READER AD: 8k Mile 1959 Ford Fairlane 500 Galaxie

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Reader Jesus M’s 1959 Ford Fairlane 500 Galaxie, listed here on eBay, is a one-of-a-kind offering. Sold new in Mexico and now residing in Laredo, Texas, this unusually pristine example carries unquestionable provenance and has seen just 8,100 miles since new. If you are looking for an immaculate survivor with a great story, this one is for you

The car rolled off the Mexico City showroom carrying a sticker price of 68,534—Pesos, that is—and has obviously been pampered. This kind of plastic seat cover hasn’t been popular since Grandma put them on her living room couch in the 1960s. The exterior is painted in a two-tone Colonial White/April Green scheme, and the tri-tone interior is in excellent condition, creating an overall gorgeous combination. One respray is claimed, and body panels are straight. Door panels and dash are in as-new condition, and the original window sticker is in the glove box. Despite the car’s Mexican provenance, Jesus has clear Texas title in his name.

Carpets are like-new, the steering wheel and dash are crack-free, and all knobs are in place—slightly beige-ed to an attractive patina. The three-on-the-tree transmission adds to the period ambiance, and all glass is in good, original condition. The odometer reads just 13,061, but that’s kilometers, translating to approximately 8,100 miles—very low indeed.

The best advice I can provide to the purchaser is: Don’t change a thing!

A 1968 “Distrito Federal” Mexican tax sticker is affixed to the right side of the curved windshield, commemorating the 1968 Summer Olympics held in Mexico City. According to the seller’s description, the car spent its entire life south of the border until coming to the United States two years ago. Both this seller and the previous 3rd owner of the car stored it in climate-controlled conditions, explaining the excellent condition of the interior despite the hot summers of Mexico and South Texas.

The selling description doesn’t note engine displacement, but the stated 225 horsepower corresponds with the 332 FE, first offered in 1959. The engine is in immaculate, survivor condition, perfectly clean and outfitted with the original stock windshield washer fluid reservoir. The manifold testifies to the claimed condition with slight, but not overly weathered, patina.

In all respects, this Galaxie exhibits evidence of the nicest example one could find. The undercarriage is clean and exhibits originality, down to the factory stamping on the original FOMOCO muffler. Seller declares that there is “no pitting” on exterior chrome and that the car “runs and drives smooth and nice as it should.” It is hard to see how one could go wrong with this car. Current bidding hovers slightly above $6,000, and with five days remaining that price will increase significantly. But … where you gonna find another? Unless some other bidder goes completely bonkers, any serious buyer should wisely step up to the plate and claim the finest 1959 Ford Fairlane 500 Galaxie imaginable.

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Dan

    I am a chevy guy and this car has too many doors…..but what a sweetheart….

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    • dweezilaz

      It is. Being a four door hardtop makes up for it.

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  2. grant

    Wow. Nice car, Jesus.

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  3. sir mike

    Beautiful survivor……please don’t change a thing.

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  4. Xpletiv

    Too many doors is like too much cake, too much ice cream, too much chocolate, too much comfort food, too much vacation, too much winnings, too much paid time off, too much of a raise, too much of a good view, too much…….

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  5. Fordfan

    My dad had one just like this only white over yellow i believe it’s called a town Victoria because it’s a 4 door hardtop
    I can still remember the little strands of silver coming out of the seats that would irritate your legs in the summer

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  6. local_sheriff

    I somehow understand the too-many-doors arguments and the 59 Ford definately isn’t my favorite year; but still : WOW !!! This is one massive car in above shockingly condition! I simply cannot comprehend how a vehicle can be driven so little, should the speedo have rolled over this would still be a stunning car! Someone will get a true time capsule here and regardless of the doors ,anyone in the market for a late 50s Ford ought to consider this thoroughly! Come on, are four doors in HT livery really that bad on a 50s cruiser?!?

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  7. normadesmond

    Forgive me…..Jesus, what a gorgeous car.

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    • jesus marinaMember

      Thank you, it drives nice !

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  8. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    Nice ride for sure. Confused about the repaint with the low miles. If she sat outside I would think the seat covers would have burned up as well. Jesus just let Chicago.

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    • jesus marinaMember

      With time the paint looks old, I will not repaited but back the the owner wanted freshed up, too bad !

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  9. David

    Can anyone share a source for those clear-fit seat covers? I’d be horrified if my Mom put those on our couch when growing up, but I’d sure like some on my perfect interior sedan. It’s true, you do become your parents. Haha

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    • SmokeyMember

      I think you can get these wonderful clear seat covers from one of those automotive catalogs like Whitney’s that also sells beef jerky. If I were to get this car, those covers would be OFF in a matter of seconds. They remind me too much of my Aunt Mildred’s front parlor. That unbreathable plastic stuff always gave me a sweaty butt. It was hard enough just being eight years old! Oh, the humanity!

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      • Old Car Guy

        They used to have textured ones also. Didn’t make them any more comfortable but were supposed to not be as slippery.

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      • deak stevens

        Some cars just did’nt look right with 4 doors and this is one of them.on the fords 56 on down looked good with 4 doors.

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  10. Bob C.

    The 332 FE was actually a two year only job, 1958 and 59.

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  11. Bob McK

    Jesus, beautiful car! My Dad had a black one like it down to the three on the tree. Unfortunately someone rear-ended him and put the trunk in the back seat. I have always wanted a 59 Convertible…

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    • Little_Cars Alexander

      My first car was a 59 convert. Bought it with newspaper route money before I had my learners permit. $50 and a radiator hose and it was mine. This was in 1975. I remember how massive that steering wheel felt, and how loosey goosey the car was with power steering.

