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Rare R-Code 427: 1967 Ford Galaxie 500

In the 1960s, Ford was riding the crest of a wave. The Mustang was a runaway success, the Falcon was a sales winner in the compact market, and the company also offered some pretty impressive performance cars as well. Cars like this 1967 Ford Galaxie 500. Beneath that unassuming exterior resides enough muscle to keep anyone happy, and now is your chance to secure a pretty special car. Located in Syracuse, New York, you will find the Galaxie listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding is currently sitting at $25,200, and the reserve has been met.

Exterior photos of the Galaxie are limited to two shots, and this is the second of those. This is the giveaway that this car is something special. Before we get to the beating heart of the beast, we need to really look at the physical condition of the vehicle. The owner says that the car has lived indoors most of its life and that it has absolutely no rust in it. He is happy to admit that it would probably benefit from a repaint (it has had one at some point in the past), but I would be inclined to have a close look at it in the hard light of day before I made that decision.

This is also as close as we get to a look at the interior. These are the sorts of listings that are designed to frustrate almost anyone because we get tantalizing glimpses of the car, but little in the way of hard images. It appears that the interior may be finished in black, and the owner rates its condition as a 9-out-of-10. So, no rust and a good interior. Can it get any better?

Well actually, it can get better. This is a numbers-matching car, and under the hood is an R-Code 427ci V8, backed by a 4-speed manual transmission. With 425hp on tap, performance figures for the Galaxie were staggering at the time, and still stack up well today. An R-Code Galaxie was capable of sprinting from 0-60mph in around 5 seconds and could storm through the ¼ mile in 13.3 seconds. The owner says that everything is original, right down to the carburetors. He also says that the car is in good mechanical health, and he would have no hesitation in driving it across the country as it stands today. He also holds a Marti report verifying the car’s authenticity. I’ve also taken the opportunity of checking with the 427 Galaxie Registry, and have been able to confirm that in this final year of production, only 89 of the 427-equipped cars rolled off the production line. Of these, they now only hold records for 18 cars that are known to exist today. This is one of those cars.

There is no doubt that this Galaxie 500 is a pretty special car, and its rarity seems to be without question. It has all of the documentary evidence to back its claims, and I will seriously envy the person who becomes the car’s next owner. Will it be you?


  1. Danger Dan

    If I could only have one car this could be it

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    • Johnny Joseph

      Uhmmm Adam, I don’t believe that the reserve has been met yet. Not by a long shot. Picture #6 shows a 1966 R Code that sold at Barrett Jackson for $275,000, so I’m kinda guessing that he’s not going to settle for a 10th of that when he says, IN ALL CAPS, that the 66 is not as valuable as the 67. No, his reserve is probably six figures. And he will get it. Or damn close. The one in the picture sold at Mecum for $98,000. And someone ripped it.

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      • Dave Mazz

        The bidding is now up to $39,101, and four days are still left, so the “reserve has been met” doesn’t mean much now…

        Maybe the seller left off a right-side zero?

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  2. Nevada1/2rack Nevadahalfrack Member

    Waaaay cool sleeper! Innocuous in appearance and the heart of a hooligan underneath; our family ‘66 LTD had a 390 ci that surprised more than a few pseudo “hot dogs” in town.

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    • Gnrdude

      Yeah I’ve Heard those 390’s are REALLY Runners never had one but everybody says they are Powerful…

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      • The Crow Flies In Square Circles

        I daily drive a ’66 Thunderbird with a 390. It’s the base model engine, which had about 290 hp, but one of the previous owners swapped the carburetor for a 4-barrel so it would make a bit more power. The three-speed automatic decreases performance a bit, but it definitely ain’t slow. Sounds pretty good, too.

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  3. Matt steele

    It checks all the boxes.. could go well past 25,000..I like it and I’m a Chevy fan ..the R code 427 is one of my top 5 favorites ( 427,427,426,428,429….hmm 3 of these are fords only 1 a Chevy…I’m conflicted)

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    • Gary LUCAS

      My best friend has a 65 R code all numbers matching. Even has the pyrex headlight covers on it . Its not on the registry either .

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  4. Grumpy

    390 cars were dogs…..my little 327 ’66 corvette sucked their headlights out….mustang, fairlane….etc….

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    • stillrunners

      That’s a good comparison……..

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  5. Flmikey

    Until today, I never knew the 427 could be had in a 67…could it be had in a 66?

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    • Nevada1/2rack Nevadahalfrack Member

      Yes, if you bought 1 of the 57 special Fairlane 500’s for $4,104, of which $1,750 was for the engine and accompanying upgrades to chassis/brakes/other race engineered parts. It was built to take on GM and MoPar even though they all “agreed” to get out of racing..
      And they say POLITICIANS are unscrupulous!

