Rare Combo! 1968 Pontiac Bonneville 428 Four-Speed Convertible

Whatever your opinion of this car, you have to respect a seller who says “The car has rust in most panels including the frame and floors.” After inhabiting a barn for at least 20 years, this very interesting 1968 Pontiac Bonneville seeks a new owner with a listing here on eBay and an asking price of $4500. The Pontiac needs a ton of work, but it’s the sort of car people love… rare and interesting features on a model that’s rarely shown in any form.

I’ve worked on at least two cars that had the edge of their trunk disintegrating. It’s tedious work, but permanent if done in metal. Or you might find a nice trunk lid from an Arizona junker sidelined by a front-end collision. Car-shopping wisdom for decades coached that a trailer hitch means the car endured severe duty pulling a heavy trailer. However, sometime folks ordered “the big motor” specifically for towing and, if you like 428-powered four-speed Bonneville convertibles, you’re probably not too picky.

I love seeing a clutch pedal on a car this big, and the floor shifter too! I learned to drive on a Plymouth wagon my folks special-ordered with V8, a bench seat and a floor shifter. The full-width flat-panel dash would become a rare design by 1970, but it looks good on this Pontiac. The shiny trim on the three-spoke steering wheel and pedals is sharp too. Options include power seat and windows. Though not mentioned, I think I see a cruise control diaphragm in the engine picture.

So… manual brakes on a giant convertible with a trailer hitch? That’s an interesting choice. Pontiac only produced the 428 cid monster from 1967 to 1969, the less high-strung and final evolution of the block that gave us the potent Super-Duty engines. For more engine history, check out the excellent page on Pontiac V8 Engines here on pontiacdiy.com. This similar car in green suggests the brilliance this car might some day achieve. Pontiac’s sales literature for 1968 mentions the 400 cid motor on nearly every page, with the 428 getting minimal hype despite cranking out the top horsepower numbers of 375 and 390 HP in four-barrel and H.O. form, respectively. The keys are missing, but the seller holds “clear papers” and PHS documentation, and will let you strip a parts car if you like. Way to go, seller! How many full-sized convertibles have you seen with a high-powered engine and a four-speed floor-shifter?


WANTED 1970 Dodge Super Bee 4 speed, coupe preferred but nego., 383 or 440. Willing to pick up in lower 48. Contact

WANTED 1964-1990 Ford Any Looking for antique red tractor. Non working condition. Used for display only Contact

WANTED 1964 Mercury Comet caliente 4 speed. Pref maroon tan interior Contact

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  1. SAM61

    This is 100% bad a$$! Only two mods IMHO…eight lug wheels, bucket seats/console…I guess that’s three.


    I remember looking at one of these with intention to buy back in the 70’s. It was just felt so heavy & like a boat that the 428 / 4 speed combo could not overcome the feeling.


    Worth a good resotomodding.
    Definitely taking it back to automatic transmission.I just want a boulevard cruiser.

    • Art M.

      The ad says factory four speed, if you switch to automatic you wouldn’t be taking it back, you would be changing it. Which would be a crime, at least to me. While I have no problem with restomods, I would probably leave this one close to stock. I would update the brakes to power disc and maybe radial tires.

    • duaney Member

      The four speed adds $3000 to the value of the car right now

    • Tom Bell

      Afraid of three pedals?

  4. Beatnik Bedouin

    ‘Tis a rarity, complete with factory 8-track. This looks like a body-off restoration for those with the time and money to do so.

  5. Classic Steel

    Four speeds and manual trans are a dying breed these day!

    I luv manual transmissions as there is nothing more fun than shifting as one runs the ponies!

    This car can be put back but it will take time to find parts where applicable.
    An old Chiltons interchange and internet will allow putting many other parts like floor pan of Chevrolet Impala .

    I can weld and fabricate if it doesn’t exist which helps 👍

  6. Ron

    I was very fortunate to spend a summer driving a 69 Bonneville convertible with 428 and automatic transmission. It was built up a bit and only ran on turbo blue 110 octane so it was pretty peppy. For a big heavy boat that 428 really pulled. I’m guessing this one is even more fun.

