READER AD: 1962 Pontiac Grand Prix Tri-Power

What Makes It Special? I’m the second owner of this “Special Ordered” 1962 Pontiac Grand Prix. It is documented with PHS information. It has the factory original Tri-Power 389 cid V8, which was rebuilt, with factory air cleaner, 4-speed with console shifter, air-conditioning, bucket seats, power antenna, power windows, 8-Lug wheels & rare black vinyl top (which is mostly gone). It has a black interior and the exterior is Belmar Red. The car has Black California plates and has lived its whole life in California.

Body Condition: The body is mostly straight, but the driver’s side front fender has been removed, straightened and primered. It had a dent and was repaired, no rust was found. However, the car had a hitch on the back and was used to launch a boat. So with that said, there is rust in the trunk, bumper and rear panel. All which is repairable. Some additional rust in corner of the doors. Vinyl top needs major attention.

Mechanical Condition: Was told the engine was rebuilt approximately 6 years ago. I had the Tri-Power Carbs rebuilt 2-years ago. However, the car has been sitting since and is filed on a Non-Op.

Seller’s Listing: Here on OFFER-UP

  • Asking Price: $22,000
  • Location: Los Alamitos, California
  • Mileage: 39,574
  • Title Status: Clean
  • VIN: 962P8502

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  1. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Almost a twin to this one on CL near Dallas and he’s been asking $9000.

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    • Jon K

      The GP on the Dallas CL is a automatic,no comparison.

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      • Per Johanson

        But $11k worth?

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      • stillrunners stillrunners Member

        Yep it’s an auto Bonnieville with PHS docs BUT not the rust repairs that Cali car has.


    No engine pics?

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    • Bing

      I had a 62 back in 66 or so. Black with red interior, 4 bbl. and an automatic. Had the mag wheels and all the options including a factory tach. Even back then, they were fairly rare.
      Too young and too dumb to appreciate what I had I traded it in at a dealer for a 67 SS Impala. Sold that 18 months later when I returned to college.
      One thing I do remember about the 62 GP. The 8 lug mag wheels confounded some of the rural garages. Their tire changers and balancing equipment would not accommodate the wheels.
      Price does seem a little high, but the engine and tranny set up makes it pretty rare.
      Also, given the age, and forget the mileage, every piece of rubber in the car needs replacing, belts, hoses, suspension, everything. Entire brake system as well.

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      • Johnny Joseph

        That shifter looks an awful lot like the stick out of the Corvette from that period. And I’ve seen it done more than once.

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      • David kirschnick Member

        If by chance you frequent any car shows . You won’t find many if at all 62 Grand Prix. I believe as mentioned by another here that it’s the best of the body styles from Pontiac. Ima die hard GTO guy but it’s my favorite. With the 421 and trips this car will get it done.
        Cats were everywhere Bonnie s too but not GP,s

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      • JOHN Member

        Regarding the 8 lug wheels, the factory provided an insert that was cut to fit precisely around each of the 8 lug holes, it had a small enter hole to allow them to be used on tire machines and balancers. If the shops were confounded, the vehicle owner never provided or mentioned the adaptor. If the shop was still confounded, I’m not so sure I would have trusted them for any repairs!

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  3. JBP

    Nice projekt, but 22,000$$ get real.

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  4. local_sheriff

    IMO best looking Poncho design ever, 1st owner checked off all boxes I would have done apart from the vinyl top should I have access to a time machine. I’d be willing to offer seller what it cost new in 62 any day…

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    • Johnny Joseph

      Hey local_, Though I will give you the one year only design on the 62 Prix is a phenomenal one, I am of the opinion that when John DeLorean became the head man at the Pontiac division, his 1969 GP, in its homage to the Duesenbergs of a time gone by, is The Best Poncho design. But I don’t want to start any trouble. I think that Pontiac was the best division in the GM lineup, period! And that includes the great and mighty Cadillac. They had tons more style than Chevy, and they were just… what’s the word I’m looking for… AWESOME! GM truly screwed the pooch when they trashed Pontiac. Look at what is going on now with the horse power wars and the new normal being 500+ hp. Can you begin to imagine what the Pontiac people would be doing now? And I mean REAL Pontiac. Not Holden, or Chevyiac. A REAL 2020 GTO. The mind races…

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      • Mood O

        Completely agree Johnny!
        The General started to lose me when they begged for our (public) money for the bailout in ’08, but when they pulled the plug on the Pontiac nameplate. That was it!
        My dream car is still a ’62 GP or Catalina super duty(clone) cant afford a real one… lol
        Took my drivers exam in Moms ’66 Bonneville 4 door hard top Brougham in 1974
        Have a ’64 Lemans convertible in the garage right now(455 w/700r4) but always keeping an eye out for the Big Poncho!

