Reader Find: Low-Mileage Caprice Classic

1994 Caprice Classic

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After seeing the Impala SS survivor that we featured the other day, one of our readers had to send in a few photos of a Bowtie beauty of his own. Keith paid $11k for this puppy and although that may seem like a lot for a 21 year old car, this isn’t your typical Caprice. This very well-optioned 1994 Caprice Classic is in like new condition and is even still wearing its original tires and wire caps. That’s not all though…

LT1 Engine

This thing may look unassuming from the outside, but it was a potent machine when new. That’s because this one was outfitted with the 260HP 5.7 LT1 V8, factory dual exhaust, Posi-Rear axle, heavy duty coolers, and more. Keith says that it is basically set up like the 9C1 cop cars, but in civilian clothes!

Cushy Interior

You wouldn’t guess it was quick by looking inside Everything looks like new in here though and the driver’s seat appears to be a comfy place to take in the view…

9458 Mles

Of the odometer! Just marvel at that mileage – 9,458.

Caprice Rear

Keith mentioned that he is currently deployed in Afghanistan, so we want to thank him for his service. We also want to thank him for sharing his great car with us. Stay safe out there and hopefully the site can give you a little escape when needed. Happy hunting guys!

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  1. Dominic

    My mom’s got a Roadmaster Wagon and it’s a fun drive. Can only imagine how it would be to drive it in almost new condition.

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  2. SoCal Car Guy

    Great find, and a helluva sleeper. Be safe, Keith.

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  3. the chucker

    In the early to mid-90’s, I worked as a salesperson for a rural Chevrolet dealer. An elderly farmer came in and was looking for a Caprice, but it had to have a “350” V8, whereas most models at the time carried a 4.3L V8. Upon explaining this to him, he still insisted on a “350” V8. After searching high and low, we were able to find a Caprice, very similar to this one, with the 5.7L V8. My guess is that Caprices of this spec are likely tougher to find than the Impala SS of similar vintage as they were few and far between-even when new.

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  4. Charles

    Great find on one of the best of the last American body-on-frame V8 powered cars!

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  5. grant

    Strange car for someone to preserve like that, but cool. Thanks for your service, stay safe.

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  6. Keith Cronin

    Thank you Jesse for the great write up on my car! Love your website!

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    Was the engine option the same as the one in the corvette? I remember a Chevy guy telling me back then that it was the same, was never sure if he was right or not.

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    • Cattoo CattooButtMember

      I had heard that too.

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    • The Chucker

      This 5.7L engine carried the same option code as the ‘Vette (LT1) but it was detuned a bit from the ‘Vette. If I recall, the Caprice LT1 was rated at 260 HP whereas the ‘Vette was rated at 300 HP.

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      • Sam

        Please pardon my ignorance, but what would it take to tune the engine back to the Corvette LT1 performance of 300HP? rechip the computer?

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  8. Keith Cronin

    The difference between the 5.7 Corvette LT1 and Caprice 5.7 LT1 was that the corvette was rated at 300HP with aluminum heads whereas the Caprice LT1 was rated at 260HP with iron heads. Also the corvette had a more aggressive cam profile…….Keith

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    • Sam

      Thanks Keith.

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    • The Chucker

      Thanks for sharing your car, and your service to our country, Keith.

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  9. gunningbar

    My dad had one of this model… I think this body style is the ugliest car ever… sorry!

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  10. Monsieur le Baton

    Am I the only one thinking…. Why are you running 20yr old tires. Accident waiting to happen.

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  11. Juan

    I love Capices, I have a 1980 Classic with 45000 miles, I like these models more but here in Argentina I only know about a SW, too bad GM stop making these in 1996.

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  12. Juan

    I love Caprices, I have a 1980 Classic with 45000 miles, I like these models more but here in Argentina I only know about a SW, too bad GM stop making these in 1996.

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  13. Utes

    My personally-ordered/owned ’95 9C1 Caprice has 297,000+ rounds on the clock…& “is still ticking!”…muchas gracias, Chevrolet!

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