  7. David Ulrey

    Did they offer cruise control with a manual transmission in the old days?


    I believe that this car was featured here on BF before.

  9. Becker

    Repair the rust, back to original color combos,Update the brakes,steering,a/c,cam,heads,carb,exhaust,no more than 18″original type rims,tires with a good amount of side wall. Sell it on the west coast for a GRRRRRIP OF $$$$$!!!!

  10. jw454

    By 1968 the four speeds were disappearing from the full size offerings. This is a rare car. Too bad it’s been allowed to get into this condition. I hope someone can bring it back to the road.

  11. JimmyJ

    Big block 4 speed ragtop the trifecta!
    Wonder how many were made?

  12. Dave Mc

    Fix her up and go play “Jack Slater”
    Only I think this one is more badass.

  13. Rusted Bro

    This car is over priced and ruffffffffffffff🙀

    I searched internet and saw one for
    twenty nine thousand which is cheaper than restoring or close with painting etc. just depends on full restoration or patched and driven . There is something to be said about never rusted as in levels of value 1-5 shape 1 =$$$ or 9 as this one.


  14. fahrvergnugen

    Hit a speed bump at anything over 40 and this thing is so rusted, the torque would probably corkscrew the frame.

  15. Miguel

    If you find a parts car this could be a great project.

    You would be the only one at the car show with anything close.

  16. Miguel

    If this was a big block 4 speed Chevy, would it even be in the 4 digits for price?

  17. moosie Craig M. Bryda

    Many years ago , in my formative years of my mechanical education the garage I worked at had the twin of this car only in triple white. We replaced the clutch in it just about every 6 months. Besides that my best friends Dad had a ’64 Buick Wildcat factory ordered with a 4 speed. His Dad never let him drive it tho.

  18. Wayne

    If you like 4 speed full size cars (particularly Ponchos). Visit Bill’s Backyard Cars in Amarillo Texas. I lost count of how many factory 4 speed B body cars he had there. All start and are driven about once a month. ( that’s 186 cars!) And almost all 4 speed Pontiacs had 8 lug wheels. I am still drooling over a couple of 1961 Catalina 2 door 4 speed 8 lug cars he had there. And that was the end of last September.


    Would hope someone will save this car. Really neat find, though as is sad shape. Last year B.F. featured a 62 or so Pontiac convertable with tri-power 389 3 speed colum shift, wonder what happened to that car. Would have made cool street racer,er street car, since street racing not good thing to do anymore, even if one knows how to DRIVE.

    • Joe P

      I had one the same with white on white w/red int.

  20. 69goat

    Not quite sure it’s worth $4,500 I suppose if the engine and transmission are in good condition that would help however the engine doesn’t look all that terrific. I hope somebody does something with this car but it would definitely have to be a labor of love because the amount of work involved in this project would far exceed any financial gain and that’s okay if you really love this car and want to have it more power to you. I personally think it is a great car a great combination of engine and transmission. When I was a young man A friend of mine had a 64 Grand Prix with a 389/ 4-speed it was a real fun car. I’m really routing for this car to be put back on the road. I do love a 428.

  21. Pete

    I would be temped to pull the drive train and drop it into a 68 GTO or Lemans. I think this car was set up to be a boat hauler. There are a lot of lakes up in Cheese head country. They just made the mistake of driving this car year round. Poor old Pontiac. You could find a car from farther south with a good body and make it happen. Although I prefer a 1970 it has a prettier front end to it.

  22. Wayne

    Ditto Pete!
    There is a 1968 LeMans down the street that I have my eye on. And that was the first thing that came to my mind when this listing/(lusting?) came up.

  23. Russell Sarnowski

    Your correct I bought it took drivetrain out put it in my 68 catalina.stripped it took to scrape yard when they picked it up it split in half.frame junk and just about everything else rotted.drivetrain works awesome in my catalina

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