Rare G-Body: 1986 Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2

General Motors’ G platform is a popular one among automotive enthusiasts, thanks to its front-engine, rear-drive layout and plenty of factory-ready performance vehicles using the platform. The company produced homologation special models for NASCAR competition using the G-body, creating the fairly popular Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS Aerocoupe as well as the 1986-only Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2. The latter of the two is available here on eBay, and while this one is a project, it is undeniably one of the platform’s more unique variants.

This Grand Prix is available in Sandersville, Georgia in a field full of interesting project vehicles. Even though it looks rough around the edges, this southern-located vehicle supposedly has a solid body, and the seller notes how it ran and drove as recently as a few years ago.

While Chevrolet sold slightly over 6,000 examples of the Monte Carlo SS Aerocoupe during its production run, Pontiac only created 1,225 of its Grand Prix counterpart. Each 2+2 model utilized a variety of exterior changes, such as a more aerodynamic front end, the unique rear glass, and a fiberglass spoiler. Unfortunately, the distinct glass resulted in a much smaller trunk opening, despite no change in the trunk’s volume.

All of these Grand Prix models had a two-tone silver and gray paint scheme, as well as exclusive decals and Rally II wheels. This example is mostly original with all of the glass intact, but it will need some TLC to have any semblance of its former glory. As you can see, the cabin on this one has some changes, such as a Grant steering wheel and an aftermarket radio.

Unfortunately, the ad lacks photos of the coupe’s interior, but it’s safe to say the next owner of this has some work cut out for them.

All Grand Prix 2+2 models featured 305 cu.-in. V8 with a four-barrel carburetor. The engine pairs to a 4-speed automatic transmission, which delivers power to a limited-slip rear differential with a 3.08 gear ratio. This particular coupe has traveled 116,928 miles, and the seller mentions it was “definitely a driver for somebody” before parking it.


At the time of publication, bidding is at $960 with the reserve not met. As a rare variant the last rear-wheel-drive Grand Prix, I’d say this project is worth reviving. Could you see yourself bringing back this one-year-only Pontiac?


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  1. 71FXSuperGlide

    Rare does not always equate to desirable. No thanks.

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    • Fiete T.

      Slow. Mushy brakes. Floppy handling. Goofy looking. Had a friend who had one for years & tried to sell it to me. For several years. Would still say “No” today

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  2. Rob M

    I’d bet it smells like mildew and Marlboro’s inside. No thanks! Lol!

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    • Chris M.

      Perhaps a faint whiff of stale Coors light as well!

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      • Jeffro

        Georgia is Budweiser country. Trust me. I’m speaking out of experience

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      • Lynn Dockey Member

        Rusty Wallace drive this model Pontiac. Maybe some Miller Lite empties under the front seats

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      • W72

        Lets not forget rodent urine and dead yellow jackets…

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  3. poseur Member

    parts car for somebody needing a few items to finish out one worthy of saving.
    looks to be in way worse condition than represented

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  4. TimS Member

    I like these a lot. But boy, I’d have to love this one to get as involved as it would require.

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  5. marcus culvert

    I have one in Mint condition to do this for Drag Racing would be awesome!

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  6. rpol35

    While it’s rare due to the low production numbers of its aero-back design, it’s value is very subjective. It’s essentially a Grand Prix version of the somewhat more collectible Monte Carlo SS. It would probably cost more that its restored value to straighten it out – outdoor storage is never helpful.

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    • Ralph

      The concepts are the same but the 2+2 has a bigger window than the MC Aerocoupe from what I recall, they aren’t exactly the same car.

  7. Vin_in_NJ

    I saw on of these this past weekend at the Leas East Car Show in Parsippany, NJ. I wanted one when I was teen, but couldn’t afford it, so when I saw it, i was drawn to it. However, believe it or not, the one pictured here is in better shape than the one at the show!

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  8. George Mattar

    71 FXSuperglide is right on. Rare does not equal desirable. Total pile of junk. And it has no t tops, which were an option.

    • Ralph

      I don’t think the T-tops were an option on the 2+2, they were on the Monte Carlo Aerocoupe. Though they look similar, the rear windows aren’t exactly the same from what I recall.

      These are kind of a bummer, they don’t even have the mildly hotter 305 that the MC SS had.

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  9. marcus culvert

    I do not care what any of you say, I like the car and I plan on buying it and using it as a race car for drag week 2020, I have one in flawless condition I just purchased in July, that is going to have a killer 700 HP small block air ride suspension and a killer sound system. I had one in 2008, sold it, now I have another and God willing I will have a 3rd, which I plan to make one of the fastest street cars in the world. :)

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    • Kevin Barr Staff

      Keep us updated! I’d love to see this thing with a powerful engine in it.

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      It’s still available with 2 hours left. Pull the trigger already!

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  10. Chebby Staff

    It’s in the condition it deserves to be in.

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  11. Marcus

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen one . Am I correct that thr rear glass does not open making the trunk opening very odd and small. I do like gran prix but not sure about this one. Would like to see an original one .

