Rare Color? 1984 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS

The owner of this 1984 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS claims that it is finished in a rare color. There is no denying that it is a striking looking vehicle, and it is one that would seem to need very little to take it to the next level. If you think that you have what it takes to achieve this, then you will find the SS located in Harts, West Virginia, and listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding on the Monte Carlo has been spirited and has pushed the price along to $8,101. At that price, the reserve has now been met.

A rare color is always going to have some impact on the potential value of a classic car. This SS is finished in Light French Blue Metallic, which the owner claims is a rare shade on an SS. I wasn’t sure about this claim, so I’ve undertaken some investigation. It appears that there are no definitive records from Chevrolet on the color breakdown for the 1984 SS, so the claim seems difficult to verify. However, maybe one of our knowledgeable Barn finds readers might have access to some information that I haven’t been able to locate. I would certainly welcome any input on this front. The paint is said to be original, and given the fragility of paint finishes during the 1980s, it has survived exceptionally well. It still holds a deep shine, there are no signs of any significant fading or deterioration, and the stripes and decals are all in good order. The panels are relatively straight, although there is a noticeable dent on the driver’s side front fender. There are no signs of any rust problems, and the owner doesn’t mention any in the listing. The original wheels are in respectable condition, although it does look like they might be lightly stained by brake dust.

The owner doesn’t provide any full pictures of the interior, but this shot demonstrates some of the more apparent flaws inside the vehicle. The dash has several cracks, while the outer edges of the front seats look like they have some wear. The owner does mention some separation of the headliner, but we can’t see how bad this is. The rear seat is in good condition, and what can be seen of the carpet looks quite promising. The SS is fitted with working air conditioning and power windows. I believe that it also features a tilt wheel, remote exterior mirrors, and cruise control looks like it might be a possible inclusion.

There are no engine photos supplied with the listing, but we do know that the Monte Carlo comes equipped with a 305ci V8, a TH-350C automatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes. If the SS is as mechanically healthy as the owner claims, then the engine should be punching out 180hp. This would allow the vehicle to cover the ┬╝ mile in 16.5 seconds. Originality would seem to be the key here because apart from consumables like oil, filters, and the battery, everything is said to be as it was when the car rolled off the production line. It is even claimed that all of the hoses and belts are original. From a mechanical perspective, it appears to be good news. The owner states that the Monte Carlo runs and drives well.

This 1984 Monte Carlo SS isn’t perfect, but it is a 1980s classic that is worth a serious look. It appears to be rust-free and original, which makes it a sound starting point for a cosmetic restoration. The interest that has been shown in this car up to this point reflects its potential value. It is possible to find tidy driver-quality examples for around $15,000. However, if a buyer is searching for spotless presentation, then they need to have at least $23,000 in their wallet. If the bidding stays somewhere around the current level, then this has the potential to be a great project car that makes sound financial sense.

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  1. Boatman Member

    Not a rare color at all. This and white were the most popular colors.

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    • Raymond L Saunders

      Black and burgandy were…

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      • JACKRBT

        Not in 1984. Those colors weren’t available until 1985.

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    • Superdessucke

      This and white were the Only available colors until 1985. I don’t have production figures either but I was around when these cars were new. My dad almost bought one in ’84 before deciding to buy an utterly wretched 1975 Nova instead, as I’ve discussed in other threads. Anyway I concur blue wasn’t rare at all. My impression was it was more popular than the white.

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    • Gene'o

      Agree. I had an 84 exactly like this one and here in North Carolina I’ve seen dozens of them. Think they just trying to up the value.

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    • Camaro guy

      They were the only colors in 84 i had a white one bought brand new didn’t buy this color because there were lots of problems with this color fading on the hood, roof, and trunk before they were even a year or 2 old this car may have been clear coated early in it’s life if in fact it is the original paint but a beautiful color when shiney

  2. Dogfish73

    Yes, pretty sure it was only white and blue from the factory.

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  3. Chris Mann

    I bought a 1984 SS in the fall of 1983 paid 12,500 for it, the first new car I bought and they only came in this color and white in 1984 I believe…nice cars. I drove it from upstate NY to Florida for the 1984 Daytona 500

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    • Robbie R.

      Correct Chris. I also bought this exact car brand new (84 model). Only colors offered were blue and white. I recall seeing many more blue ones on the road back in the day. It drove good, ran pretty good for a car back then with a lowly 305. Dumb me started a family and sold it to buy a 4-door, uggh!

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      • Miguel

        It is too bad you didn’t know of the Mexican version of this car which was available in this color, which was rarer than the white, and came with a 350 and factory 4 speed.

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      • Kevin

        I bought one of these in 84 also, although mine had the white and blue SS bench seat. I chose blue because all I was seeing were white ones. I sold mine in 89 and replaced it with a 1984 delta 88 which was easier to put a child seat into.

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    • Camaro guy

      Same here my 1st brand new car also i don’t remember exactly what i paid but $12,500 sounds about right had it for 31 yrs before it was destroyed in a fire if it weren’t for that I’d still have it ­čĹ┤

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  4. George Mattar

    Ok you experts. Some correct answers here. In 83, the SS was available only in white. In 1984, they came only in white and this blue. There was a neighbor near me who bought them new blue 84 with blue buckets. I drooled over that car every day. Three kids came along from 85 to 89 so no SS for me. Finally got a Dark Claret loaded t top 1988 model in 1991. Never should have sold it. Reliable and comfy. The blue colored 84 is rarely seen. Silver, white, black and Claret available from 85 through the end. Last SS Monte built in Dec. 1987.

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    • jerry z

      1983 and 1984 were available in white and blue. Just that 1983 sold more white SS’s than blue.

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      • Robbie R.

