READER AD: 1997 Pontiac Firebird Survivor

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Pontiac managed to keep the Firebird name alive more or less continuously from 1967 all the way up to 2002. It’s really quite impressive they were able to offer some type form of a muscle car with the ever-changing fuel prices, emission regulations and safety standards that occurred over that 35-year run. As we’ve watched early Firebird prices climb, we’ve started to see more interest in third and fourth generation cars as well. This 1997 Firebird Reader Ad is a 97k mile survivor that has clearly been well cared for since day one! It’s being offered by Schimmer Chevrolet here and can be found in Mendota, Illinois with a $10,995 asking price.

What Makes It Special? This Firebird has always been stored inside. It features it’s original paint, runs and sounds great, and has had just two owners since new.

Body Condition: Extremely clean, free of rust, with all of its original paint.

Mechanical Condition: The fuel injected 350 V8 runs and sounds great! This is the 285 horsepower engine and is paired to an automatic.

Seller’s Listing: Here on Other

It’s strange to think that this car is over 20 years old and that it’s been 26 years since Pontiac introduced the fourth generation Firebird. How time flies! Looking this car over, it still looks modern and fast. I still remember when you saw these and their Camaro sibling everywhere. Now, I rarely see these on the street and when I do, they are in well-used condition. Nice ones like this are getting harder to come by, so if you’ve been thinking about buying one of these, this one is definitely worth a closer look!

  • Asking Price: $10,995
  • Location: Mendota, IL
  • Mileage: 93,602
  • Title Status: Clean
  • VIN: 2G2FV22PXV2213842

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  1. Ralph

    Its very clean, but a hard no on that price, this a about a $5-6,000 or so car. I imagine the dealer gave them even less than that for it. Its clean but its still an LT1 automatic non WS6 TA in a not that interesting color combo.

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    • Miguel

      Ralph, i would say no at that price because of the miles.

      They are starting to bring bigger money with lower miles and better care.

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  2. Skorzeny

    Another automatic. Who woulda thunk it… YAWN.

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  3. Angrymike

    I remember going for a ride in a formula with this engine back in the day, I was impressed ! I was the guy everyone came to to show how fast their new car was because of my history of hot cars. If they would have put a 5 speed in these 350 powered cars I would have bought one ! This is sweet, I’d buy it in a minute if I was looking, but I have my 06 Mustang GT convertible and I’m pretty happy with it till I can buy a Challenger Hellcat in a few years.

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    • Miguel

      Angrymike They did have a 6 speed manual available.

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      • Angrymike

        I didn’t know that, when I looked at the Camaro, all you could get with the 5.7 was an auto in 88. I ended up with a Monte Carlo SS and drove that for 10 years. Probably why I didn’t look into these after that !

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  4. Anthony James Poirier

    1993- 1997 non SS or WS6 F bodies were rated 275 with the LT1. The upgrade was 305 baseline with SLP options to bring it up even more.

    Mileage and condition have big value. If you’re looking for a 22 year old car you have to overlook colors for sure and then decide if a slush box is worthy. My old 97 was auto and it was okay because I was young yet able to get an affordable ‘dream car’. Some people hate shifting and if you want one of these cars you’re probably not in your twenties.

    Last year I obtained my true Gift of a 02 SS but wouldn’t compromise on anything but a six speed.

    Hagerty values are steady but strong for very good and Concours quality cars. You lose 10% on auto and SLP performance pack brings 15% more.

    For a younger generation who saw this at a car show and wanted a good example- 11,000 is a steal for a taste of the muscle car lifestyle. Plus it’s a Pontiac and not something more common like a Mustang, Camaro or Challenger.

    Wrapping cars also is relatively cheap too. Nice to see an unmolested original out there that someone babied.

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    • Miguel

      Anthony James Poirier I have heard prices of $3000 to $4000 to wrap a car, to do it right that is.

      I think a low mile well cared for car could bring money. This is not that car.

      I have found quite a few of these cars for this price range with around 60,000 KM which is around 40,000 miles very well cared for.

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  5. tony_k

    I have a ’97 SS, one of only 183 built in Sebring Silver with the 6-speed and t-tops. I bought it from the original owner in 2002; it had 42k miles then, but was loaded, minty, and I had looked for almost two years for that exact combo. It just turned 61k miles, 17 years later, and I don’t drive it anymore because of old-age health issues. I’ve been thinking about selling it, but it’s difficult to place a value on it — all I find are 20k-mile cars and 100k examples. This one, and the comments above, help. Thanks, everyone!

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    • BMW4RunninTundra

      I am only just getting to this page. I have a problem due to the fact that I feel if the writers take the time to research/write about each vehicle, it would be an insult not to read their hard work. So, anyhow Tony_K, IF you decide to sell your SS, are you going to list it here? If not, where? Maybe, your timing will coincide with my timing and I might be interested.
      Thanks! (I will continue to be forever behind, so I will watch this article to see if you pop up with an answer)

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  6. Brian

    Yeah, a decent Pontiac but maybe someone can knock the price down a bit say 8,500 or so..I would own it though..

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  7. ronniecarlo

    That is a Trans Am,Not a Firebird.I have a ’96 just like it but with charcoal leather and factory size tires on Centerline Corona rims.Surviver?I guess so,Mine is a one owner with 81,649 miles.I day I was moving,Why not use the wrecker I drove to move my Trans Am to my new home.

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  8. Clay Bryant

    The article says “Sounds great” a couple times. I can’t get my sound to work on it. Held my ear to the computer and all I heard was a humming. Is this an electric Firebird?

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  9. Andy

    Never cared for the rear end styling on these.

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