Ready For Restoration: 1941 Ford Woodie


Most Woodie Wagons are either restored and very pricey or rusted and rotted piles good for parts only. This Ford Woodie is is a rare find in this condition and is listed here on craigslist in Boston for $28,000. Restoration would be a serious undertaking, but it is complete and the wood is said to be good.

inside front

The upholstery is nice and it has new top material. I wonder how much rust there is underneath. Could this possibly be a driver if you cleaned it up and did the mechanical work necessary to get it running? Do you think the wood could be refinished without disassembly? It would be nice to see this preserved as a survivor and not become a fully restored display in someone’s private collection. I hope this old wagon can be driven and enjoyed!


  1. SocalJoe

    Wow, if the hardwood is useable this would to be that bad to get back on the road. I’d love to have it. ’41 is a great looking and rare woody.

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  2. randy

    I do not think the new owner after paying that kind of money for this Woodie is going to drive it much. I know I would not. Why take a chance on a true survivor?

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  3. Clay Bryant

    I would preserve the patina, bring back the wood with a good preservative ,do a complete mechanical and drive the wheels off it. That’s why God put 4 wheels on them. Insure and enjoy

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  4. Matt Tritt

    As you know, the frame must be disassembled to replace those water damaged panels. If the panels are water damaged you are SURE to find problems in the solid wood as well. This problem is the main reason that wood bodied cars died out; that and the horrific injuries from huge splinters in collisions.

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  5. SocalJoe

    “horrific injuries from huge splinters in collisions” not a good visual this morning….

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  6. randy

    Ready for some big splinters Clay? Ouch
    “Honey, can you help me with this splinter’? Sure, where is it? Oh my gosh, these tweezers aren’t going to do any good, where are the “vise-grips”?

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    • Clay Bryant

      The things made it for 75 years. Who ever wrecks it now deserves a splinter up his ass……………………

  7. Matt Tritt

    Yes. My father told us kids about this problem at an early age…. We’re talking impalement here and you can fill in the blanks. Ugh. Woodies LOOK so great!

  8. David Frank David Member

    All cars were wood framed at one time, some well into the thirties, but I suppose in a collision one was more likely squished than impaled.

  9. Gary

    Absolutely love these old woodies, remember as a kid about 7-8 yrs old (in late 50’s) my Father had one of these, used to drive me to school in it, it was just beautiful all the wood and the 3 seats. Agree with what Clay said, clean it up and drive the wheels off of it! Wish I could afford this, and I hope it will be brought back and driven/enjoyed for many years!

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  10. Jim

    I’m not sure if it will bring $30k+ but it is a cool find.

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  11. Matt Tritt

    Wood framed is way different than ALL wood. The interior of wood bodied station wagons have exposed Oak or Ash structural members running fore and aft. Because the grain also runs fore and aft, in a rear end collision, and depending on the grain of the wood, the tendency is for the wood to split longitudinally, which creates long, sharp, deadly splinters. A metal bodied car with interior wooden frame members is far less prone to breaking with long splinters and is also contained by metal and upholstery. I ain’t makin this up!

  12. Robert White

    Rock Hudson drove this exact same year Woody in “All That Heaven Allows” 1955.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Now I want to see the movie just to get a glimpse of the car!

  13. Charles

    It looks so complete! I wonder what the chassis looks like?

  14. Robert White

    All that Heaven Allows is a movie that I have seen at least 1000 times. I put this movie on the DVD every weekend as background comfort food to watch while I am online, or working in my shop in the basement. I really enjoy this movie because of the authenticity of the period, and that classic working Woody as it was meant to be used by those that purchased them back in the day. In brief, this particular movie has a number of really nice cars in it, but the Woody is the best of them IMHO.

    cheers, Bob

  15. Mark S

    If it were mine I would attempt an experiment, in a small area at first I would inject apoxy resin into some of the more rotten spot. I have worked with this material before when building a wood and fibre glass side car body for my bike. Apoxy resin is amazing stuff it will seal the wood and give a strength of 13000psi. Anything that runs out is very sand-able when it hardens if this works and believe it will with some effort this cars wood structure could be permanently saved. And if you don’t like the high lustre finish apoxy resin is paint-able and a satin coat could be applied over it.

    • Mark S

      I would Iike to add apoxy drys clear.

  16. z1rider

    All of the wood is available as reproduction. Many street rodders want perfect wood so they replace all or most of it. Lots of restorers will accept some of the age and normal wear and tear related flaws and so are happy to buy much of what the rodders discard as less than perfect. I have a friend in Sacramento who has pieced together several this way.

