Rare Spec: 1958 Porsche 356A Reutter Coupe!

Up for sale is an Auratium Green 1958 Porsche 356A 1600 Reutter Coupe. While the VIN plates photos are hard to read, we at least get to see it and the seller has a Porsche Production Specifications sheet. This rusty Porsche and accompanying parts are located in Cleveland, Ohio and have a current bid price of $20,000. You can view this massive project here on eBay.

While the car is not original in the engine bay, it does have a 1600 engine paired to a numbers matching transmission that fits the original time frame. They do not say if it turns over, but they do say it rolls and maneuvers well enough to move the car. The odometer, while out of the car, does show 97,000 miles that have been covered. It had a healthy start before it was stored away in the barn all those years ago.

Inside is where the true rarity of the car comes forth. It is installed from factory with a bench seat up front. While there does not seem to be much left of it, there is enough to start restoring it back to the suave gray interior that it used to be. There will be lots of sheet metal needed to patch the floors and other areas of the car before any cosmetic or mechanical work can begin.

Thankfully, there are a handful of parts that come with the purchase of the car. If you do decide to start restoring it, you won’t have to worry about much disassembly. Although knowing specifically what you have in inventory might be slightly difficult. In this day and age of Porsche pinnacle prowess, it should not be hard to source parts and knowledge to get this little sports car back on the road.


  1. Sandy Claws

    Hmmm, 20K opening bid and who knows how far up it will go. Then add in the better part of 100K to restore, not for the burger and fry crowd, thats for sure. This will end up in some rich dudes vast collection. I would rather spend a quarter of what this will cost and have a great looking and wonderful driver, though it will not have the snob appeal……and I guess that is important to some folks. I don’t need a fancy car to prove my worth as a man.

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    • Nate

      Opening bid was $1000. A lot of people are seeing value in this car…

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      • Sandy Claws

        Okay, I stand corrected, but the “current bid” is 20K, prob a lot more now. Did you look at the EBay listing? This car was fully stripped and abandoned a great long time ago. Where are you going to find all those missing pieces? I stand by my original statement, this is going to go to someone who has so much money, they do not care about practicality. Am I railing against great wealth? Not here, not today; but even the wealthy have to pay attention to return on investment, don’t they? Maybe there are people with so much money, it begins to lose meaning to them, it becomes an abstract idea, something to laugh about over tea and crumpets.

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      • George


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  2. Jf85tr99@gmail.com

    The first thing i though when i saw this one, and the one from a few days ago…..or for that matter any of the crusty 50’s-70’s 356/911 corpses that are popping up on a almost on a daily basis now that their values are skyrocketing. Is…the buyer probably bit off most of their finger nails seeing the car loaded up on a trailer hoping it wouldnt split in two..


  3. bobhess bobhess Member

    If it wasn’t an A series I wouldn’t take a second look at it. Don’t have time for it now but we did tackle a ’57 Speedster that looked like that ’62 B further down and it turned out to be a profitable venture and we saved a rare car. There are folks who can save this one too.

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  4. Jack Quantrill

    Color, is more like “Romanian Rust”!

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  5. Tom

    Up to 22+ now and they’re not done
    Sorry, but that’s just crazy.

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    • 36 Packard

      Not crazy, just old fashioned rich. Some people do not have to count pennies like most people do, money means nothing to them

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  6. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    It may not be worth what gets put into it, but the group that puts this thing back to roadworthy will truly be artists.

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  7. Graham Line

    Might be an OK deal if you need the shell and pan, but have already parted out a half-dozen 356A cars and saved the pieces. Assuming the pan is good.

  8. John

    I sat in many of these at Shakespeare Motors in Danville, IL when I was a kid. I loved them the, I love them now. I can’t afford them anymore now than I couldn’t age 10.

    Just out of curiosity, where would one begin to look for window glass for a car like this?

    • Sandy Claws

      In your dreams…….thats the only place to find that.

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    • Dan Mar

      I have seen this an other classic cars have their windshield made by cutting/trimming from another wind shield glass. I forget what one would be used, but what the installer has to use one of a similar curvature.
      The guys on Wheeler Dealer did something similar to what I am talking about, recently.

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