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Finding the actual Bandit Trans Am that Burt Reynolds drove in Smokey And The Bandit would be incredible. Heck, even finding one of the cars from the later movies would be awesome. While reader Dale D’s 1980 Trans Am Bandit wasn’t used in the Smokey and The Bandit movies, it was owned by a movie production company and could have been on the silver screen at some point in time! Whether or not it was, it’s still a great project and would be a blast to have!

Seller’s Description: Cool Trans AM project with T-Tops and the shaker hood. A super solid car that would make a great resto-mod or return to original. Bandit II did come from a local production studio but sadly there are no documents on it ever being on film. Its original California Blue plate is still on the car.

Price: $3,500
Location: Stanton, California
Mileage: 56,000
Title Status: Missing
VIN: 2W87WAL124982

Body Condition: Super solid car. No visible rust. One poor repair on the right rear quarter starting to show through. The shaker assembly is complete. The original screaming chicken decal is in place. Incorrect seats are in the car. All of the trim looks to be intact.

Mechanical Condition: It’s a project car and does not run. Freshly rebuilt 301 engine has been placed in the car for ease of storage but not installed. No transmission. Lost it when the engine was pulled. Otherwise, stock 4 wheel disc brakes.

Seller’s Listing: Here on eBay

Getting a title for this Pontiac could be a challenge, but Dale isn’t asking crazy money for it, so it might be worth the work. At $3,990 or best offer, it could be worth buying just for parts (well at least if the engine is in good shape still). Be sure to take a closer look at this Trans Am via the link below.

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  1. GS

    Why wouldn’t you wash and wax the car, in order to get the most money for it? It would scare off less people.

    • Dale Davis Member

      Here, Here, My Man! With all due respect sir, that paint is washed! It’s just done, finished, caput, needs it all kinda shape. Probably not time for a wax just yet. We like to show the cars with all the warts and scars so you know what you’re buying. No lipstick on the swine, sorta deal. I hadn’t thought about it but BarnFinds might be a scary place for those concerned with dust and debris. Happy BF’n Halloween Y’all !

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  2. dave brennan

    Looks like it had a hard life. Would rather have the wagon in back!

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    • Gary Weiland

      I agree ! That 57 Fairlane Wagon looks far more promising.

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  3. Fred w

    How do you lose a transmission?

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    • Mark

      It went to transmission heaven! Just like original radio’s and factory rims. I hate to see this kind of stuff go missing!

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    • Dale Member

      The studio “lost” the transmission after they pulled the motor for rebuild. It’s a pretty big lot with probably 500 cars in various states. With that many ongoing projects, misplaced parts is an every day occurrence. They also “lost” the title and failed to file a non-op with DMV. The car is in the California DMV system but it will take $600 in back fees to get a CA title. It is not salvage branded.

  4. Classic Steel

    The trans went out pulling Rockford’s the wrong way 👀🙃

    It’s a loose stretch in movies but
    reasonable on price.

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  5. Kenneth Carney

    My apologies to the seller. But these cars
    are everywhere and are waaay overrated.
    Now tell me the story on the ’57 Ford
    wagon you have there in the right hand
    corner of this photo. To me, that’s much
    more interesting than the T/A you’re
    selling here. You’ll sell it to someone
    out there who just can’t live without it.
    Give me a price on the wagon, and
    we’ll talk.

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    • Dale Davis Member

      I’m still working on the 57 Ranch Wagon. I don’t expect it’s going to be a fit for everyone but I’m building to my taste. And in all fairness to the BarnFinds crew, discussing a sale on something in the background isn’t appropriate. It’s pretty far from stock: dechromed, shaved doors, 58 hood, air ride, wilwood discs x4, 292 Y block, tremec 5 speed, procar buckets yada yada

  6. Nick

    Nothing mentioned as special here makes it special, it’s all standard run of the mill T/A stuff, 97% of them were built this way. All standard, nothing optional. A bunch of components missing. Basically garbage. I guess the price is fair.

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    • Dale Davis Member

      Uhh, thanks? Nick

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      • Nick

        It is what it is. You can probably guess my take on the specious movie association can’t you? It’s a weak story, why bother? I could write you something more intriguing than that.

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  7. Rock On

    Demand for 301 engines has to be below even Oldsmobile 403’s.

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    • Dale Davis Member

      Indeed, except if you want to title and drive this car in California

  8. Tort Member

    I could never see the appeal of having a big bird decal on my cars hood. About as tacky and gaudy as it gets! Saying that I know many like it so each to his own.

    • Dale Member

      Yep, back in the day, we removed as many sets of screaming chicken decals as we hung back on cars that came without them.

    • Paul

      Hi Tort.l can see where you are coming from.99% of cars on the road don’t have a bird on the hood.I have owned 4 Trans Am’s and it is so cool to see that bird on the hood when you walk up to the car.That 1% wild over the top style is awesome.

  9. Coventrycat

    Looks like that chicken’s been on the grill too long.

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  10. Rock On

    Thanks Dale, the car hobby does exist outside of California. Not every vehicle listed on Barn Finds need to pass California emissions. There are plenty of other places in North America where this vehicle could be enjoyed.

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  11. Wrong Way

    The original Smokey and the Bandit car was found and Burt himself did a interview with it just before he died! I believe that I saw the clip on another site, but I am not sure if it’s proper to mention it on this site!

  12. James

    Trans am in smokey and the bandit 2 was a turbo trans am the same car in country music hall of fame once owned by Jerry reed

  13. Poptheclutch

    Maybe it was used in the movie
    The bounty hunter.
    Cause it sure looks like it was driven
    Through a cornfield. 🤘🏻😎

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