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READER AD: Aunt Maggie’s 1968 Pontiac Le Mans

Reader Dan C inherited this Pontiac from his late Aunt and Uncle. It was purchased new by his Aunt Maggie and she put just 15k miles on it. Dan has owned it for the past 13 years and has brought the mileage up to 22k. Other than a few bolt-on upgrades, he’s done his best to keep this car in immaculate original condition. It really is a sweet machine and would be a blast to own. Unfortunately, for Dan, it needs to go to a new home, so if you’d love to have this documented survivor, be sure to check it out via the link below!

What Makes It Special? This Le Mans was purchased new in Butte, Montana by a young school teacher, my Aunt Maggie. She, unfortunately, passed in 1985 of cancer. Uncle Joe kept her prized Pontiac tucked away for many years, running her every month until 2005 when he passed on. I have had this car since then.

Body Condition: This ’68 Le Mans is beautiful – as seen by the pictures. The right-hand quarter panel was backed into many years ago in Butte Montana at a grocery store parking lot. It was repaired and looks great! Other than that incident, the car is never been wrecked. The interior is beautiful with bucket seats. This is the last year for the wing window.

Mechanical Condition: When Aunt Maggie passed in 1985 the mileage was at 15 thousand miles– in 2005 she had 18 thousand miles and now 22 thousand miles— which has nothing to do with the price. It originally came with a 350 2 bbl carb, 2-speed transmission and 14-inch wheels and hubcaps. Now I just could not let this be, so on went the CORRECT intake manifold and brand new 4 barrel Quadrajet carb for the ’68 GTO — some M/T powder coated valve covers and radiator fan guard. I also installed a water pump and radiator. Everything is new on the front face of the motor, fan clutch, alternator, etc. A 2 1/2 inch dual exhaust and Magnaflow Mufflers went on too, it sounds so cool! Not to mention the powder coated Rally ll wheels and BFG T/A Tires. It also received new brakes, power drums, and stops straight. If I were to keep her the next thing would be a disc brake conversion. I have put 4 thousand miles on this beauty in the 13 years of ownership, but it needs to go to a new caretaker.

I’d say Aunt Maggie had good taste in cars! While a GTO might be more sought after, this car was nicely optioned car with plenty of power to be fun! The added performance parts should put it on par with a GTO while being a bit more subtle. It sounds like Dan has enjoyed owning this Pontiac and he wants to see it go to a good caretaker that will enjoy it while preserving its history. If that person might be you, be sure to take a closer look at it!

Seller’s Listing: Here on craigslist

  • Asking Price: $22,000
  • Location: Florence, Montana
  • Mileage: 22,XXX
  • Title Status: Clean

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  1. Fred W

    Now here’s one that’s easy to believe, even in pictures, with just a glance. Sweet car and bless Aunt Maggie’s heart for taking such good care of her car.

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    • DAN CARL

      thank you — gonna break my heart —

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  2. J.D.

    Weird. In the craigslist ad one picture of the drivers side shows the “Le Mans” emblem missing an “S.” Another picture of the drivers side shows the emblem with the “S.” Thought I was losing my mind.

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    • Jon

      The photo with the missing “s” appears to be an older photo, taken before the wheels were swapped out. It’s reasonable to believe the missing “s” was replaced at some point.

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    • DAN CARL

      great eye— had the S in the ash tray- that has never been ashed in–

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  3. edh

    I don’t believe it, a lot of evidence points to the contrary.

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  4. Brian B

    Perfection. Now this is a beautiful car. Colors, condition… subtle and classy. I want this so badly. Not a goat, not a pretender. Just enough done to wake her up without being something it’s not. I agree about discs up front. I’m drooling!

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    • DAN CARL

      It will break my heart — to see her go,, kinda wish Aunt Maggie bought a Goat instead–but you are right– beautiful and sounds great with the magniflow exhaust

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  5. Will Fox

    Get ready; the next we see this car after it’s sold, it’ll be a (surprise!) “GTO”! endura nose swapped for the chrome one, hideaway headlamps, name plates, etc. Alot of Poncho guys can’t leave a LeMans like this alone.

