Rare Yenko? One-of-a-Kind 1986 Yenko ‘Vette

Not what you were expecting, is it? Me either! Reader Eric H. sent us a link to a “1980s Yenko ‘Vette” and I didn’t know what to expect. A Yenko Chevette was nowhere on my list of possible things this ad might be for, yet here we are! If Don Yenko made a Chevette, I have to say that would be pretty cool. Even if it is a Chevette. As these little cars go, custom work aside this appears to be a pretty clean and original Chevette, though there are only two photos provided. The seller is asking $800, and although I don’t exactly know what the going rate for Chevettes is these days, I do know that the going rate for running cars is about $1,000 most places. By that logic, this car is probably a good deal! Plus it’s a Yenko! There is little to no information provided in this ad for this unique automobile, and I will provide you with the link to it even though the entire ad reads “Classic car need gone! Price firm! Runs good.”

This baby Chevrolet appears to be wearing its original hubcaps, and from the pictures provided appears to be in decent cosmetic condition. The slick “hotrod black” paint job makes it difficult to see if there is any rust, however it makes it easy to see that there aren’t any obvious dents! The Yenko graphics are surprisingly well executed, and pretty accurate as far as reproduction graphics go. Though I would like to see it in person before I judge, they look decently well done. I’d be interested to know if they are vinyl or paint. I’m a sucker for goofy little cars, and I’m not afraid to admit it. I once owned an AMC Eagle with a zebra-print headliner and a miniature disco ball, and that car was nothing but good times and laughs, regardless of how comical it was aesthetically. In fact, these are the types of cars most non-car people remember fondly from their youth, because they were fun for reasons nobody can explain. For $800, this rare Yenko Chevette could be yours, or worse, mine! I’m pretty sure the seller will get what they are asking for it, and I have no doubt that somebody will make a boatload of good memories in it. Would you keep the Yenko graphics? Or steer clear of the car altogether?

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  1. FourBarrelCarburetor

    These are very rare Chevette’s…

    Came with a left over parts bin 1968 327 4bbl with 360 horsepower !

    These ran high 11’s with street slicks and a 3 speed auto with 2.73 gearing and a 207 mph top speed and because of the 2.73’s they got 38 mpg !!!!

    True ! Well,a non car guy would believe that lol..

    65 h.p 1.6 0-60 18 seconds 1/4 mile 22 seconds and 38 mpg ! Top speed less than 100 unless you have 300 mile straight away with a few down hill slopes !

  2. Dutch 1960

    Looks like a good candidate for the legendary big block Caddy engine conversion of many moons ago. Give the graphics some beef to go with them.

    • King Al

      Finally, a vintage econo car with a sharp look and a reasonable asking price.

  3. Rustytech Member

    Somebody had a vivid imagination! Good little Eco boxes, but Yenko? Really? It looks like there is some rust low on the passenger side behind the door. Cheap enough to have possibilities though.

  4. Paul P

    Is this a Yenko Deuce? As in dropped a…

  5. Jay M

    Yenko? Someone has a sense of humor!

    Ah the pinnacle of automotive perfection known as the Chevette…
    With the crisp handling usually only found in old Wal-Mart shopping carts, the thrilling acceleration of a glacier, and the swoopy aerodynamics of a breadbox…
    You would have to be nuttier than squirrel turds to want one.

    • Radio Rick

      My choice for the slowest accelerating automobile the diesel Chevette

      • Brian

        Have you ever driven a VW Vanagon diesel (non-Turbo) ?

      • XYZOL

        Crisp handling? Crispy might be the right word ;)

  6. Mountainwoodie

    Classic car! Hahahahah. We have become a very inclusive hobbyt!

  7. Joe

    Yank-o would be a bit more accurate! LOL

    • LAB3


    • JBD

      Weird Al Yenko-Vette

  8. Steve R

    Park it at the local car show or cruise, then walk away. I bet it would attract enough attention to drive some attendees crazy.

    Steve R

  9. jake

    Gotta love it….definitely, park right by the car show and see what happens, lol!!!!

  10. Alfie

    The body tells me this is a ’80-’82 Chevette with a ’86+ hatch.

