Reader Ad: 1995 BMW R1100RSL

There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road on a motorcycle, especially on a nice summer evening! Well, if you’ve been on the hunt for a nice bike that will be just as comfortable on long distance drives as it is around town, you might want to take a closer look at Reader Aaron S’s BMW. This R1100RSL is ready to hit the road, with lots of recent work done. He’s asking just $3,150 this bike, so if you’d love to have it, be sure to take a look at his ad!

What Makes It Special? Very few “L” (lowers for fairing) models imported and only for 2 years. Unusual Dakar Yellow color.

Body Condition: Original paint, some scratches and repainted a few spots with new paint not exactly matching the original 20+ year old paint.

Mechanical Condition: Excellent and ready to go on a trip. Lots of add on extras:
– Ohlins shocks
– Brand new Odyssey PC680 battery
– Aeroflow tinted windscreen
– Aeroflow Headlight cover
– Hyperlites (flashing brake lights,
– Auxiliary running lights
– Heated grips
– Corbin Seat recently recovered
– Marsee BMW Quick Release tank bag mount and includes Marsee 10 liter bag
– Bob’s BMW Barbax (can be removed)
– Throttlemeister Cruise Control
– BMW GS Hand Guards
– BMW rear luggage rack (trunk-ready)
– Michelin Pilot Road 3
– Original toolkit
– Original Owner’s Manual and BMW Repair Manual included

Seller’s Listing: Here

  • Asking Price: $3,150
  • Location: Indianapolis, IN
  • Mileage: 34,700
  • Title Status: Clean
  • VIN: WB1041607S0311832

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  1. Oldog4tz Member

    OK, so screaming deal, there’s 3k in gear alone

  2. Howard A

    I know I poo-poo’ed the last Beemer that came through, but this one I really like, and would trade my Interstate in a second for this,,,,except for that awful color!!!! Sheesh! Ok for Egypt maybe.
    BTW, what would you need a repair manual for on a Beemer?

    • Dick Johnson

      The reason for a repair manual, if nothing else, is to READ the admonishment; ” failure to follow these produres will result in damage to the part [or unit] which will result in having to replace a VERY expensive BMW part [or unit] .

      I, for one, am glad that a lot of former Boomer owners who tried to outsmart a BMW engineer by trying to invent their own maintenance techniques. Easier to buy, but harder to work on a basket case bike(s).

      Stick to your Lead Wing, Howard. Have you checked your cam belts lately?

    • On and On Member

      It’s a lot of bike for the dough. If you haven’t ridden one, try it. Compare the weight to your wing’s weight. I’ve owned and ridden both. Both, as most vehicles have strong and weak points but I think you’d appreciate this one.

  3. Somer

    Best deals around. BMW dropped the L version in the states due to an issue with the header pipe being close to body work. These are great value. You might have to do some work after 300,000 miles. I have one too. Crossed the country several times on it.

    • Dick Johnson

      Ohhhh yeah??? Yew boys don’t know nuthin’. 1978 R-100 went 402,000. 138,000 with me, and the rest with two subsequent owners. The bike is in restoraton now. My ’87 R-80 RT is over 160,000. I bought it as a basket case with 53,000 on it. Daily riders at temps above 50. Getting old. Flying buddy has two Oil Heads, and a late model Slug Wing for camper trailer towing. His favorite bike? 1957 Pan. Runners all. The Pan has 78,000 on it. His dad bought it new.

      And no, Howard, you can’t borrow our manuals.

      Air Heads forever!

    • Jeepster

      General Hooker is correct. the R1100 engine is bullitprof . Us Tennessee BMW riders already know. R

  4. Derek

    These engines make a splendid conversion for a 2CV….

  5. Wrong Way

    Nice bike! That color just kills the look of it to me tho! However I would definitely jump on it if I were in the market for a bike! I would have to do a repaint on it probably black it would look so much better, but that would take away the original status tho!

  6. Macon Michaux

    That’s a cool bike. I love the color as its similar to Ford’s Summertime Yellow seen on the old Mustangs and Galaxies. Looks like a sport bike if you drop the panniers but should also be a great cruiser. I’d take it in a heartbeat and learn to wrench on it.

    • arsprod

      Bagless (before seat change)

    • Neil

      Drop the panniers ? Really ? It ain’t no bar hopper. This is a road bike. I’d add a trunk.

  7. Ronald

    My friend has a BMW like this but in Teal along with a garage full of them, as another motorcycle friend told him one time after observing the maintenance required to operate them into high mileage that BMW stands for break my wallet.

  8. Southbound

    I have owned 5 Beemers over the years.
    1962 R60/2
    1970 R60/5
    1972 R75/5
    1975 R90S
    1975 R90/6
    Oil/Filter changes and valve adjustments and they will run forever.
    They are incredibly easy to work on.
    You can pull the jugs and change the piston rings in a few hours time.
    Removing a front or rear wheel takes 15 minutes.
    The hardest job is replacing the dry plate clutch. Only had to do it once out of the 5 bikes I have owned.

    • On and On Member

      Nice list Southbound, I’ve had 4 and my daily driver is a 1973 R75/5 longframe big tank. Rock solid machinery. Fun to work on, very rewarding.


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