Ratted Out: Custom 1965 Ford Truck

'65 Ford pu rod

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Are you looking for an unusual sub-$6K driver?  Listed here on craigslist St. Louis, Missouri and parked in Pilot Knob is this 1965 Ford Ratrod turck priced at $5,200.

'65 Ford pu rod interior

This ad only has six word. Part one:  “Mustang stroker motor”.  There’s no under hood photos though.

'65 Ford pu rod dash

The second part of the ad: “Very Dependable”.  We do like rides that are dependable.

'65 Ford pu rod front

The third part of the ad:  “Clean”.  When you put this all together you have:  “Mustang stroker motor.  Very Dependable.  Clean.”  If you wish to know when this ’65 was customized, the year model of the engine and/or see other images please contact Ray the seller.  With this build it appears you are all set for a cruise in a one-of-a-kind ’65 Ford pickup!  No work needed, more time for fun?


Auctions Ending Soon


  1. jim s

    are those chevy/gmc fenders on that ford truck? they would have to go! needs a PI then an offer. looks like a lot more truck for the money then the last few trucks that have been posted on this site. interesting find.

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  2. Todd Zuercher

    Yuck – who wants late ’50s GM fenders on a Ford truck? Reminds of the ’72 Ford F100 I saw this morning on my walk with an ’88-newer GMC step side bed on it. Absolutely awful.

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  3. Jason Houston

    Looks like some drug-fried customizer had a whack at it. Six grand? NO WAY. It’s a $600 parts car, if that. YUK is right.

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      You really need to share your source for classic cars, because if your evaluations are based on real life I want in on some of that action.

      Where I’m from 6 bills wouldn’t get you the seats out of this truck.

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  4. fred

    Looks to me like you could have a decent truck just by putting the correct bed on it. They do call it a rat rod.

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    • Jason Houston

      Sorry, I call it a parts car (same thing).

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  5. Paul R

    Caddy steering wheel. Brake pedal out of a Caddy also?

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  6. RON

    come on guys if it is dependable it is probably due tothe slight pieces of gm!!! unless it is sub-framed the 57-67 ford trucks were the all time worse driving and handlng ford trucks ever

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  7. Gary I

    Since the pics don’t show much of importance ( drive train and undercarriage) it’s hard to tell what your options are. At $5,200 I guess you would be OK to goof around in it on the cheap since a nice truck would be $15000+

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  8. Gary I

    Since the pics don’t show much of importance ( drive train and undercarriage) it’s hard to tell what your options are. At $5,200.00 I guess you would be OK to goof around in it on the cheap since a nice truck would $15000+

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  9. Paul R

    Johnny Cash Pickup….”Got it one piece at a time” !

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  10. randy

    Easily worth the money as a daily driver. As long as the description is correct.

    Lose the fenders for sure.

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  11. HoA Howard AMember

    I’d bet the owner is a retired truck driver. The aluminum saddle tank(s), the “twin chimney’s, the chrome “Signal-Stat 900” turn signal. I like it. Who cares if it has Chevy fenders, it looks great. I bet a lot of work went into this, and it probably is a great cruiser.

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  12. JW

    If he’s not lying and is dependable and frame is rust free than another FORD bed would make for a nice driver. 5K tops.

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  13. Donnie

    I like it and think it looks to good to be called a rat rod more of a custom

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  14. Mark S

    It is just one mans impression of a custom the price seems fair and when you get it home you change it in what ever way you want. For the price it is a good start, for me I’d lose the stuff on the back and seek out a Ford step side bed.

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  15. Brakeservo

    New years resolution – Never ever use the words rat rod, barn find or patina again . . . unless they truly apply!

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    • Jason Houston

      And if all else fails, just call it JUNK.

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  16. Steve

    Any town that has the word “knob” in their name = internet gold.

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  17. Mark E

    Don’t be so hard on the owner. After all, he put his lifetime collection of JC Whitney parts into this…thing!

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    • Jason Houston

      Right – or, an exercise in spending money

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  18. John

    Talk is cheap. All you haters- show us your customs, please. Otherwise shut up.

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  19. Jason Houston

    Scratch that – don’t show us any “customs”, please.

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