Reader Ad: 1978 Ford Pinto Squire Wagon

What Makes It Special? The car is a work of art. Squire wagons are hard to come by in any condition, let alone looking this good inside and out. Engine needs some fine tuning but I’ll leave that to the next one who may want to go big with a V8 swap. Great car as is for putting around a beach community. Turns heads everywhere I take it.

Body Condition: Straight body. In great condition for the age. Some rust (not rot) behind the rear wheels and a dime sized hole in the driver’s floor board. All metal surrounding these rust areas is solid. Dent above right headlight.

Mechanical Condition: Runs and drives but idle is off. Sometimes high, other times low. Carb needs rebuild or just ditch it for a bigger one. Oil pump could be replaced as well.

Seller’s Listing: Here

  • Asking Price: $3,200
  • Location: Philadelphia, PA
  • Mileage: 39,200
  • Title Status: Clean

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  1. Classic Steel

    Wow a green my lil pony car with
    low miles!

    Just don’t get rearended and go up in flames 🔥

    • Robert S

      Wagons weren’t susceptible to rupturing the fuel tank in rear end collisions.

  2. JC

    I don’t care what you do with it… Pintos were junk then and still junk now… Sometimes an old car is just… an old car.

    • JC

      I actually looked at the ad… it looks like there are heavy duty rust issues on this “find” as well which are downplayed as “a few rust holes but no rot” yeah, ok… the dash has at least 3 huge cracks, who knows what’s really wrong with the engine… I wouldn’t give him $32 let alone $3200 for it.

  3. JP

    It’s a “work of art” in the same way as Elvis on velvet.That said, it’s a cool car in a reverse-chic kind of way. Price isn’t bad, but you’ll need a real aficionado…

  4. Oliver Felix Rojas

    This is a real find if you are into the plaid seats, outside color, wood paneling and wagon configuration.

    The Cologne V-6 is the largest engine offering for this vehicle.

  5. MSG Bob

    Stray thought: Ford made Pinto wagons, they made full-size wagons — Why didn’t they make a Maverick wagon? Looks good, but I guess I’m spoiled — I want more than one picture.

    • Gregory J Mason

      I had a blue one with the V6 ran great had plenty of pep and was great on gas. And yes MSG Bob no maverick wagon but they did have the Fairmont mid size wagon.

    • Josh Mortensen Josh Mortensen Staff

      If you click on the to their craigslist ad, you’ll find quite a few photos of it.

  6. Johnmloghry

    Cute, if that’s what a buyer wants. Cute little wagon. 3k to 4K is low cost enough to get into a 40 year old car in what appears to be a decent vehicle. Poor idle could be as simple as a vacuum leak or as high dollar as compression leaks. Best of luck to all.

  7. ICEMAN from Winnipeg

    if one was Stupid and Rich, do a complete frame up restoration, with a few upgrades. Mustang SVO engine and transmission. 4 wheel disc brakes. Recaro Seats, etc etc. But keep the exterior as is, restored to showroom condtion. The ultimate sleeper.

    • JP

      Nobody’s that rich is that stupid…

      • Dick Johnson

        This quote sure needs a qualifier statement. One enthusiast’s dream, another’s nightmare. There is insane money out there in this ‘hobby, and slightly ‘off center’ enthusiasts willing to spend it.

      • JP

        I pity the fool whose dream involves a ’78 Pinto…

      • Lonnie E Fuller

        I am here’s my wagon

      • Lonnie E Fuller

        I did it

  8. Ken Member

    “The car is a work of art.”

    You’re kidding, right?

    • r s

      It’s the work of Art Schmidlap.

  9. chrlsful

    “…didn’t they make a Maverick wagon…” the fox body was there w/the down szed LTD/Marquis (as was Fairmont) just w/a different name.
    $500 – $1500 just cuz the seats look in such good cond. Lotta rust (also wish it was the Lima/Webber 32/36 instead). Auto is ‘fine 4 me AND sz is ideal! (Altho I AM lookin 4 dat LTD/Marquis/Fairmont).

  10. ctmphrs Member

    I pity the fool who can’t see or understand anybody elses dream.

    • Ken Member

      One person’s dream is another person’s nightmare.

  11. David Ulrey

    I myself do like Pintos. Vegas too. I’m sure that for where the car is located it is basically considered a rust free car, especially for the year. I am also a fan of the 2.8 Cologne. But given the fact that I’m spoiled by living in Arizona where rust isn’t really much of a thing, to me $1600.00 would be reasonable given the fact that I would have to replace some metal and clean up the underside to get it up to the standards I’m used to in a non show car. Not saying it’s a bad car though.

  12. Lonnie E Fuller

    I guess I am. 1977 Ford pinto street car

  13. Bob C.

    Pintos were very under appreciated beat boxes. During the 1970s they were exactly what the doctor ordered for fuel economy reasons, but that was about it. When you floored them, you only got more noise in return. I remember as a teen there was a guy dating a girl across the street from me who had one and quite often as he left he would floor it backing out of the driveway and dump it in drive to get the tires to screech. I always thought one day the transmission would end up in the middle of the street, but no dice.

  14. Lonnie E Fuller

    I own a 1977 wagon and I bought it just for the fact it’s different , no mustang , Camaro here. It’s a street driven sbf that runs 10s in the quarter and it’s a lot of compliments.

  15. stillrunners

    Wow….nothing better than to slam and press your opinion on the same vehicle again and again and again…..hope you do better with honey please.

    On the Pinto – like – and the two biggest twin boys at my school got a new 71 Runabout to share….they both tried to kill it and didn’t as it lasted through their graduation in 1975 !

  16. Dovi65

    What a cool looking little wagon. Love the color, and the plaid seating .. awesomely retro! It’s clean inside, not too beat up. Metal is straight. Would make a fun little cruiser for errands. However, the $3200 ask is hopelessly optimistic, considering the engine needs a “little” tlc. $1200- $1500 is more realistic

  17. Paul

    Ford motor company will tell you that these cars are junk…..they just were cheaply made temporary transportation for those with tight budgets…..Ford decided at the time that it would be cheaper to pay out law suits then to have a major recall on notch back cars……Ford was aware of the issues with Pinto’s well ahead of the scandal….So I always wonder why some people think that these cars are worth anything at all…..

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