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Sand Beige Survivor: 1967 Porsche 912

For years, the Porsche 912 wasn’t exactly coveted after. Like a Targa model or anything equipped with Tiptronic, the 912 just wasn’t the car enthusiasts pined for. However, that’s all changed as the prices for long-hood 911s have spiked, but there’s another reason – in my opinion – that the 912 has begun to grow in its appeal, and I’ll get into that below. This 912 wears very pretty Sand Beige paint and is listed here on eBay with bids to $25,100 and no reserve.

This 912 is just beautiful, with a very OEM-correct appearance owing to the little details being correct: the factory hubcaps, chrome exhaust tip, bumperettes – everything that should be here is accounted for. The color is just terrific, and while there may have been a time when tan wasn’t exactly in style, those days are gone – this is a very popular look and one that is entirely period-correct.

The interior is in beautiful shape and while there may be a “2” at the end of the model number, this is still all 911 inside. The dashboard design is one of the best in the business and instantly recognizable as a Porsche product. It also comes with a Blaupunkt stereo, radio antenna, wood-rimmed steering wheel, and a sought-after talbot mirror on the fender. No mention if any of the interior has been restored or replaced, but it could be original given how nice the exterior is.

The engine is numbers-matching and the under-hood compartment quite clean. Now, about that 912 desirability factor: in an era wherein the 911 has become decidedly larger than its forebears, the dainty, de-spoilered shape of the 912 is a reminder as to what the 911 was before it became a borderline mass-produced sports car. This is the purest form of an air-cooled Porsche, and I’m sure the next owner will be thrilled to own this 912 regardless of the modest difference in horsepower.


  1. Doone

    Very nice affordable entry into Porscheworld even with the tiptronic. However, it could be the light, IMO there appears to be fresher paint along the right rear fender of the car, and the front left fender. It may be nothing more than just fresh paint or replacement fenders.

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    • Frank Barrett Member

      Doesn’t have Tiptronic.

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    • Greg in Texas

      I’m not in PorsheWorld but the earliest triptonic was exclusively on 6cyl boxer, no? I never heard of it on the 4 cylinder. It lacks the torque for a fast slip clutch perhaps? And the 912 price point was for buyers without big bank accounts. Someone who could afford more than a bug, but not quite in the ‘BMW Mercedes’ bank account marketing target group. I see upvotes so I could be wrong. If it had triptonic, and not enough torque from carbs slightly out of tune etc, it would be a problem at inception, no? The modern tiny engines with ‘paddle shifter’ have fuel injection and CDI ignition with transmission shifting solenoids obeying a computer. So they can pull it off. But even then it’s a maintenance gimmick nightmare later on. Never been a fan of things that can be accidentally pushed or pulled on the steering wheel that reports to the drivetrain. Some disaster potential at any time under way doing something accidentally. Garbage really.

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      • Euromoto Member

        Well, good thing we don’t have to worry about any of that with this submission because, as Frank Barrett said, this doesn’t have Tiptronic.

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  2. Jack Quantrill

    Way back, I bid $912 for one like this at a U.S. Customs auction. It went for $2200. Those were the days.

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  3. Malcolm Boyes

    There are many Porsche fans and owners who disgaree that the 912 is a lesser 911. I has only 20 less horsepower than the lowest level 911 and is 200 pounds lighter than the 911. And the 911 carries that extrra weight in its tail making it much more tail happy than the nimble 912. If you put a big bore kit (1720) on a 912 engine it will have more oomph than the early 911. I inherited my late wife’s 912, 5 speed and it can cruise alll day at 80 plus and get up to 35 MPG≥.built like a rock and so reliable/….it was her daily driver for 25 years! I have a big bore 912 motor in my 56 A and that flies!

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    • Greg in Texas

      Not to mention there are ways to fuel inject with CDI ignition that adds a little horsepower, but helps the engine life by steady delivery of correct blend of air and fuel using math and science. Anytime mods are entertained, instead of boring it out etc, look into fuel injection and CDI ignition. Especially if you just rebuilt the engine. I wouldn’t myself go ‘big bore’. Only enough ‘over’ to get all cylinders same size, weight and compression. Air cooled motors benefit greatly by perfect balance and perfect fuel delivery.

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  4. Chris Bligh

    Great car at a great price…currently!
    See where it goes.
    I must be blind as I can’t see where the car is located.

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  5. Frank Barrett Member

    Rust is the key. Not much in the way of undercarriage photos here, but what can be seen looks solid. Amazingly authentic. Final price should be much higher. Could be a real bargain.

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  6. Pete

    This seems like an honest car except for the two areas mentioned previously. That engine bay is sure clean. Not hosed down with armoral

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