        Thanks Jerry and Wd62vette (below). My recollection from those days is exactly the same. I remember both blue AND white cars from 83. Seeing the blue ones on the road was the reason why I ordered mine in BLUE. But so many others on here acted like so-called experts, I didn’t feel like getting into a pissing contest.

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      • Superdessucke



        Blue was available in 1983 but they only made 4,700 that first year and as Haggerty observed, most were white. I’m pretty sure the blue caught up in 1984. There were a lot of them.

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      • Camaro guy

        And the buckets weren’t available until 84, 83 had blue/white bench only that’s why i waited for the 84’s

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    • Gus Fring


    • Bob

      George ,
      I brought a new one in Sept 82 ( 83 model ) and it was Blue .
      The only colors were White or Blue in 83 & 84 . Others colors were added in 85 to the end .

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  5. Will Fox

    BS. That shade of blue in 1984 was utilized by every car division of GM!! I know; I worked at Buick that year!! NOTHING “RARE” ABOUT THIS COLOR AT ALL!!!! Just more BS to try to push the price of an old, tired Monte Carlo up a notch or two.

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    • Ron

      But wasn’t it 1984 only for that color on a Monte SS?

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    • Jeff Sangregorio

      Dude, 84 was the only year for the blue color. That makes it a bit rare for an SS. No one cares about the rest of the GM lineup.

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      • Gus Fring


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    • triumph1954

      Will Fox. Wow, you worked at Buick that year! You must be an expert on all 1984 GM models.

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  6. Anthony S

    Out of all the Monte Carlo ss made in the 80s, blue would be the least common of all the colors since it was only available one year. I think that was the point of the rare claim.

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  7. XMA0891

    However “rare” this color is, to these eyes it presents far better than the “rare” “flesh-colored” Corvette from yesterday. I like those odd-ball colors, but yesterday’s Corvette? Yikes.

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  8. Ralph Kramden

    Very pretty malaise era car. Feel free (No please I beg you) to restomod. Its crying for an LS and some suspension/wheel mods

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    • Camaro guy

      I agree that’s what i did with mine about the only thing i left stock was the frame and body but I’ve seen a few of these lowered but with the stock wheels and a little bigger tire i thought it looked cool but that’s just my personal opinion

  9. Wd62vette

    1983 Monte Carlo SS was available in blue also. I had a 83 in this blue color.

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  10. James McCarthy

    I bought an 1983 in blue. You had two choices, blue and white. I believe it was the same for 1984. 1983 had split bench seats and the top half of the trim panels along with the head rests were white. I still have the window sticker but lost the car in a custody battle. I still miss that car!

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  11. Tom71mustangs

    Leave it to a Ford guy to set all of you GM guys straight on the rarity of this color: I have no idea. Great looking color, though.

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  12. Vance

    My next door neighbor had this color that he put a 400 stroker into it. At some point he lost a screw into the engine, and spent 3 days trying to find it to no avail. We lived in the sticks, and he figured it had fallen into the grass or gravel. Well, he fired it up and POW, he found it. Rebuilt it again, and boy this thing was fast. I had an 1987 Mustang GT, and it ate it up. He was much more meticulous with his engine work after that.

  13. 67Restomod

    Anytime I hear the Term – “305” – I have to think “Restomod”. Along with “305” is usually the phrase “Throttle Body”. Bad Combo”!

  14. Gene'o

    Agree. I had an 84 exactly like this one and here in North Carolina I’ve seen dozens of them. Think they just trying to up the value.

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  15. bull

    The only 2 color choices available in 1983-1984 were white and blue. with a white/blue interior or blue white interior.

    Nice car!


    Not at all!

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  16. Tom

    1984 had only 2 colors white and blue and both with blue interior. I had a blue one with t- tops til somebody wanted it more than me. Never saw it again

    • Camaro guy

      T tops weren’t available until 85 unless you had some aftermarket ones installed

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  17. JimmyinTEXAS

    Sold! $9802.00 US dollars… Sounds like reasonable money to me, but I didn’t see it in person.

  18. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    SOLD for $9,802.

  19. 67Restomod

    Anyone else see a contradiction in the designation “SS” and “305”? LOL!

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Not really, when you consider that Chevy threw the SS badge on many cars that had a 6 cylinder, even back when SS meant something, performance-wise.

      Sad, but true.

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    • Camaro guy

      My 84 ran a respectable 14.78 with some smog shorty headers and an Edelbrock hi rise intake, and Hypertech chip granted that’s not stock but still not bad for the day

  20. Dan Cloud

    I think about 24,000 were made in ’84, and although there are no records of the mix, I suspect the split was 50/50 blue/white. I bought a blue one in June of ’84, and I still have it, recently re-painted with the original GM code 27 blue, called Dark Blue Metallic (nothing French about it!). Yes, 80’s GM paint is not good. The white trim interior was only available on bench seat cars (RPO 22G, called CSS1) and it was an option to the all blue interior. These are the ones with the “SS” embroidered in the headrest as shown in the ’84 catalog. Blue is only considered rare now because ’84 was the last year of blue, and most of the cars were beat to death relatively early. Mine stickered at $13,159. Production number went up in ’85, with white, black, burgundy and silver the only colors available. All SS’s had the lame 180 HP 305, and 83 & 84 had the three speed 350 trans, whereas 85 & up has the 200R4. I put in a ZZZ motor back in ’90. I recall reading the MCSS was the most stolen car in the U.S. for about 7 years. Mine has a well tested UNGO box that kept it in my possession more than once.
    Someone commented above that blue was 84 only…no, back in the day I saw some ’83’s in blue…83’s had the standard MC steering wheel, but there weren’t many of them.

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    • Robbie R.

      Yes, Dan the man! A moment of clarity has arrived. Thank you.

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