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READER AD: 1992 Cadillac Brougham With 29k Miles

Having spent much of its life parked in the original owner’s climate-controlled garage, this Cadillac is in beautiful condition inside and out. Having covered just 29k miles, it runs and drives great, so be sure to take a closer look! Reader Omar needs to find a good home for it. You can access his ad via the link below.

The Brougham name has a long history at Cadillac dating back to 1916. This example is one of the last Caddys to carry the Brougham name. Between its overstuffed leather seats and optional 5.7L V8, it does a good job of honoring the name.

Just look at that luxurious interior! Omar describes this car as being in concourse condition inside and out. And I tend to agree with him! Clearly, this car has been cared for since day one. The seats look to be in great shape, the dash is beautiful and the paint is said to be nearly flawless. Omar does note that the headliner will probably need some attention sooner or later, the antenna currently isn’t working and the AC doesn’t blow cold. Those are all things that could be fixed as you go.

These ’90s Cadillacs aren’t the massive boats that previous generations were, but they are still comfortable cruisers with plenty of legroom. Omar has a gallery with tons of detailed photos of the car, so you can get a feel for just how nice the car is, which you can view here on Google Photos. It really is in great shape and is well worth a closer look. If you’d love to own it, you can bid via the link below!

Seller’s Listing: Here on eBay

  • Asking Price: No reserve auction
  • Location: Ohio
  • Mileage: 29,900
  • Title Status: Clean

List your car here on Barn Finds for only $50!


  1. ACZ

    Put an LS in it and you have a brand new up to date daily driver.

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    • Tony Primo

      LS is probably the favoured upgrade, but for locomotive type torque I would stick with the 500 cubic inch Cadillac engine. There is a lot of support available from the aftermarket now to make some really decent horsepower from them.

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      • Ralph

        When did 185hp not become enough that we need to consider ripping the engine out of a clean, original 29,000 mile car to satisfy our other inadequacies?

        Like 15
      • CapNemo CapNemo

        Since we became red blooded American men with a passion for wretched excess from our Lady of Blessed Acceleration! And because we can!

        Like 14
      • Rock On

        Aye, aye CapNemo, I would install some big disc brakes front and rear to help haul her down from those triple digit speeds. You can’t seriously call yourself “The Standard of The World” with 185 horsepower.

        Like 8
      • Ralph

        Awww yeah, high fives dudes!!

        You both get free Summit catalogs and “time out dolls” for your t-buckets.

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  2. Jack M.

    Better check your notes again, these are definitely rear wheel drive. I have owned a 4.1 litre powered one, a 368 cubic inch one and a 472 cubic inch Cadillac. I think that the 5.7 litre is a good match for this car.

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    • Josh Mortensen Staff

      That’s my bad, I had just read about the ’92 Fleetwood and got it all mixed up! You are correct, this Brougham is rear-wheel drive. The article has been corrected.

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  3. ACZ

    I’ve owned a few, myself. It is RWD, that’s why it’s an easy LS swap. That two throat TBI pickup truck engine is reliable but it performs marginally and will not get decent fuel economy. The LS would fix all that and give you the possibility of a trans with two overdrive gears. Much more modern, and still enable you to have a large, comfortable car. Do a little research.

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  4. CapNemo CapNemo

    Front wheel drive my a**.

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  5. ACZ

    Who said anything about FWD??

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  6. Kenneth Carney

    I don’t mind sayin’ it, I want this car! Owning another Caddy is on my bucket list.
    Especially one as nice as this one. There’s just something about a Caddy that
    makes a fella feel good about himself. Had a beautiful ’66 Calais 4-door HT I
    bought from my parents when I was 16 and what a car it was too! That old
    barge hauled us around the state of Illinois doing one-nighters over 18 months
    before I traded it off for a piece of crap Olds Toranado. Worst thing I ever did.
    Used to love the way that 429 loafed along down the road with very little effort.
    And There’s something special about handing the keys to my niece and telling
    her to have a good time–Just don’t scratch it!

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  7. markp

    Someone please buy it and save it from being donked.

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  8. Shawn Fox Firth

    Wonder why it had a respray ?

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  9. CJinSD

    This color is called Dark Maple? Jamie Foxx told me it was called Merlot. What else has he lied about?

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  10. Andrew Franks

    The President of my Ultimate Drivers Group. I have no room so someone buy this and enjoy.

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  11. Jason

    It’s remarkable to see how many recognizable GM parts bin components from the 70s were still being used on these cars well into the 90s! I guess by then the kinks were worked out of most of this stuff, so you could really count on it to last.

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  12. Dave Danielson

    I love these particular Cadillacs. Only made from ‘90 to ‘92. I’ve owned the ‘90 and ‘92. They came with the 305 and the 307. Not super powerful, but will cruise around ok. And soooo comfortable!

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    • Robert Grohmann

      Was the best serial from Cadillac

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  13. Clinton

    So I guess someone made an offer on it and it sold. Listing has been pulled from Ebay.

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  14. Robert Grohmann

    Want to buy this car right now

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