READER AD: 1986 Chevrolet Silverado 6.2 Diesel

Asking Price: $4,000
Location: Talladega Alabama
Mileage: 2500
Title Status: Clean

Seller’s Description: 1986 Silverado 6.2 diesel. Engine replaced with army diesel. More hp and more torque as well as army transmission. Only 2000 miles on the both of them.

Body Condition: Needs a paint job. No dents at all though

Mechanical Condition: Drives perfectly. Starts up every time. Passenger electric window doesn’t work

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  1. Mark

    Nice truck. I used to work for a couple that had an 87 Silverado 6.2. I drove it many times. Once you got it up to speed you forgot you were driving a diesel.

    If I was needing a truck I would buy this one in a heartbeat

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  2. Diesels 80 Gone Bad

    I own a 1982 GMC prior Diesel truck running a great 396 big block punched to a 401 BB.

    These diesels were horrible engines that failed miserably in all GM makes in the 80s.
    The truck is solid but the engines were crap.

    Good luck on this one and maybe this engine would will be the outlier that survives.

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    • Brantley Willis

      It’s a army diesel in it now. Not the original diesel

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    • Louden L

      You are talking about the 350’s they converted. They were junk. The 6.2 was designed to be a Diesel and they were good. I had a 84 and put 300,000 on it. Do your homework.

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  3. 36 Packard

    Remember the short lived 350 diesel? Man, what a crummy excuse for engineering! GM will never live that down.

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  4. Ted

    How many of these diesel door stops were swapped out for that dreadful Olds 403? There was enough of these in the lower mainland with that engine swap in the mid 1990’s that there must have been a shop doing the engine refit and flipping them. Buddy of mine had one, yech, just the thought of that claptrap and I have to go wash my hands………

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  5. CCFisher

    Folks seem to be confusing the 6.2 with the Olds diesels. The 6.2 is a Detroit Diesel engine, and completely unrelated to the Olds 5.7 and the gone-in-a-flash 4.3 V8

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  6. Mark Strehlow

    I agree with CCFisher.
    The 6.2 was wanting for a bit more power but was very reliable and go great mileage regardless of the chassis (truck, suburban, etc.).
    People may also be mistaking the 6.2 for the mid 90’s 6.5 which suffered a host of corporate induced design flaws. The later 6.5 and military versions were much better.

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    If it was such a deal the present owner would keep it. I mean going through the trouble of replacing the ailing diesel engine and sourcing another seems like only something a mother would love. A Chevy 1/2 ton truck with a diesel engine of any kind doesn’t sound all that of an appeal to me. No get up and go,lots of engine clatter, glow plugs, maintenance and higher then gasoline costs add up to a keep on moving deal here.

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    • Willis

      Father passed away and it was his truck. Just no space and in the middle of adoptions. Wasn’t stating it was a deal just wanted it gone

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      • AMCFAN

        Sorry Willis. No deal was in reference to me. No disrespect and good luck on the sale.

    • GP Member

      I agree with what your saying now, but in 1986 diesel was .28 cents and regular gas was .93 per gallon.(approximant). So it was a fuel saver. Your right, not much power, My 1984 made a great plow truck, Not made for pulling a trailer.

  8. PDXBryan

    I bet a Cummins Repower 2.8 would work great in this. 160hp/300+ lbs ft tongue would get it down the road, drastically lower the load on the front end for better handling, and probably get 25+mpg. Would make a usable, efficient, classic truck.

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  9. Ken

    Drove 86 6.2 diesel chev best engine great miles per gallon

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  10. GeneB

    I had a buddy with a large ’80’s Olds diesel sedan. He actually drove it to my cabin on Mt. Palomar, perhaps in 1987, overheated all the way. He eventually had it rebuilt by a shop for real money, and it didn’t run another 2 weeks after the rebuild. He says the engine was originally for gas and GM converted it and sold it in large cars .
    My buddy ‘the Swordfisher’ had to sue the shop as they wouldn’t warrantee the work, or answer his calls. He enlisted me to serve court papers on the shop owner to save the $40 it cost to pay the sheriffs dept. to serve.
    I’d forgotten all about that day until reading this post. Thank you.


    I worked ina shop near Atlanta and we had 2 bays set aside for changing the 350 diesels back to gas engines. Most people would take a chance on a junk yard engine but some with high model cars (Cadillac etc) would ask for a crate engine. There for a while, they were doing a car a day with 2 or 3 mechanics working on the project. Fuel system, electrical systems, air systems, and other headache stuff that had to be changed. I helped on a few and the only thing I hated was, no matter what you touched, you came away black and smelling of soot! Lol

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  12. Mike

    Ok, first of all, the 350 Oldsmobile was NOT a “converted” gas engine. I used to believe that too until I educated myself. It was just a very bad design. The main problem was blown head gaskets and because it was GMs first attempt at using “torque to yeild” head bolts, many of them were not repaired correctly. With that said, the 6.2l diesels were actually very reliable engines. If they weren’t, the military wouldn’t have used them for as long as they did. Sure they didn’t make high horsepower but that’s not what diesels do. Torque and effeciency is the name of the game and in their day, they made quite respectable numbers. Gale Banks has offered a turbo kit for these engines for years and the respond quite well to it.

  13. Ken Cherniak

    EVERYONE who runs down the 6.2 diesel my truck got 30 miles per gallon canadian not USA gallon the new diesel in now is a v6 mileage is only 28 miles per gallon in the collardo canyon trucks i put on over 500000 thousand kilometers on atruck that cost 16000 canadian dollars in 1986

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