Reader Ad: 1968 Firebird 400

Michael R has had this Pontiac for quite a few years now but hasn’t registered it for the road since 2007. It’s believed to have all original paint, interior, and is even wearing its original vinyl top. Michael claims that it drives great and that there aren’t any leaks, but since the transmission was rebuilt just last year there shouldn’t be! It could prove to be a very nice survivor, so be sure to take a look at his ad via the link below. And you can view additional photos of it here!

What Makes It Special? All original paint, vinyl top, interior, engine and rear end. Rare color combination of Aegean Blue and custom Ivory White interior with white vinyl top. I have owned this car for 15 years and was last registered in 2007.

Body Condition: 50-year-old original paint, all original body panels, the interior is all original except for a reproduction 1968 wood wheel (have original Deluxe wheel but it is cracked). The dash and headliner are as new! Tiny bit of surface rust under back edges of the vinyl top, there is zero evidence of any rust in the trunk at all or anywhere else. Very solid car throughout.

Mechanical Condition: The engine, carb, heads, etc are original to the car. The motor was rebuilt in 1992 by Morgans Machine. Turbo 400 trans is date code correct and was rebuilt in 2017. Has Gardner exhaust, Koni shocks, plus PHS and lots of documentation.

Seller’s Listing: Here on craigslist

Special thanks to Michael R for listing his Pontiac as a Classified. For a closer look, be sure to check out the photo gallery here. If you have a survivor listed for sale online and would like to get it in front of countless gearheads, please consider listing it here on Barn Finds!

  • Asking Price: $25,000
  • Location: Clayton, California
  • Title Status: Clean

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  1. Tim S. Member

    Don’t overwhelm us with photos or anything, pal.

  2. Will Fox

    Would’ve really liked to have seen the white interior, and maybe some exterior shots. Staring at the rear end as it sits next to his Infiniti SUV in the garage really doesn’t cut it.

  3. Michael

    Looks like a nice car, but I think BF’s should have delayed the posting until we had more photos.

  4. ccrvtt

    Take $10K off the ask for not posting photos.

    What a disappointment.

  5. Tom

    Pretty sure I saw this same car posted on Firebirds For the Blind. Only one photo on that one – but it was really nice shot of part of the spare tire.

  6. Joe Backer

    screw this.

  7. Steve R

    Two pictures and a less than thorough description won’t help sell this car. With any online ad, the asking price needs to be justified through words and pictures. It might be a nice car, you just can’t tell, more information about the car such as engine codes, cylinder head part numbers and what optional equipment the car came with would go a long way towards moving the car into a new home.

    Steve R

  8. Todd

    Ol guy

  9. Lroy

    Phone in photo contest. It obviously doesn’t run, other wise it would of been backed out and photographed.

  10. Danny

    I agree with the lack of photos but for 25 Grand I think it’s a score I know you probably all won’t like that but sometimes you got to take people’s word for something at least I would like to think so anyway.

  11. stillrunners

    WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL ? That dadgum 400 on the trunk ! If it’s an original survivor that would be a find ! A rich kid at school got one in that yeller color and if he knew what to do with it he wouldn’t have lost his girlfriend either.

  12. Tom Nemec Member

    67-68 FIrebird 400’s are great and one of my favorites. This car is a bit of a mystery in that I know a lot about 1st gen Firebirds but I could always be wrong. ??

    Never saw a 400 that came with those wheel covers.
    It has the Arrowhead on the front bumper which indicated the sport options group which, again to the best of my knowledge, were many trim features such as the center grill trim, grab handle on dash, wheel well and rocker stainless trim, visor vanity mirrors….things like that.
    Other that PS and PB ASSUMING it is a real 400 and the numbers check out which 1968 was the first year GM engine blocks were VIN coded to the car. I did not look that far to see if they match.

    Under the hood the 2 plates left and right of the hood latch, covering the area between the radiator and core support, those 2 plates I THOUGHT were only in Firebirds that had Factory A/C. Again, I could be wrong.
    No deluxe interior.
    Wonder if it has the Safe-T-Trac Differential?

    As for the White Top and White interior, yes I think they are rare but they are both brutal to live with (in my opinion). those 2 things being white would have me thinking twice about buying the car. That is me personally. Automatic, assuming it is a TH400, is in my opinion not helping the sale. a 4 speed is much more desirable, again… opinion.

    The extreme close up photos are great BUT close ups of the bottom of the body panels would be nice, wider shots would be good and undercarriage ….give me something.

    What IS going on underneath that vinyl top is NOT good. 25K. ?? If it is super solid and unmolested, as a clean CA car and a REAL 400 if it is, those are all money. 25K money…for the person who likes this car for the reasons I don’t….not out of the question.

    • Steve R

      Factory 400 cars, even without AC came with those plates, also a plate that sealed the bottom opening.

      Steve R

      • Tom Nemec Member

        Thanks Steve, I did not know that. Do you know why they came with them? Just tryin to learn. Thanks, Tom.

    • Andy

      All first generation 400 cars, and only the 400 cars, came with the arrow head on the front bumper and the extended hockey stick grille trim. The arrowhead had nothing to do with the sports option group.

      • Tom Nemec Member

        Hey Andy thanks for clearing that up for me!

        What I had written I learned from a guy in a Pontiac club who I thought certainly knew more than I did!

        Do you know more about the Sport Options Group?

  13. 123pugsy

    WTF is wrong with most of you guys here?

    Excellent rust free car, lot’s of pics, and 25 G’s.

    How much does a new car cost? 50 g’s?

    These classics are not 10 and 12 g’s anymore.

    Maybe comments like “nice car but I can’t afford it” would be more fitting.

    • Wrong Way Member

      I certainly agree! Most of the people on here will try to pick any car apart! I think that most are just too young to appreciate a very nice classic like this! That’s too bad!

  14. PRA4SNW Member

    Why not put a link to those photos in the Craigslist ad? Or better yet, upload a bunch of them. Takes like 5 minutes.

  15. Bill

    People, please read. Josh had to post the link to those pictures three different times because people don’t read. And why is it that people want to become so-called experts and think the way to prove their expertise is to pick something apart. This car is 50 years old period half a century. It won’t be perfect. But for 25, 000 this is a solid car if it’s a true 400 and rust free. Can we be a little more positive?

    • PRA4SNW Member

      And you would only see those pictures if you visit Barn Finds.
      Those pictures, or at least a link to them, should be posted in the Craigs List ad.
      Probably one of the reasons that this nice car has been on Craigs List for a month.

    • Tom Nemec Member

      Bill, Wrong Way and 123pugsy…….,

      Safe to assume you are referring to me?

  16. Pete

    Personally I like the car as it is colors and all. Yes the corrosion at the rear window causes me some concern. Other than that though, from what I can see in the detail pics it does look really solid over all and clean. I would have liked to see both side views, a nice front and rear full shot pic. It posed beside a green one is sort of a let down as far as Poncho Porn goes. But hey it’s in California so you know.

    • Wrong Way Member

      If you go back and look at the ad click on the picture link there are lots of pictures actually a whole file of them!

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