Reader Ad: 1966 Dodge A100 Sportsman Van

Here’s a cool old people hauler. It’s not perfect, but it’s being auctioned off with no reserve.

What Makes It Special? It’s a “Sportsman” van with a three on the tree!!!!

Body Condition: Paint is fair and there are some dings, but the body is very rust-free.

Mechanical Condition: Runs and drives. The transmission pops out of second sometimes and the heater doesn’t work.

Seller’s Listing: Here

  • Location: Fall City, WA
  • Title Status: Clean
  • VIN: 2082086329

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  1. steven mc

    I drove one of these once in the late 90’s…….what a riot 🙂

  2. jw454

    Considering all the available space in the rear, it seems a shame the passenger in the right rear seat would have to be a double amputee.
    Otherwise, it’s a clean looking truck.

  3. Billy 007

    Is it a slant six? I hope there are more lovers of the worlds greatest engine here. Elsewhere on this site are some pretty bitter slant six hating people. Didn’t we all learn to love one another in Kindergarten and by watching Barney?

    • Fred W

      What’s not to like about a slant six? Peppy for a six, and likely to still be running after the apocalypse. And a ’66 has no choking emissions stuff.

    • Steve R

      I think they are just responding to bitterness shown to them, they aren’t negatively responding to the slant 6.

      Steve R

      • Billy 007

        No, they said some pretty mean things about the slanty, made me feel so sad. Some people seem to associate things automotive with prestige and class, and that makes me even sadder.

    • Dick Johnson

      “Itttttts ahhhhh beeyootiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood…”

      With the nostalgia racing coupe crowd, the Slant 6 is as much sought after as the Merlin was in unlimited boat racing before turbines.

    • 68custom

      some company just started making a blower for the slant six im sure a properly built one would be a screamer!

  4. Kenneth Carney

    Second that motion Fred! You can’t kill ’em unless you run ’em out of oil or coolant. A friend of mine had one in a
    ’65 Dodge Coronet that ran over 400K
    miles before that engine finally quit.
    Quite a testament to an engine design
    released in 1960. Would make a great
    wheelchair hauler. Just sayin’.

    • T.W. Day

      Really, they needed oil and water!? LOL But I agree with you Ken. I have seen those engines run with only three qts. of oil and barely any water. They are bullet proof. It was an incredible engine.

  5. Lroy

    Love these old Dodge vans, keep them working (employed) they will run for ever. Park them and you break there heart. And yes I am a big fan of the slant six. I worked for a guy with one of these 30 years ago, he still takes it on service calls. These beauties have souls, no other way to explain there loyalty to a good owner.

  6. Beatnik Bedouin

    A half century ago, I would have turned my nose up to a Dodge (or any) van with windows (and did!). Today, I’d appreciate the convenience of being able to see around me when in the driver’s seat.

    Must be getting old, eh..?

  7. greg Wentzell

    Years ago I had a boss who was given a van like this from the estate of his father-in-law. Boss had to drop a rebuilt 318 between the seats, this one had that iconic automatic with the shifter on the dash. This one was front heavy but doable if you knew what you were doing, unlike a guy I worked with who borrowed the van one weekend and wrecked it. Fun vehicle.

  8. Tiki Vegas

    Wait until you need parts to rebuild that 3 speed column. Don’t ask me how I know.

  9. Classic Steel

    The synchronizer shouldn’t be to bad to put in or just swap the trans for another.

    FYI The slant is a great engine

  10. Jim22

    Heater doesn’t work? Don’t you just flip the lid on the engine hump?

    I do wonder though, how do you get air flow through the radiator in this design?

  11. Frank Sumatra

    Needs surfboards

  12. Rex Kahrs Staff

    Ken, you can’t even kill them if you run them out of oil.

    My friend in college drove his granny’s Valiant with slant-6 for several years, then decided to upgrade. He decided to kill the car (dumb kids), so he drained the oil and started driving it around town. After 3 days with no oil the car wouldn’t die, so he put 4 quarts back in it and sold it for 300 bucks.

  13. Bob C.

    Quite a lot of these around when I was growing up. Kind of a precursor to the mini van of the 80’s.

  14. SlickB
  15. Kenneth Carney

    @Rex Kahrs: Sure wished I was the one
    that bought it. Would’ve been a cheap way for me to get back into the hobby
    again. Seems like some folks have
    Barret-Jackson Syndrome the way they
    take an old car or truck, mark them up
    sky high, and sell them at ungodly prices.
    My young nephew came by for a visit to
    show me an ad on Facebook that featured a Valiant 4-door sedan like the
    one your friend owned. Of course having
    a ford preference, he downed the car by
    saying that since it was a six and not an
    eight cylinder 302 that the car was junk
    and had no value. Well, I put him straight
    about the slant 6 right away. Told him
    how reliable this engine is and if he
    didn’t want it, I certainly did. Called about
    it later and found out the owner got his
    $800 asking price. Wish they were $300
    again, I’d have a backyard full of ’em!
    Great engine, sad to see it go!

  16. Del

    You cannot kiill ham.

    At least Ricky Scaggs says so…

  17. Gay Car Nut Tacoma

    Lovely looking Dodge Sportsman. I know where Fall City Washington is. I visit there frequently to visit my older brother. I love its condition. It looks like a daily driver, one could drive anywhere without much (if any) restoration. Just drive it safely and maintain it as much as possible. 🙂

    • Fiete T.

      Fall City is just down the road from my house on Union Hill in Redmond. I’ve seen this van, I do believe, driving around. It is clean

      • Rspcharger

        and I’m just up the road in Preston….just may have to go take a look as I do love me them Dodge vans.

  18. ROTAG999

    Fill the canister with air to get window washers to work……!

  19. Hide Behind

    Back in youth we racers both on dirt and pavement; there was a class for unlimited 6 bangers in outlaw style cutdown racers.
    On pavement you came out of corner and pulled front wheel off ground down Streights backed off to get wheel replanted on corner, gobs of torgue, and while Chevy and Fords detonated those
    slantys kept on running. We built own lob-ram dual and tripowers and thinking loud meants speed custom open side exhaust
    And yes they lasted for over 200,000 miles easily.
    At least the one I had just like in ad, bought it for $200, with over 250,000 non rebuilt miles.
    Lasted another 100+ thousand as people, wood and mushroom, and Jr.High and summer league BBall team hauler.
    Lasted until oldest drove over an embank
    ent and through 200 feet of trees to end up in cowpasture.
    Drove it out, body beat to heck, Windows broke and still got a $100 sale price.
    Would drive freeway speeds 60 mph, but hated crosswinds
    Behind interior panels drew moisture so I insulated.
    I call it a fair price, and with stereo, upholstery, paint, wheels and wide tires a nice around town and weekend cruiser with room for friends.

  20. Schine

    If you need more room and power [LA318], there is a ’67 A-108 for sale in central Florida. Same color combo as this ’66 A-100. If nothing else, it will be interesting to compare selling prices … as much as we can.

  21. stillrunners

    A buddy drives his all over Texas going to shows……..

  22. Alex

    My uncle had the exact same van, right down to the colors. I had a simllar van with no windows and no side doors.

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