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      • Hunter

        I own a 67 ford galaxie hard top 2 door with a 390 cobra motor.

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    • Richard Wilder

      427 R-code came out mid 63 in the 1963 1/2 Galaxie. After that was available in several models as an option including Fairlane’s, Galaxie’s, Custom’s and others. Yes it could be “had” in a 66. 1967 was probably the last year it was available, with the 428 being the replacement starting in 1966 listed as a “7 Litre” Although not as desirable as the 427, the 428 was the last of FE series engines.

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      • DAVID6

        i have a running 631/2 427
        service block c3aeh
        c3ae heads & 6 pac

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      • Tucker Callan

        Mercury had a W code in `68. The only FoMoCo w/side oiler in `68.

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  6. sir mike

    Wish this was a 1964….my favorite R code Galaxie…good luck seller and new care taker.

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  7. Mike

    Does anyone on here, know the going rate for a kidney? I’ve got two…really only need one…

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    • Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

      I need both my kidneys.

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    • Frank

      I’ll take a liver. 0+ blood type…You will not loose, it grows back.

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  8. angliagt angliagt Member

    I always thought that this was the best looking year.
    There’s a repair shop here in Roanoke,that has 3-4 of them –

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    • JD

      63.5 was best looking Galaxy ever……was avail with a 406

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  9. Kenneth Carney

    Muscle and comfort, all wrapped up in one gorgeous package. The person that ordered this car knew exactly what he or she wanted when it came to their first new car purchase. The only real thing that concerns me is the rear half of the frame on these cars and how it tends to rust behind the rear suspension, causing the car to wind up being scrapped. Other than inspecting the frame, I’d change the fluids, put the 427 back in hot tune, put on some hubcaps, and let Sis and her fiance drive me around in it. One thing’s certain, you’ll pass everything but a gas station!

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  10. Troy s

    Only 18 left out of 89, I have a feeling most of those 427’s were yanked and installed in other machines…probably lighter bodies. This rare beast of a car would’ve been fairly expensive with that set up and definitely catered to a certain type of new car buyer…brutal car but such a thrill!

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  11. Bubb

    Oh so sweet I would love to have this car parked in my garage!!!

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  12. Gaspumpchas

    As Kenneth said, do check that frame especially in a new yawk car. This is one bad@$$ galaxie. In the Hudson Valley of NY these had the frames rust out and break in a couple years. caveat Emptor- the seller says this is a ‘legit High Dollar car”. Sounds like the BJ syndrome. This is a rare survivor for sure!! Good luck to the new owner!

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  13. Karl

    I am a full blown Chevy guy but this old Ford is one that would sure be interesting to own for a couple years. I love learning new things and to work on this car would certainly teach a person a whole lot, and I dont just mean about the engine etc. but more about the thinking behind it and what was it place in life? Very neat car, the seller deserves to do very well with it!!

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  14. Steve S

    This Galaxy would be fun to own and drive with this engine and transmission and it would also be fun if it had any 428 and 429 with the 4 speed manual transmission also

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  15. David

    This is a special car, certainly out of reach for me….this one is a non XL trim which I prefer. My 67non XL galaxie was a convertible and a 20-footer, in need of torque boxes and rails, which I did “repair” but a 390 4 speed. I was a 20 something at time, and miss it dearly today; drove it for 3-4 years. Sold it to a dealer for a bargain in todays money. I kept the owners manual…yes a 427 8V 4SP could be had. Way too much motor.

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  16. 86_Vette_Convertible

    If that car started in Iowa, I know it’s former owner. One of my HS classmates bought one just like that: Red on Red 67 Galaxy with a 427 and 4 speed our senior year of HS, I don’t remember if his had a single or dual 4 bbls on it as he seldom lifted the hood. That thing was an absolute beast, I’ve seen Art break the rear tires loose in 3d gear. There were only 2 things not to love about it. It couldn’t get past a gas pump and it was a bear to parallel park, otherwise it was love at first sight for a HS senior. Never drove Art’s but I did get to ride in it, that was something you had to pinch yourself to realize you were awake.
    Unfortunately Art isn’t with us, he passed at an early age and I don’t know what happened to his Galaxy.
    We had several classmates with Hipo cars in HS, ranging from this, SS Camaro’s, SS Impalas, Cudas, Chevelles and several others. Add a shop teacher that drove a 40 (or there abouts) Ford pickup and you were in automotive heaven, and this was in a farming town.

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    • 86_Vette_Convertible

      PS I know the picture looks to be a black interior but that could have been changed out. I know Art wasn’t that crazy about all the red so it’s possible he did something after school.

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  17. Ted

    Numbers be damned, cool car but this is another seller that can’t be bothered to post decent photos and isn’t smart enough to tell the difference between an R code Galaxie and a Fairlane.

