Sinister Survivor: 1995 Chevrolet Impala SS


I admit to having a soft spot for these big sedans. It’s a little newer than what we normally feature in Barn Finds, but the way this car has been preserved and that it’s something worth keeping in the first place demanded my attention! Thanks to reader Charles H for the find! Originally ordered by a car collector and maintained in a similar fashion by it’s second owner, this gorgeous survivor is located in Asheville, North Carolina and is up for sale here on Hemmings for $ 16,950 obo. Only 11,618 miles have been recorded on this beautiful car, which was a monochromatic image leader for the Impala line based on the 9C1 police package. My only problem with owning a car like this is that I would be too tempted to pile up the mileage! What would you do–would you drive it, or preserve it?


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  1. David Frank David Member

    It would be a nice cruiser, but it would remind of the rental cars I used to drive, and I couldn’t thrash it like the “pool cars”.

  2. Charles in TX

    I recently sold my 1996 Impala SS in May that I had owned since 2000. The 94s were the most rare as that year had the fewest numbers produced. I liked the 96s though as they had the floor shifter and analog instrument cluster.

    • Utes

      @ Charles in TX…
      Except for the fact that when they eliminated the LED speedo (which was not necessary) & went to analogs gauges, they omitted the oil pressure & volt meter!
      What’s pathetic is that they had an off-the-shelf solution in the Camaro dash cluster!….would’ve bolted right in!
      My personally-ordered ’95 9C1 has 289,000+ on the clock & STILL runs like a fine watch.

  3. Chris

    Thanks for this one. I’m building this ( in model from) as a convertible.
    Working on the interior ATM.

  4. Ceezy

    This is my type of car, but I’d be too tempted to put a ton of miles on it. Had quite a few Caprices of this vintage slip through my hands.

  5. JW

    Nice car and I love it even more in black. As far as the mileage like with my 70 Mach1 and the Goodguys slogan ” Their made to be driven”. I’ve owned 7 classic cars and trucks and I never bought or built one to make money I want to enjoy them then sell them even at a slight loss to buy or build another to enjoy. Just my 2 cents.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      JW, I’m with you…I have some “low mileage” collector cars…that are on their way to becoming high mileage ones :-)

  6. Brian

    I had a 96. Drive it as nobody is going to want them down the road.

  7. Slim Chance


    These were trading for more money not that long ago.

    What “scares” me is that it could pop up with “24’s” mounted. It’s happened and it’s not pretty.

  8. DENIS

    I’ve had a couple and loved ’em. Wonderful road car and can really be made to handle at high speed with some suspension mods. I would drive hell out of it..tired of trailer last SS had 46,000 mis and I shoulda drove it to 100,000. The buyer planned to use it for a business road-car then turn it into his toy later. There’s actually quite a few hi-mile ones for sale in the 6500-10000 price range. PLEASE NO 26s!!!!!!!

    Like 1
  9. krash

    love it…

    only wish it came with a darker/different color/shade interior….(personal preference)…just a little too bright for my taste….

  10. MH

    There is a 96 buy my house with 200K. Looks decent for $3500. These cars are loosing value fast.

  11. Chris A.

    That is a really hot looking car. Always liked the wheels too. I thought they all came with the police suspension system, what else should be done to it? As I recall, these came with 4 wheel disc brakes and anti-lock. A certain police department ran their new one up and down a 5000 ft runway as fast as possible and then stomped on the brakes to see how well the anti-lock worked from high speed. On the 5 or 6th pass, the brakes faded badly and the Chev ran off the end of the runway into a drainage ditch and broke at the transmission-front bulkhead. But the airbags deployed ok. Never heard of the actual outcome and no picture was ever published.Just drive it. 4 dr Corvette.

  12. DENIS

    Chris A, there’s a lot of aftermarket suspension products that are better than the police suspension…these cars felt a bit loose above 125 mph…remember, it’s huge, long-wheelbase vehicle, NOT tight like an F-body. Lowering 1-1/2 inches also helped.

  13. Art

    I have a one as well. It comes out in bright sunny weather for our car guy events. It is a lot of fun to drive

  14. Blindmarc

    Love these cars, and would drive it like I stole it.

  15. moosie Craig

    I had a ’95 9C1 Caprice, an ex canine unit car from Idaho that I scored for $900.00 with 150,000 miles on it, I loved that car and would have kept it if a guy didnt offer me $4500.00 , it ran good, handled better then I expected, I was in the process of cloning it into an Impala SS when it was sold.

  16. jim s

    i wish they had offered these with with a manual from the factory. still a fun car even with the automatic. very nice find.

  17. Tom S.

    I would drive that car to the other side continent- right now -and get some hot boiled peanuts to enjoy on the way back.

  18. Snuffy

    Can’t recollect just who said it but one of the car mag editors at the time the SS was released referred to it as a “taxicab with a ‘Vette motor”…

    As one who learned to drive in a 1974 Chrysler New Yorker, I said just what is wrong with that??

  19. Mike

    I say and do, Drive it!!!! attached is my 97, it has a little over 25,000 on the crate motor I put in it about 3 years ago, after I bought it from a estate sale, where it had apparently be put away with a blown engine, a little cleaning and a few touch up, and it is my Wife’s daily driver.

    • Utes

      ’97 ?

  20. Brian

    Here is its twin brother in Fort Erie, Ontario Canada for half the price but just as nice.

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