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READER AD: 1989 Jaguar XJ-S Rouge Edition

If you’ve always dreamed of owning a limited edition bright red sports car with a big V12 engine, here’s your chance! Reader James L has decided to part ways with his lovely Jaguar XJ-S Rouge Edition. If you’ve never heard of the Rouge Edition, don’t feel bad, they built just 212 of these. While it’s more or less just a trim package with some sweet basketweave wheels, it’s still cool to say you own one of these limited edition cars. You can find James’s Jag in Bushnell, Florida with a current bid of $7,250 and no reserve.

Cosmetically, this XJ is in really nice shape. The paint shines well, the body is straight and the wheels are in nice shape. The only issue that James notes is wear to the leather upholstery. Given its light Magnolia cooler, it really isn’t surprising. The front seats have suffered the worst of the wear. While new replacement upholstery is available and not terribly expensive, finding the correct Magnolia with red pipping might be a challenge. Perhaps a local upholstery shop could restore the originals or add pipping to premade replacements?

The previous owner is a bit of a Jaguar enthusiast and was apparently meticulous in maintaining it. As a matter of fact, they still stop by to see the car on occasion and are likely available to answer any questions about when it was in their care. James has just recently serviced the car, with a hefty list of new parts. It’s 5.3 liter V12 is a Marelli distributor equipped engine, which is much improved over the Lucas system. Given the recent work and how it’s been cared for, James is confident you could fly in and drive this Jaguar home!

It really is a beautiful machine and if you’ve never experienced a Jaguar V12, they really are a superb engine when in good working order. Having the AC converted to R134a and in working order means you really could daily drive the car. The seats will need something done with them sooner or later, but for the time being you could enjoy the car as is. I’d take it to a good upholstery shop and see what they suggest doing with the seats, perhaps they could be restored without breaking the bank. Overall, this appears to be an excellent find, so take a closer look at it via the link below!

Seller’s Listing: Here on eBay

  • Location: Bushnell, Florida (hour north of Tampa)
  • Mileage: 57,000
  • Title Status: Clean

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  1. Billieg

    Had one just like it and couldn’t get rid of it fast enough. $1,200 tune ups, $400 per wheel per brake, $911 for a windshield wiper motor, $2,200 for an exhaust system and it over heated constantly. In fact that could have been mine since I sold it in Tampa. Good luck to the fool who buys it…..

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Billieg, I could easily be that “fool” except I already bought mine last year, and despite a few issues I LOVE it! I do think it’s very important to at least be willing and able to handle maintenance items yourself though. There’s a very healthy amount of information on the internet and many groups and clubs to join; don’t let the complexity scare you off!

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      • Billieg

        Well, they are beautiful cars and when they are right they are awesome. I lived in a HOA community that wouldn’t even let you wash your car in the driveway and I didn’t own metric tools. I did replace the fuel pump myself but no one told me it was under 70 lbs pressure so it was an experience.

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    • Steven Ligac

      There was a lady on the local TV here in the Orlando area that is the widow of a long-time automobile dealer. Their main line was, well, I don’t remember haha but they also took on the Jaguar line. Even she said that you had to have 2 so that you’d have 1 to drive most of the time! No personal experience, but I thought the way she put it was comical.

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    • Dave Mazz


      You’re taking all the fun out of collector-car ownership!!! And you didn’t mention insurance, an A/C overhaul, a rebuilt transmission,
      a new windshield and the cost of a divorce action: -) :-) But they do look awful pretty!!!

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  2. Superdessucke

    For what it’s worth, the car’s original $51,560 MSRP translates to $106,506 today. Wowza. But beautiful car! Complexity would scare me but if it’s not your daily that might be okay.

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  3. stephen smith

    forget the car, what is the car behind it with what looks like a Porsche engine in the front or the Lear jet on the right side picture 17 or so on ebay.

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  4. JP

    Considering it’s been “meticulously maintained” but still needed a “hefty list of new parts,” fair warning has been issued. While a cheap Rolls might be the most expensive car on the road, this could run a close second. I’d say $1500 would be reasonable, with the remaining $6k in reserve for the next hefty round…

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  5. Bill

    Pip pip! Love that seat piping! (Not “pipping” ha ha). I love the looks and the “fantasy” so to speak of this model but too many cars and projects as it is now.

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