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Reader Find: Two E-Types!

E-Types In Hiding

From David H – Just found these V12 Jags in Tampa FL. Sitting for 35 years! The owner purchased the coupe for his wife in the late 70’s. He was a jet fighter pilot who graduated from top gun school. He thought the coupe was such a great car he decided to purchase a roadster for himself. Drove them both for 5 years until it looked like electrical problems parked both cars… imagine that! The owner passed away this spring and the widow offered me the cars.

All Loaded Up

Wow David, Looks like you made quite the discovery! Thanks for sharing it and please keep us updated on your progress.


  1. alfred

    I live in tampa, wish I hade found them. lol

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  2. Karol

    For sale ? :)

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  3. Rich

    Wow. Cool story and awesome find.

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  4. David Frank David Member

    What an awsome find indeed! Perhaps the taillight lenses sitting on the bumper were part of the troubleshooting procedure?

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  5. A.J.

    The V12 was notoriously finicky. E pecking order starts with Series 1, then Series II, then the 12.

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  6. Michael P.

    Why am I the only one that seems to mention PRICE?…….that’s a MAJOR part of the story!

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    • PaulG

      Unless you’re the buyer or seller, $ usually isn’t given.
      Sort of a “Gentleman’s agreement”
      BTW, David H, Great find regardless of $!

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  7. Jeff Staff

    Amazing find. And one of my favorite cities in Florida to visit!

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  8. DRV

    These are climbing in money, although I would never have the will to keep one running.
    The 2+2 always keeps my eye moving around it trying to make a the proportions work out!

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  9. Rick

    That’s total bull that nobody wants to say how (too) much they paid. PaulG, I don’t know what communist country you live in, but here in the good ‘ol capitalist US of A, the price point is absolutely the first consideration. Somebody ought to start a site where everybody is req’d to tell everyone what they paid. How else are we going to know how to correctly price the market. Everywhere else, Barret-Jackson, ebay tells the final selling price.

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    • Scot Carr

      ~ You’re being gauche.
      = If you must ask you can’t afford.
      lol LOL !@!

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  10. Newport Pagnell

    Lucasitis can be deadly if left untreated.

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  11. dr.peter

    my late father , who took the plates off his 57 mga in ‘ 62 after it died for the umpteenth time on the expressway, and walked away . called the dealership told them to pick it up and sell it. 30 years later at the range rover dealer asked to look under the hood. Saw Lucas. slammed the hood saying ” Lucas , prince of darkness!! and walked out. Bought a Land cruiser.

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    • Newport Pagnell

      Your story is so much like mine! I bought a new ’94 LR Defender 90 and was at the dealer way too much. Got tired of that and bought a new ’97 Toyota LC FJ80 which I still own.

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  12. Clay Bryant

    I was never afraid to tell anyone what I gave for something……………after I sold it. Do you sit and tell people what you have in your hand when you play poker? Buying cars like this constitutes the “wholesale” end of the deal and what you sell it for is the market price. Glad Rick isn’t selling used cars for me…………

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  13. Rick

    Whatever, Clay Bryant. If that’s the case, then should call this website “BarnFlippers”, which is what it is – a website for car flippers (or curbstoners is what they were called in my neighborhood). Heck even the guys that run this website flip cars.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      What’s your problem Rick? Do you keep every car you buy? I improve every car I buy before selling them on and never try to rip anyone off. If I had the money I’d keep them all, but that’s just not realistic. Not every person that sells a classic car is a flipper.

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  14. jim s

    love the story and the finds. i hope they are manuals not automatics. another two cars that i would love to drive but not own. i wish there was a place that rented these and other cars from the 50/60/70’s.

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  15. Dolphin Member

    I like the cars too, but that double hauler looks terrific. Not many like that around.

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  16. TBall

    Too bad that trailer is not headed to my garage. Thanks for sharing!

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  17. L.M.K.

    Great discovery David !

    What year is the roadster?

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  18. hhaleblian

    Three words son….Keno Brothers Auction

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  19. achman

    Rick–subscribe to Sports Car Market and the Platinum database if you want to see what cars go for at auction.

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  20. Mimo

    Put them in a container, ship them to the U.K. and get double what you would get here.

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  21. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    I don’t see where it’s anyone’s damn business what David H. or anyone else paid for a car.

    You don’t walk into the supermarket and ask the manager how much the chain paid for the steak…if you like the steak and the price, you buy it. If not, you don’t.

    Furthermore, if the widow offered the cars to David H., then the deal was between those two people. Obviously there was some trust between the two, so we can assume that both parties acted honorably. If not, it’s none of anybody else’s damn business. If David H. wants to re-sell the cars (I would, since I couldn’t afford to fix or own them, and I like making a buck), then you can decide if you like the Jags and the price, and if so, you buy them. If not, you don’t.

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  22. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    I bought a 2+2 in Orlando for $5,000. Granted, it was 2006, and it was a 6 cylinder…..Mustang. Is it bragging if you say what you paid? I think just saying you bought two XKEs is awesome enough, and I imagine David H got a good deal, I’m thinking be on the lookout for the coupe on Ebay to pay for both of them, unless he has the room and $ to keep both.

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  23. John

    Hope he got a great deal and screwed the widow out of a bundle of cash. That being said may the fine Lucas electronics turn them crispy before he can flip them 💸💸

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  24. dj

    I imagine these will be on Ebay along with the usual flipper commentary.

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