  11. Howard A Member

    Go ahead and laugh, the Chevette was one of the most successful cars, selling over 2.8 million units in it’s 12 year run, and another 7 MILLION worldwide as variants. I can find no proof of a “Yenko Chevette”. Vega, yes, Corvair, yes, but no Chevette. It’s amazing, out of the almost 3 million Chevette’s made, only a handful remain. Just shows, we, as American’s, killed these small cars at a horrific rate. They were never meant to cross the desert a thousand times, although, I’m sure, many did. Great find, and price. I’m looking for a little “gas sipper”, and an American one,( these got 30-35 all day) under a grand, would seal the deal. I’d sure buy it.

  12. David montanbeau

    Probably flip the air cleaner lid for that air rushing sound when you floored it from the light. LOL

  13. David montanbeau

    This would be a Yenko if he was still making convertions. A 572 big block with the 13in tires.

  14. irocrob

    Lots of fun for 800 bucks. Every other house had a Chevette in there driveway 25 years ago.

  15. Peppy

    Over 14 years I owned 17 Chevettes. First one was a 76, latest an 84. Folks would call me up to ask if I wanted their dead Chevette. At one time every member of my family drove one. While durability was not a strong suit they were simple. I could swap out a master cylinder in 20 minutes and do a clutch in one evening, alone. The last one rolled out of here in 1992 along with 3 pickup truck loads of parts. Theres still a 78 grill around somewhere. Yes the Chevette diesel was slow but 55mpg was hard to beat.

    • Keith

      I honestly can’t believe you’ve owned 17 Chevettes….I mean Chevettes! Seriously!? Chevettes! It’s obvious you don’t hold much to “refinement”

      Like 1
  16. Jerrod

    Don Yenko sold the dealership in 1982 and the last custom car he made was in 1981.


  17. Lynn Barnes

    Needs a stock looking 427 and keep the Yenko graphics.

  18. Chino tumbao

    What an insult to the Yenko name! I am sure others will agree with me that “Junko” would be a more appropriate name.

  19. Doug

    I might buy this and park it in my garage next to my Boss Pinto.

    • Tom Member

      …….if this were a Boss it would be a Boss 30 #2 !

      What must the S/C stand for…… HMMM???? Super Crappy…. Sleeper Chevette …..Sh– Box, oh, no that would be S/B..OK I’m done.

  20. Scott

    A friend of mine bought new a very similar car back around 1980. His a Dad was a GM exec and he knew about the legendary secret GM ordering codes. He was able to get upgrades in the rear end, suspension and a few other pieces, almost a ‘copo’ Chevette. His also had the ‘copo’ pie pan hubcaps. Despite the valiant effort studying the GM code book, the car was still fat and slow. But he loved it and we enjoyed laughing at him with his 70 hp turd. Ah the 80s ….

  21. steve..

    So if you drop the “Class” from “Classic” you get…”ic” And that pretty much sums it up…

  22. JJS

    Among the Chevette’s weaknesses (there were many), weak valve springs was the worst. Not unusual to have to replace them by 50M miles.

  23. Bradley Clark

    No way. I don’t believe it. This is bad info.

  24. Stu

    Because of my mounting medical bills, I’m forced to sell my 4-wheel Yenko mobility scooter. She’ll do 0-8 mph in 2.5 seconds and go 18 miles on a single charge.

  25. Jeffrey Platt

    I have a beautiful custom 2002 Shelby Focus Wagon for only $200!

  26. Mike Williams

    The worst seat I ever sat in and only got 27 mpg.but then I only paid $100 for it.

  27. Bubba Smith

    I had several of these in high school and college. Never paid more then $1500 for them and always got my money’s worth. They were great little cars, I have never seen a Yenko but did have an SS Chevette…it was a black 5 speed 2 door sincerely wish I had kept it.

  28. Wayne

    I had a rental Vega (my daily driver was rear ended) that was replaced by a Chevette ( brand new) because of the miles I was racking up. It was a little more entertaining in the handling dept. But was not a terrible driver. When they would come in for service. We would place bets on one or two rear coil springs falling out when going up on the lift. It was 50/50 one ore both.

  29. 64 bonneville

    Yenko Stinker?

  30. Keith

    Anyone wanna build a Shelby SVT Cobra California Special High Country Pinto GT with me? Come on, it’ll be fun!

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Keith, THAT would be cool :-) (tongue in cheek, but I’d sure drive the heck out of it!)

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