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  18. 8banger Dave Mika Member

    I would love to stuff an R-code in this little project of mine – a factory 390 4-speed 63 1/2…original Rangoon Red…

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    • Gaspumpchas

      That 63 1/2 is a thing of beauty, Dave, Good luck with it. Had one just like it, built with a 352 auto, I switched it over to a 390 4 speed. Had a lot of fun with it and drove it for years!!
      Happy motoring!!


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    • Lance Nord


      I’ve had two 63’s… one was a 63.5 with 390… it was amazing how quick you could make that big boat with some performance aftermarket accessories, a shift kit and a set of 4.11 gears. Good times…

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    • DAVID6

      😲I have a 63 1/2 427 complete running service
      block, from a 631/2 galaxy
      C3AE-6090C, head’s
      C3AE-6015H, block
      6 pack complete with air
      cleaner, also complete scj

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    • DAVID6

      i have a 63 1/2 running 427
      service block, c3ae-h & c3ae head’s & 6 pack it
      didn’ come with this engine
      the engine came out of a
      galvert, father son project
      kid took out first time &
      front slammed it 1 hr latter
      david (310)(906(5887)

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  19. 8banger Dave Mika Member

    Thanks GPC!

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  20. Chris

    This is the kind of thing that we wait to see on this site! One hell of a car! and as was mentioned, this is a six figure muscle car. I’m curious to hear the history of it.

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  21. McQ

    Haven’t seen commentary noting that the ‘66 R Code referenced in the ebay listing is actually a FAIRLANE. Yes, 275K for 1 of 57 special built ‘66 FAIRLANE 427’s that Navadahalfrack referred to. This ‘67 is a fantastic Galaxie. But not as valuable as an R or W code ‘66/‘67 Fairlane.

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  22. 71Boss351

    The 427 motor was available in 1967 in a Fairlane but I think the ads Ford during the day this engine option was not intended for highway or general passenger use. The Galaxie 500 is larger and much heavier than a Fairlane so it isn’t the same as to collector value.

    Yes it is rare, however, it doesn’t translate to top dollar for this Ford.

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    • Nevada1/2rack Nevadahalfrack Member

      But I still wouldn’t push it outta my driveway!👍🏻

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  23. George mattar

    Crappy photos for such a valuable car. I lived in upstate New York north of Albany for years. It is salt city. Check the underneath.

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  24. Pete

    I had both a ’69 390 Mercury Monterey and a ’67 “396” (punched .30) – my 325+ horse 396 SS Impala was better than the Monterey, but the Merc wasn’t any slouch either. Ppl who poo-poo the 390 are incorrect, imho. Both those engines ginned up a LOT of torque.

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    • Ted

      Problem with the 390 was torque aside it was probably the thirstiest V8 ever screwed together with the exception of the 360. 40 years ago guys still got p.o.’ed over lousy mileage.

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      • scottymac

        I can say with certainty that a Buick 455 pulling around a ’73 boattail Riviera could challenge for that title. I think my car has a 3.08:1 axle; hate to think what the Gran Sport guys with 3.42 gears get.

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  25. DAVID6

    i have 68 f250 camper spec 390 i drove
    it like it was a rocket it gave up the goast
    comeing back from san anofre 4 3 mo
    back in the 70s on the ortega highwsy
    pedal 2 the metal everyday oil pump
    shaft rounded, but it never stopped no
    pressure, didn’t seize ? clean 30wt valveoline high milage, made it home
    65mph ot highway & grand ave. but it
    never turned over again, next morning
    no turnover that said 1970 dove 429 &
    c6 2800 stall all new 3109065887

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  26. z28th1s

    If only I could hit the lotto! This would be my first purchase!

    I had a black ’67 non-XL Galaxie 500 in the early 2000’s. It was a factory 390-4V with a bench seat and 4 speed trans. It only had 42K original miles.

    I really miss that car.

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  27. W9BAG

    This is similar to the one that Jay Leno has. If you’ve never seen the video, you owe yourself to watch it. Of course he has the money to “do it right”, but this ’67 is the one we as car enthusiasts, all admire, and wish we had the means to “do it right”. A great amount of Jay’s humor. Enjoy !


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  28. Tucker Callan

    What about the Cougar GT-E, and other cats with a W code side oiler?

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  29. TRYGVE Bey

    I thought Ford & Chevy both dropped their 427’s HP from 425 to 385/390 in 1966. Maybe that was 1968. I kind of think a 427 in 1966,67 was extra special other than in a 66, 67 Farelane GT/GTA. There was some ins. dookey starting up around then. Just something to try to remember.

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  30. randy wiggins

    Actually the 427 started in 1963. The car was the “box top” 427 r code..These are very very rare with less thank 50 produced..Perhaps six left..They preceeded the 1963-1/2 r code..Good luck finding one..

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