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Reader Find: Moldy 1928 Model A

Moldy Model A

From Mark W – I found this Model A that sat in a barn for the last twenty five years. It started and stops but needs brake work, steering is very loose, and some new tires and a interior. Currently has an interior but smells of mold. Found a mouse fossil already as well. This is my second barn find. My first was featured here about two years ago. It was a 49 Chevy truck which is now roadworthy and I drive it as much as possible. This car will get road worthy and safe and will be driven in good weather as well sometime next year.


  1. Avatar photo Matt Tritt

    What would a barn find be without rodent remains? Nice find!

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    • Avatar photo Mark S

      Yes on the rodents but boy do they stink. My car had a bunch of mice in it, so when I first brought it home I put mouse traps in the car and my garage, I even managed to kill a few fresh ones. There were also three carcasses in the car. Seriously though you need to take care when cleaning up the mess I wore a respirator and baged every thing that I pulled out of the interior including seats.

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      • Avatar photo Matt Tritt

        Mark – on the rodentia thing—– Back in the early 60’s a friend bought a chain drive truck made pre-1920 that had been sitting in a shed on an avocado ranch for at least 30 years. Everything on it was in excellent shape, having been under cover, except for the usual problems with the seat. It had direct priming cups on the head and a magneto on the gigantic 4 cylinder engine. It also was crank-start so no issues with electrics. I can’t describe just how large that engine was but you could put your hand pretty far into the carburetor. It was cast in pairs and had individual heads. So, after draining and refilling the oil, replacing the water in the cooling system, flushing and filling the gas tank and lines (right on the ground, of course), fuel was added to the petcocks and he gave it a “spin”. Ka-pow! It fired up on the first try! All kinds of leaves, twigs and who-knows what shot out the exhaust along with an impressive amount of smoke and stink that you had to be there to appreciate. After acouple minutes of running we noticed that the moto-meter was showing rising temperature and the exhaust manifold was starting to glow at the #3 port. When the head was removed on the third cylinder, what was found but the remains of a (compressed) mouse nest! It was absolutely amazingly full of acorns that had been squished and roasted. After cleaning it all out the thing ran like a top. We found bits and pieces of more nest materials that had blown out the exhaust pipe clear accross the barn. I’m not sure if the mousies had come in through the exhaust or the intake, but they can get in ANYWHERE there’s even the slightest opening.

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  2. Avatar photo francisco

    Chipmunks once filled my Model A’s muffler and tailpipe with chestnuts.

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    • Avatar photo Robert White

      When I first got my 1966 Acadian Canso Sport Deluxe I had to remove the radiator because mice had filled the inside of the rad up with sunflower seed husks from a birdfeeder that was nearby. A friend of mine forgot to put the rad cap back on after he drained the water jacket in the block before winter set in, and cracked it. After I turned the rad upside down and shook out all the sunflower seed husks it was good to go. And I don’t understand why a mouse would live in a radiator for a winter, but one did.

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  3. Avatar photo K-Mack

    I really enjoy this site, however, this is why I started looking at it, a TRUE barn find. Not a rusted junker found on Ebay or Craigs list. I prefer to see photos of barn finds made by people actually out looking for interesting vehicles and sometimes saving tthem, rather than seeing regurgitated ads for over priced garbage. Hats off to you Mark W. for actually living the dream. I have found many cars & trucks in my back road agventures, somehow have not been able to save nay. YET.

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