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    • Steve R

      That may be true, but thanks to PHS, they can’t scam anybody into paying GTO prices for their clone.

      Steve R

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    • JB1965Bonnie Member

      The seller should make the buyer sign a contract that stipulates the car will NOT be turned into a GTO clone. What a sin that would be!

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    • DAN CARL

      I do have all the GTO pieces to do just that — but Y

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  6. MorganW Morgan Winter

    Hope no one messes this up, I like it as is!

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  7. TimM

    I had this car in green with green interior and a 350 under the hood!! People use to smirk and say it wasn’t a GTO and it drove so nice and was such a nice car I didn’t care!!! I should have never gotten rid of that car!! It brings back a lot of memories all good!!!!

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  8. Hans

    Stunning! Looks so nice in it’s basically stock appearance – hubcaps, paint and all!

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    • DAN CARL

      still have all the parts that I replaced

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  9. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    😀I’d rather pay $22k for this beauty than $30-$40k for a new or late model grocery getter SUV. Admittedly, that big explorer I bought a couple years ago does have some nice features that weren’t available on these older cars, like sensors and back up camera that help keep an old dog like myself from getting in accidents, but I still enjoy taking my 64 Buick Riviera out on nice days for a drive around south east Texas. A lot of people honk, wave or pull up next to me and make nice comments about my beautiful old Buick.
    God bless America

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  10. Cattoo

    Very nice ‘68. Miss my ‘69 black interior and black vinyl roof and a silver gray like paint over the body. 350-2bbl and drove like a dream. Miss the days one could buy a car like that and road ready to boot for $500.

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  11. 433jeff

    Its been for sale for a while, chances are it will be a sacrifice lamb for a GeeToo Tiger,

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    • DAN CARL

      occasionally I have listed this car– I don’t care if I sell it

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  12. Bing

    Very nice car, with a very reasonable price… Nothing to do but drive it and love on it.

    Someone needs to save this from being a GTO clone.

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  13. J Day

    I have my Mom’s 1968 LeMans convertible. It’s triple black with Rally II wheels with red lines. It too was 350 – 2 bbl Auto 2 speed on the floor. I swapped out the well worn 350 and 2 speed for a 390 hp 428 H.O with a Turbo 400 and changed the rear gears to 3:55. Currently being switched to front disc and updated the suspension and added a rear sway bar for better control over the stock system. I proudly state “LeMans” but the 428 call outs on the rocker panel, console and fan shroud (ala GP) does create some fun conversations to listen to at shows as if Pontiac had ever made one (they didn’t) as much as I love GTO’s I love to see and read about the Pontiac LeMans still out there. Bless Aunt Maggie and she is not alone being a lady that truely loved her Pontiac. My Mom was the same way.

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  14. Ted

    I’ve had a handful of Lemans over the years and truly love the A body Poncho. In the early 80’s I got to look at a transplanted Ram Air III 4 speed 69 Lemans that was green on green with a shunt to the driver side fender. The colours were so ghastly I passed on the car………sigh…………later on our buddy Miles bought a legit 1969 Ram Air GTO 4 speed from Vancouver Island that had the most unbelievable dash/cowl rust we’d ever seen. Also remember Dennison Chev/Olds on 3 road had a blue 68/69 GTO sitting on the south side of their lot for years as well. Lot of cool Lemans/GTO’s in the lower mainland back then, should have bought them all. Especially the 1964 GTO with the transplanted 421 that Ed Alfke had on the lot at Wrent a Wreck……..

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  15. Glen Riddle

    I’ve had 19 Pontiacs from the ’55 wagon in the early ’60s up to our final one, an ’09 Torrent GTP that we still have, and I have always loved the lines of the ’68 Pontiac A-body. Clean design. Hope the new owner leaves the aesthetics alone…and doesn’t make it into a GTO clone. Sure, add power, upgrade the trans and steering, suspension, and brakes if desired, but please leave it as a LeMans. Been thinking for a while now to buy an old car as a fun nostalgic piece, and #1 on our list is a ’68-’69 LeMans convertible, so this car really speaks to me. GLWTS.

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  16. DAN CARL


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