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SS Hatchback: 1974 Chevrolet Nova Project


Asking Price: $1,500
Location: Richwoods, MO
Title Status: Clean

Seller’s Description: This is a SS hatchback with a sunroof. It’s a two-door, not a two-door post sedan. Great project car to create your vision.

Body Condition: Body and chassis have been repaired/replaced.

Mechanical Condition: No motor, no trans. Motor mounts have been installed for 350 small block.

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  1. Mark

    A few more pictures would certainly help sell it and convince you that it’s really worth what he’s asking. No indication of if or what it has for interior orbit has all of the glass!

    What’s the difference between a two-door and a two-door post sedan?

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    • Steve R

      There was the only one configuration available for the 1968 and later two door Nova.

      If this was a 1967 or earlier Nova, the hardtops change hands for several thousand dollars more than the equivalent two door sedan.

      Unfortunately the aftermarket sunroof will hurt this cars appeal.

      Steve R

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      • Al_Bundy John m leyshon Member

        Steve,, this is a 1974 car ! Love your memory of the 1967 model, please do some research. Factory vinyl top with a manual roll sunroof was a new option for 1973 as the body changed slightly again. ’73-’74 cars also featured a hatchback option. The car was badged as Ventura, Omega, Nova. There are several sites to confirm car info, just take a look !

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      • Steve R

        I was referring to hardtop or sedan only, which was referenced in the text of the write up, not the factory sunroof option nor the hatch back. There was no hardtop offered post 1968. John, a couple of minutes to reread the original post my and my response would have been time well spent.

        Steve R

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    • bruce

      as the seller, i am asking 1500 obo. i just need to sell/move it. i paid 1500 for it, and something came up where i need money instead of car.

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  2. Boatman Member

    “It’s a two-door, not a two-door post sedan”

    What the heck does that mean?

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    • redwagon

      it is confusing. both are two door cars. the post sedan has a steel guide channel that surrounds the window. the two door does not.

      the easiest way for me to visualize this is to think about the car with the windows rolled down. a two door post sedan has a visible channel or ‘post’ between the front and rear windows. a two door does not so it looks much more open. in fact two door sedans with the windows rolled down look like a convertible with the top up but the windows rolled down. my understanding is that was an intentional design element.

      the other way to visualize this is to think about opening a door. if the window has a frame all the way around it’s a post sedan if it is just the door and no window frame it is the more desirable two door sedan.

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      • Dave

        Isn’t that described as the difference between a sedan (with window frames) and a hardtop (no window frames)?

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  3. Adam T45 Staff

    Check the interior shot. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that’s “Planet Earth” that I can see through the passenger foot-well.

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  4. Al_Bundy John m leyshon Member

    The hatch back option did not have the body strength of the traditional two door with a trunk. Body tied below the back window, where the hatch version flexes more. Not as good for drag racing,,,

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  5. Al_Bundy John m leyshon Member

    “It’s a two-door, not a two-door post sedan”

    Means it’s not the weaker hatch back body

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  6. Classic Steel

    Folks the post literally means a metal post between the door window and back seat window versus the hardtop where the windows rolled down with no frame and it looked clean as a convertible (except the top of course ) 👍👀 some post had the window wrapped in metal all around it.,

    Many folks liked the post car with more support if they raced the car around the track.

    I had the hardtop which to me was
    more of a cleaner style😏

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  7. James

    All Novas from 1968-1974 body style that were 2 doors would be called ‘post’ cars, but are referred to as 2 doors. Earlier years had 2 door hardtop, and 2 door post. I’m not blowing smoke up anyones you know what because I’ve restored many of them and currently I have a ’66 2 door hardtop, 68,69,72,73, and a 74 2 door cars, so I have a little bit of knowledge on them.

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    • mag195455

      James, glad you straightened this out. It is not rocket science. Gives me a headache reading what some of these armchair experts write.

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  8. bruce

    as the seller, i am asking 1500 obo. i just need to sell/move it. i paid 1500 for it, and something came up where i need money instead of car. there is the grill, lights, and trim. there are some pictures on craigslist. between having heat strokes. i have not had much time to get the front window in. looking for someone to make offer. again, just need to sell it.

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  9. RayZ

    I had a 74 SS, not the most desirable year. If the body is solid the price isn’t that bad, hopefully it will come with some additional trim and glass. Before Starting on a project this big I’d verify the VIN and the trim plates.

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    • bruce

      the front fenders are new, most of the body is in good condition. i took the pictures before i could get the glass, grill and other items in the shot. the VIN is: 1X17H4K143842 yes its 13 characters.

      just trying to sell it to pay unexpected bills

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  10. CycloneJeff jeff brammer Member

    I had a 73 SS Nova Hatchback 4spd a factory car. It was a odd ball car that you don’t see to many like that around. Factory posi Tach in dash were the fuel gauge would be. A console with fuel gauge with oil, temp volts.

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  11. Miguel

    Your opinion here.

    Does the hatchback make it a more valuable car or a less valuable car?

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