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      • local_sheriff

        Well Johnny, it’s important that we all have our favorites and diversity is what makes the car hobby so interesting. I’m just happy we true car guys can focus on other vehicles than Corvettes, Camaros, Mustangs or Chargers ‘cuz history has given us so many way other just as fascinating designs

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  5. Per Johanson

    Love that car but why does it say it was posted 2years ago in Cars and Trucks? Someone flipping it?

  6. racer417

    Never seen a ’62 GP with a vinyl top. And I’ve been around since well before ’62 :-) . That said, with or without a vinyl top, this is a very rare car. Hope someone dooes a full resto, not a resto-mod.

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    • JOHN Member

      The vinyl top first appeared on a Cadillac in the mid-50’s, but GM introduced them on their full-sized cars like this in 1962. If you look at the top, it was stamped with creases to mimic the bows of a convertible tops. That roof line was polarizing, you either loved it or hated it. Incidentally, the shifter is correct. Cool car with great options!

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      • local_sheriff

        So far the earliest examples of vinyl tops as we know them , I have found were on the 1950 Ford Crestliner and 1951 Kaiser Dragon.

        As for the ‘convertible roof’ found on most GM fullsizers 62-64 I’m definately among those loving them, and it’s one of the main reasons I desire the designs of early 60s GM cars

  7. Del

    Nice car.

    Lots potential.

    Looks like owner been trying to sell for a while.

    Going to take a lot to bring body back.

    Price maybe a bit high.

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  8. JBP

    i realy like that car, and interior is very nice.
    but if im Surfing a hour on Internet, i can very fast find something i better want for 22,000 big ones…
    sorry, but thats over the edge..

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  9. Johnny Joseph

    That shifter looks an awful lot like the stick out of the Corvette from that period. And I’ve seen it done more than once.

  10. joe

    Sold my solid, good running ’62 GP, 389 tripower, automatic, 12/18 for $9,400. Seafoam Aqua/white. Needed restoration, but little rust, and mainly needed re-chroming/paint.

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  11. Wayne

    I really like ’62s, but I like 1961s better. 61s seem to be a little leaner/meaner looking. Nice car, too high on the asking price.

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  12. Wayne

    Ok Poncho fans. If you ever have the chance to see Bills Backyard Classics in Amarillo Texas it is a must do! ( ) The website is not the greatest.
    He has a little bit of everything (I think it was 186 vehicles) But Bill is a PONCHO FREAK! I have never seen so many factory 4 speed big Pontiacs (B body). His favorite is 1961s. (which is also my favorite) But he has most Pontiacs covered. They are all plated and driven at least once a month. When you visit, you are given “the tour”. Our tour guide was a “kid” about 25 years old. I am an old Pontiac guy so I kept asking him questions trying to catch him in a mistake. It never happened. The “kid” knew his Pontiacs! The tour is at your pace, so no problems crawling under cars, lifting hoods, etc. Even my wife who isn’t even a car person was very impressed with the collection, the tour and the guide. We were probably there at least 3 hours. They even let me go into the restoration shop to view the underside of a ’55 Chev. with a non-factory (Read high performance/road race set up) frame. They even asked my opinion on a “low buck” not quite rat rod Edsel they where building. It was very cool, but they were still deciding which way to go on a few items. If you like factory 4 speed, 8 lug Pontiacs, then this place is for you!

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  13. TimM

    Nice sleeper but it’s going to keep sleeping at that price!!!

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  14. Mountainwoodie

    Really a box checker ,but for a Cali car, thrashed and ignored to near death. It’s going to be an expensive project……….and I’d rather have one that has been taken care of. But that shot of the front seats and dash…….oh man .

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  15. Bob McK Member

    She could be beautiful again!

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  16. Louis Cohen

    i like the 62’s and the 61 Ventura bubble top the best. The 62 changed over to the formal roof line. They were and are great cars but my favorite is the1960.the 60 Ventura bubble top in Coronado red with triple-tone interior, the cats meow. The 60 is a solid car with the 4 speed hydramatic in any form 2bbl or trip-power is a fast car or a 4 speed, half year option. The shifter in this 62GP is correct. Thats my story and i am sticking to it

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