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  12. r s

    $5,483 US dollars sticker price? Can’t be. You could have gotten a Cadillac for less than that. I don’t see a Ford with a manual transmission stickering anywhere near that.

    Beautiful car in amazing condition, I am just questioning what the seller says it cost new in US dollars.

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    • r s

      Looking it up on the Internet, a 59 Fairlane 500 retractable – far and away the most expensive Fairlane – stickered under $3000, and the most expensive non-convertible Fairlane 500 was under $2500. Not sure where $5483 comes from, maybe a huge mistake in calculating the value of dollars vs. pesos, using the wrong exchange rate / date.

      Nonetheless an amazingly beautiful and well preserved car, I’d love to own all four doors of it.

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    • Miguel

      r s, he is using todays exchange rate. The rate for 1959 was way different as the value of the peso was very different as well.

      I saw a factura, original bill of sale, for a 1984 Monte Carlo SS from Mexico and the price came out to, with everything included, 2,500,000 pesos.

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    • jesus MarinaMember

      Yes, $ 5,483 US dolars aprox. In Mexico Car where expensier than US due to some time be imported or parts been imported. and there have to pay them cash, we didn’t have banks to finance or the interest rates where so hi that you end up paying 2 cars. This cars where for middle up class or higher.
      thank you !

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  13. j liu

    This car has been for sale before, more than a year ago and by a Jesus in Texas…wonder why no one grabbed it then???
    Seems to be in incredible condition and should almost be in a museum.

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    • jesus MarinaMember

      Did not Hit the Reserve, they wanted cheap but is not a cheap car

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  14. Mountainwoodie

    Haysoos Christi! Now you’re talking….I can live with a 4 door hardtop..was tempted by a ’57 Pontiac 4 door hardtop last weekend.

    They’re only (mostly) original once………and I dont want someone else’s idea of how it should be…..just give it to me like it rolled off the assembly line.

    I passed up a perfectly original perfectly beautiful ’59 Ford Convertible back in the early nineties. They wanted eleven grand and I thought that was too much! See I reallly am cheap

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  15. Solosolo UK ken tillyMember

    If it has only done 8000 miles, and has been kept in climate controlled conditions, why did it need a repaint? Gorgeous car however. I love 4 door cars.

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    • Will Fox

      From sitting, the factory paint would crack and lose its luster simply from age. A 9500mi. `60 Cadillac I know of is just as nice, and it’s owner did a repaint too. This is the stuff of campfire stories no one believes.

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  16. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Sweet looking car there. Reminds me of one a cousin had: aqua with a white top, but his was an automatic. If I was in the market I’d sure take a look at it.

    I have to admit, one thing that always stuck me as odd was having the ignition key to the left of the steering column. Being right handed, seemed more natural on the right.

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    • local_sheriff

      Classic Porsche 911 also had LH ign switch.At least a couple of car manufacturers think of those who are left-handed…!

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  17. KSwheatfarmer

    Fantastic Ford, to bad some body just had to butcher the fuel line,guess it could be replaced.

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  18. Fred W

    Always liked 4 door HT’s , even back in high school. A ’57 Chevy 2 door HT was over a thousand, but a 4 door HT could be had for $150. I was a broke high school kid so naturally I got the 4 door. Didn’t affect my ability to turn my cup-de-sac into a drag strip.

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  19. Vintageant

    Wasn’t this posted here not so long ago?

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    • jesus MarinaMember

      yes, did not hit the reserve

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  20. moosie moosie

    Nice car, 2drs 2many or not. I wouldnt change a thing except for those plastic seat covers. My Dad had them put on his 1959 Imperial before he bought it and let me tell you they were uncomfortable no matter what season,

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  21. fast FredMember

    This car was posted on eBay December of 18 it said it was sold. I just wonder if it’s the same owner or guys a flipper. It is a beautiful car I just wonder what his price is.

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    • jesus MarinaMember

      no, did not hit the reserve price, it is the same one, mine.

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  22. Miguel

    A friend of mine here in Mexico is a 1959 Ford collector. He has everything with the exception of the wagon.

    He has both convertibles, soft and hard, plus he found an all original almost perfect original Ranchero that has factory air. I know it is factory air because it has a badge on the top of the right door that says so. Next time I am there I will take a picture of it.

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    • jesus MarinaMember

      Have the ’59 Country Squire also and it is beautiful, will posted later

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  23. Ken

    This car’s been featured here before. Look under “Related Finds.” Still in Laredo, so it must be the same seller.

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    • jesus MarinaMember

      yes, the same one

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  24. Heath Kopp

    I also own a 59 Galaxie with only 30k original miles that my father bought new! It however still has its original paint, interior, exhaust, etc…and is a time capsule. Yes it has more miles than this one, but its far more original. Its been parked since 1974 until 2012, when I pulled it from storage, had the tank and fuel system cleaned, and took it to the Northwest Motorfest with over 1000 cars. I won 1st in 1950’s. I’m also in the Boise ID area, just like Barnfinds. ;)

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  25. Little_Cars Little Cars

    Barn Finds is not located anywhere. Do they have a bricks and mortar office? My understanding is all the writers telecommute to a virtual office to submit writings. Kim? Jesse? Jeff?

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  26. Heath Kopp

    They did have an office on Orchard in Boise, and I believe still do.

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  27. Rick

    Is this 59 Fairlane still available.

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