depositary for anything with metal in it, or it sure is a collection based on many varied interests.

    I can see a few cars I would throw a few bucks at, and since the auction will take place pretty much in the middle of nowhere there might be some real good bargains.

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  2. jim s

    great find. it will be interesting to see what the items bring. lot of motors and other parts also. everythink looks very used. i too hope we get updates from someone who goes to the auction. i can not tell if the auction company knows what they have to sell or not.

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  3. Gene S

    I get the Jensen Healey GT but was is that red (orange?) next to it?

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  4. Kevin Pfeiffer

    1972 Plymouth Satillite Sebring

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  5. hhaleblian

    I’m not that far away, but judging by the listing and the pics…. I’ll sleep in Saturday.

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  6. gary

    actually, it says its a 1972 Plymouth Satellite Sebring with low miles for the orange car

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  7. That Guy

    Funny, this is the second scruffy Jensen GT i’ve seen in under a week. I was in rural Virginia last week, late for a wedding and driving as fast as I dared, when I passed a house with at least a dozen really interesting oddball Euro classics. Closest to the road was a rusty but intact Jensen GT. As I zoomed past I could also identify a Lancia Appia sedan. I really wanted to stop and take pictures but I just couldn’t take the time.

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  8. Mark E

    The IH delivery truck looks cool and those old Buicks would make good projects. But the auction is over 300 miles away so I’ll pass. Besides, this is the kind of auction that I’d go to buy one of the cars and then come home with a trailer load of crap that I got cheap instead. Ask me how I know…I dare you! -_-;

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  9. rancho bella

    I always get a chuckle when I see Daimler SP250. My eye can never focus on the design as flowing piece. Instead, it looks like four or five car designs on one body and making the eye stop at each design. Oddly, I like them even with the carp shaped front nose.

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  10. RollerD

    If I was closer I’d go, I really like the red Buick.

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  11. Tim H

    Some how the “18” dinner bell w/yoke” caught my eye. Oh wait I haven’t had my supper.
    Lots of interesting farm stuff, I am glad it is far away.

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  12. Dirty Dingus McGee

    Me; Monty, I’ll take door #2
    Jay; Congratulations. You’ve won a 1953 Chevrolet, a 1972 Plymouth, and a fire hydrant.

    (I’ve always wanted a fire hydrant for my dog)

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  13. Jim-Bob

    I’d go for the 87-93 Mustang LX 5.0 convertible if it weren’t for the obvious quarter panel damage (so long as it’s a 5 speed). As for the other stuff, I’d pass on the catfish, but I’d probably be interested in one of those hit and miss engines. I still remember going to the county fair in Dutchess County New York when I was young and marveling at their operation. Plus, I kinda have to wonder if it could be put to use again powering something in the event of some sort of collapse (like a massive solar flare). There’s just something about these simple old technologies that is really cool in a day and age where most things might last 2-5 years before becoming obsolete.

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  14. Rotary M

    The 68′ (or 69′) Opel GT looks to be in fair shape although the paint is other than factory. It may even have the early 1.1 L four with dual Solex carbs. Yes, it is safely at a distance.

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  15. Alan (Michigan)

    Daimler = Catfish… LOL And for anyone wondering where car designers have gotten inspiration from over the last century, ask no more!

    Some really cool stuff here. How great would it be to put a moder drive-train in that old box truck, and finish it out with a current company graphics? Heck, make it a mini-motorhome!

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    • Robert J

      To me, a Daimler Dart/SP250 project at auction equals potential $$$. Their value is rising and not everyone knows that, so there are deals to be had and this looks like one of them.

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  16. Barry Thomas

    Daimler SP250! A collection of all the bad ideas from America, used on one British car. How did the designers ever let this one get past the “Wait until you see what Sedgewick designed as a joke.” stage? Those beautiful Daimler Sovereigns must be very embarrassed that this one is in their family.
    Barry Thomas’ “Wheel to Wheel” blog

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  17. Jeremy Mau

    Quick update on the auction. The Austin went for $1600. The Jensen gt $4250. And the daimler went for $10250.
    All 3 cars sold to a restoration shop in Iowa., so I’m sure they will make it back on the road at some point.

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  18. Horse Radish

    Thanks Jeremy,
    I am glad they went to a good home

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