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Rare Color? 1983 Porsche 911SC

This 1983 Porsche 911SC is eye-catching not only for its preserved condition but also for what appears to be a paint shade that we don’t often see on a 1980s sports car. The color, I believe, is called Hellbronze Metallic, which is a very 80s European way of saying “Bronze.” The fact is, various shades of tan were popular in the 1980s, even on a car like an iconic 911. But with most buyers choosing the typical reds and blacks, we don’t get to see the slick 911 silhouette in a shade of gold such as this – and those polished lips on the factory Fuchs are pretty easy on the eyes, too. Find the 911 here on eBay with an opening suggested bid of $49,500 and a Buy-It-Now of $70,500.

Sadly, the seller doesn’t seem to jump on this particular facet of his clean coupe’s selling attributes, but that’s not uncommon in this era of vehicle horse trading. Sellers tend to think if the car presents well enough in photos, potential buyers will either fill in the blanks on their own or reach out for more information. I suppose that could happen here, as this 911 is in seemingly excellent condition for a vehicle with over 100,000 miles on the clock. On top of the cool, period-correct paint job, the chocolate brown interior is equally distinctive and a perfect pairing for the outside. Other photos show door panels in equally nice shape and a period-correct Blaupunkt head unit.

The 911 has a classic whale tail, which isn’t uncommon for a model from the era in which  Porsche’s famous wing became a staple of the brand. The truth is, however, the looks of this 911 will likely improve dramatically with the wing removed, as the standard rear fenders that came on the naturally-aspirated 911s look much better with no wing. The good news is this unit looks like an OEM component, and should sell for a pretty penny if the next owner decides to remove it. The only modification I see of any significance are tinted windows, which is pretty customary for a 1980s sports car from California.

You can see how the color changes in the daylight, with the bronze finish going from appearing far more gold in the dark of the garage in the top photo to more of a sand tone outside. The seller simply says that the 911 starts up and runs well, but doesn’t elaborate as to its maintenance history. A 1983 911SC in U.S.-spec trim made around 180 horsepower, with that number slightly lower for California market examples – which, coincidentally, is where this car resides. Regardless, performance was still quite respectable for an era in which many sports cars were being gutted from a horsepower perspective, and while this seller’s Buy-It-Now is ambitious, the opening bid is not for a car this clean.


  1. Avatar photo Wes Holliday

    Removing the wing will show the mounting holes where it was bolted down. It will be difficult to color match that gold.

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  2. Avatar photo Jack Quantrill

    In my humble opinion, gold, is the worst possible color to put on any car. Brown, too.

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    • Avatar photo Davey Boy

      Worst color as far as color itself goes or as far as trying to paint it goes? Because when I was younger I used to paint cars and my boss’s wife had one of these and they had me paint it a cranberry maroon which was an odd color to me because of the mixture but she really loved it and it turned out looking amazing. She thought it was her dream car and then somebody came up with way more money than we ever thought the car was worth and she ended up selling it and this was at least 20 years ago and she sold that car for $60,000. Extremely low miles and really nice but wasn’t the original color but the guy who bought it loved the color so it just goes to show there’s an @## for every seat and a seat for every @##

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      • Avatar photo Jack Quantrill

        I think they call that cranberry color , aubergine. A stunning color. Saw one at Barrett-Jackson.

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  3. Avatar photo leadbetter

    Bizarre suggestion to remove the stock wing the car came with.

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    • Avatar photo FrankD Member

      That is the incorrect wing. It belongs on a Turbo model.

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  4. Avatar photo Eric in NC

    I like the whale tail and would not change it.

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