    • Ralph

      Yes its a fixed glass, it was done to certify the more aerodynamic 2+2 shape for NASCAR, there had to be a certain number of production models, its like the 80’s version of the Chrysler “wing” cars from 1969-1970.

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    • Lynn Dockey Member

      Totally made for nascar. Bill Elliott s tbird was kicking gm s ass right about then.

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  12. Otis

    Not restorable, parts only. Watched a very nice one sell at an auction earlier this summer for $4k.

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  13. Andrew

    There’s one in Maryland on the side of route one in Harford county with a for sale sign in the window

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  14. Superdessucke

    Never really got these. They were over 18k new (expensive at the time) and just had the basic LG4 305 of 165 HP. They couldnt keep up with the cheaper L69 Monte Carlo SS and 307 H.O. 442, much less a 3.8 intercooled SFI turbo Grand National or Regal of the same year.

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  15. 200mph

    NO. The “whale”, as it was often called in the Nascar garage area, was a poorly-thought-out cousin to the MC Aerocoupe. The MC had a very different rear window and trunk lid with far better access than this.
    GM (Chevy’s Herb Fischel) wouldn’t allow Pontiac to have the L69, so performance was tepid at best. Pontiac’s version of the AMC Pacer didn’t win many races either.

  16. Djjerme

    Honestly, I’d love to pick this up and build a track day car – or heck full on race car to run in GT or some open class. LS power, and go full tilt on the suspension.. Semi nostalgia.

  17. Little_Cars

    Oh my, how does one of the more “premium” of Pontiac’s offerings this year land in such despicable condition? Being in Georgia I can only imagine the rest of the offerings from this farm field will be sacrificial donors for other more worthy examples. Oh, and really, REALLY, a 305 with a posi rear end? Was that the only nod to performance Pontiac could have come up with?

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  18. Larry Tate

    In a word: Yecch.

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  19. Philip Bregar

    I never liked the MC Aerocoupe, and now I’ve found another GM that I don’t like. What were they thinking?

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    • Del

      going for their First Bankruptcy

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  20. Del

    Seller already has bids for 3 times what this is worth.

    and still not at reserve 🎃

    pile of junk

  21. W72

    The Pontiac dealership in Jackson, Michigan had one of these new in 1986. Sat in the showroom for over a year till it went to a hopefully happy owner. This isn’t even worthy of parts car consideration, the unique exterior parts appear sun baked and will crumble when removed.

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  22. Mike Auld

    I bought one of the Chevy AeroCoupes new…a 1987 in June of 1988; generally-accepted number was 6052 1987 models, plus ~200 1986 models (there were slight differences). Although I love the rarity of the Chevy, there are AeroCoupe-specific parts that were NLA in 1998; finding them now is even harder. This GP 2+2, with roughly 1/5 the number of examples produced, would seem to be even harder still. That rear window looks like it’s at least partly unsealed; good luck finding another seal, since they were encapsulated windows (window and seal were one unit, and installed from outside). Still, if I could find a GP 2+2 in much better shape than this one, I’d jump on it, to have an example of each.

  23. Mike

    Just seeing this is giving me a headache- somebody please crush it now!

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  24. CanuckCarGuy

    I thought these were cool in my youth…that’s no longer applicable, but if you put the Monte SS nose on the Grand Prix 2+2, I could be convinced once again.

  25. jerry z

    I’ve owned 3 MC Aerocoupes. Everyone had a water leakage problem on the top of the rear window.

    On one of the photos, it shows the rear window gasket is torn. Good luck trying to find another one and installing it.

  26. Lynelle Nowlin

    Hey Marcus Culvert..Would like to see the after restoration photos on this one..Hope you enjoy the finished product because it’s going to cost you a ton of the green stuff.But hey like me and my wish for a 1955 Chevrolet 2 door coupe,if you like it and can afford it I say go for it..Good luck.

  27. jf85tr99

    What a shame, this ones definitely kicked. Hopefully someone that has one can get some unobtainable parts off it.


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  28. Zapp

    Whoever let this GP degrade to this sorry state should be ashamed of themselves…

    I would be too embarrassed to try to sell this to anyone but a salvage yard.

  29. Car Nut

    Not exactly what I’d consider a desirable car, but it might be worth saving to a certain extent. Refreshing the interior isn’t as hard or expensive as one might think. Many companies out there that re manufacture parts for the G Body GM’s. Drain and fill up with new fluids, replace a few lines, clean it up and see what you have.

  30. Car Nut

    Not exactly what I’d consider a desirable car, but it might be worth saving to a certain extent. Refreshing the interior isn’t as hard or expensive as one might think. Many companies out there that re manufacture parts for the G Body GM’s. Drain and fill up with new fluids, replace a few lines, clean it up and see what you have. It does remind me of the famous #43 speeding around the track looking at that front clip.

  31. Arthur

    It’s too bad that the people at Holley Performance didn’t learn about the existence of this car. I think it would have been an even better basis for their G-Force One project.

    Art Morrison chassis, supercharged LS7, Forgeline wheels … everything that Holley used for G-Force One could have been used to turn this 2+2 into a capable G-Machine.

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