    • Mark S

      I was kind of thinking of the guy that is working with a budget.

  17. Jim Marshall

    Anyone who has 28 K to spend on this car is going to bring it back all the way.

  18. randy

    As a guy on a budget, guys like me don’t buy cars like this. This is not the kind of car you plunk down 28K, cut corners and drive the wheels off of it. This will be a museum piece one day. My opinion only of course. I wish we could keep track of the cars on here and see where they go, and how they turn out. We could keep our eyes on the filthy flippers!! Just kidding. I have nothing against flippers, I just love widows and orphans more.

    • Mark S

      Good on you Randy on the widows and orphans.i to work on a budget.

      • randy

        Thank you Mark, we gotta do our part I reckon. I am no angel, but my nose is pointed in the right direction, most of the time.

  19. dogwater

    Looks like Rock Hudson, but I don’t see his boyfriend in the picture?

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  20. randy

    He’s the marine standing next to Sgt. Carter

  21. Tony

    Bought it.. and the ’42. They are both really nice. The cars live in the Los Angeles area now.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Thanks for letting us know Tony. Please keep us updated on your progress!

    • Matt Tritt

      Congrats! Keeping em stock???

  22. Robert White

    Congrats Tony. When I win the lottery I will at least know where my first old car on my list will be. I had my eye on that car since I saw it back in 2015. You have to sell it to me if I win the lottery.


  23. Tony

    Keeping the ’42 bone stock other than a paint job done 15 years ago in a cream ford color offered that year. It runs and drives. 80k original miles and the wood is Stellar!

    The ’41 is an unmolested barn find and needs ply panels replaced. The interior is awesome and the body is super straight! Does need engine and the buyer wants a more modern engine/trans so he can use it weekly not just park it. Will keep you posted and send some photos

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  24. George

    I think the decimal point needs to be moved one space to the left–at $2800.00 it might be alright, but in my view, $28,000.00 is just nuts.And it’s a 41 which is the least attractive of the post 40 Fords. I would think they would go for 1/2 of a ’40 if both were restored. I couldn’t imagine paying more than ,radiator $2ing more than $1200.00 for it as it sits. The wood kits were $5K 25 years ago, I cannot imagine what they are today. Paint is $10K+; motor,brakes, drive line $10K minimum. a buyer could easily be in ’41 this $80K + the hours spent and would be lucky to pull $50 restored. t will still be a ’41, Zounds…………..

  25. Tony

    The Woodies sell for big money in Calif. I bought the car.. and the 42. 43 is almost done.

  26. Tony

    The Woodies sell for big money in Calif. I bought the car.. and the 42. 42 is almost done.

    43..typo.. sorry guys.. but a 43 woodie would be REALLY Rare eh? LOL

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  27. Clay Byant

    Smart move, Tony. I used to tell people that asked me “I like to drive my interest.” If money is in their bank and trips their trigger, more power to them. Your interest is in front of you every day. When I used to sell C1 and C2 Corvettes people would sometimes say(and they really weren’t around cars.000001% of their life) “Isn’t that a little high?” and I would tell them “Go buy the other one” and they would say “What other one?” and I would just say “right”. My late father-in-law had 41 Fords on his brain and would have snagged this one in a minute. I don’t think they make them anymore….ya’ know what I mean…….? I’m well into my 70s and I’ve shared my interest with thousands of people. It’s not what you pay for something, it’s what you get out of it when the funs all done………

  28. George

    Are you nuts? It’s worth $6K. I agree that it might not bring that much because the ’41 is the least desirable of the years. I am still trying to get myself to like that particular year Ford. They look bulbous and out of proportion to me.

  29. Tony


    Do you have one of these in the same shape as shown? I will buy it today. Please let me know ASAP as I would really like to come and get it.



  30. Tony


    Do you have one of these in the same shape as shown? I will buy it today for 6500.00. Please let me know ASAP as I would really like to come and get it.



  31. Tony

    Just thought you guys might like to see it finished.

  32. Tony


  33. Tony

    and again…

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Beautiful, Tony!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

    • Robert White

      Ultra cool, Tony. You get points for this in my book. I love how fast you accomplished the task. You are a serious collector, and I think you have done something quite noticeable collector wise & restoration wise. This is a very tastefully done restoration that I like very much.

      That car could not have gone to a better restorer IMHO.

      cheers, Bob

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